Thursday, July 19, 2012

Head in the Clouds


From the first Bleach soundtrack. I forgot about how funky/eclectic the background music to Bleach is. Although, it has been a while since I watched  it at my university's anime club. I'm rediscovering it.:icondenmarkgrinplz:So far, it's stuff I vaguely remember. So, I must have watched about 16 episodes before. (It's a really long running series, so that's nothing. But, more than I thought.:iconkikuplz:) Better than I remember too. Anyways, the music really plays with the mood. This one was cool to listen to while I was walking this morning. The starting and stopping suddenly makes it interesting at the beginning. And, I like when they add other segments on top. Layering, I guess? Nice effect. 

Didn't sleep very well.:iconlietplz:Ended up getting out of bed at about 6:15.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Not the norm. I usually try to get up at around 8. So, naturally, this has offset my day. At least it's nice out. Finally got a walk in, like I mentioned. Couldn't do my longer one, but I think that's because I haven't done it in a while. Eh, at least I did some.:iconswissplz:

Posted another pic from my Israel trip today. I'm up to the ones I took at the Banias Nature Reserve. Apparently, people are liking these so far too. I'm surprised, myself, at how some of them turned out. Ones that I thought would turn out horrible, didn't. Nice that way.:iconthailandplz:

Naruto Shippuden was kind of cool today. There's a story that 2 brothers had gone into the belly of the Kyuubi (9-tailed fox), stayed in there eating its entrails for 2 weeks, and were then spat back up. They ended up receiving some of its power. They were pretty tough guys to begin with. Anyways, they were brought back to life, and forced to fight the Allied Shinobi Force. Cool how the Force won against them. Next week's preview looked kind of lame. Why can't they just continue the fight? Or have Naruto step in already? Apparently, in the next one Sakura will lose her memory, and they have to help her remember. It seems kind of like a weird side story, but I guess we'll find out. 
In Hitman Reborn, Tsuna and Kyoko were coaxed into playing Russian Roulette by Reborn. Reborn assured them that the gun was 'party safe' and didn't have real bullets. Kyoko was the first to try, and was shot by a dying will bullet. Reborn had conveniently forgotten which gun was 'fake' and gave them the real one. If Kyoko didn't regret something just before she was shot, she'd actually die. But, luckily just before, his mom had walked in, jumped to conclusions, and said: "Isn't it hard to have this no-good-son as your boyfriend?" (Before she walked out again.) When Kyoko came back to life, she ran straight for his mom, and wanted her to 'take back her words'. Tsuna assumed that meant the part of 'your boyfriend', and thinks she hates him now. What she really was upset about was the fact she said 'no-good-son'. It's an interesting series so far. And, I can tell where it differs from the anime already. Kind of interesting to start the series in both mediums at the same time. 

Managed to play my clarinet today. Hadn't the last couple of days. But, oddly, I sounded pretty good. Only a few mistakes. And, they were mostly at the beginning. Did a couple of jazz songs and a lot of Irish tunes. I've finished the flyer for my tutoring thing. I just need to get it out there soon. 
Today's kanji is:. Or: さん (san). It means: calculate, abacus, probability, divining. Worked on translating more of that chicken and potato soup recipe. Almost done with that. Last couple of lessons have seemed pretty simple to me. I get them more than some of the others. I'll just have to go over those others some more until I get the same feeling with them!:la:

Did some of the meme. A couple of days ago, I finished the one about drawing Vince's 'true love' or what he really likes. I drew a big table full of buffet type stuff. He loves food. In the story, he's never had a true love. Poor Vince!:iconsulkplz:The next slot I'm working on is of Doina turning into a zombie, and chasing me. I'm doing the same mochi version of myself that I did for the Hetalia meme. Since I kind of like it. Also, makes it funnier looking. (I still don't get how a 'healer' who has a lot of antidotes, would turn. But, I'll throw that out the window for the meme.) 

Worked a little on the index for the recipe list. The list of recipes that I would like to make, is so long I need an index.:iconusaplz:I will get to them all someday!:dummy:(Obviously, I'll start up again when my shoulder is finally healed.)

Still doing my virtual trip to Japan. I'm in Aomori prefecture at the moment. There's not much info about it in the guidebook. (Even less than for Hokkaido.) So, I looked at the bilingual atlas, online journals, and the Aomori Prefectural Government website. The atlas and website had a lot of cool things in them. Went to Cape Shiriya, where there's wild horses, a monument, and a lighthouse. Then, went to Hotokegaura, which is a stretch of coastline with huge/tall strange natural rock formations, and cliffs. The water's beautiful too. They think the rocks resemble a gathering of praying Buddhas. They're cool looking. And finally, I went to Mount Osore. It's a volcano, and some say the landscape around it looks like hell.:iconchibichinaplz:The name literally means: Mount Fear. Lots of temples there too. Still have a few things I want to see in this prefecture, so that should be fun.

I'm so glad Iryu Sousa came back for a second season!:iconlachoirplz:I love this show! Itomura looks at clues in articles left behind by murder victims. Everything he finds seems to intrigue him, much to the annoyance of the other detectives. But, he usually solves the case, and finds some sort of message to send to the victim's family and/or the killer. Really was a touching series last time. The first episode of this season didn't disappoint. Oddly, they have a new female character who's working with him. Wasn't sure if I'd like her at first. But, the character and actress ended up being really interesting. A different feel, but seems more 'real' this way. She's more down-to-earth than the other one.

Started watching a variety show called Cartoon KAT-TUN. I miss the Arashi variety shows, but they either aren't subbed or the video's missing. I like the variety shows usually because I can hear the way they actually speak. It's sometimes much quicker than in dramas. Plus, I get to learn more about their culture through games, interviews, etc. So, in a way it may be more educational for me. Anyways, this show is hosted by the boy band KAT-TUN. I think I saw a snippet of it a while back and liked it. (It was on something like Japan TV.) So, why not try it now? They ask their guests 100 questions beforehand, and pick whatever answer is interesting to them. Then they ask them some more questions based on it. Then, later they have a game section. This time it was DAT-TUN5, which is a game of bingo-darts. They compete against another guest. If the guest wins, they get one of the gold darts. If the group loses too many games, there's some sort of punishment. Doesn't sound as fun or exciting as Arashi's shows, but they're not bad either. (And I miss their documentaries!) 

deviantART fave: StupidFox- 73 I did not make this! Another funny installment of StupidFox. I feel sorry for StupidFox...

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