Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Belated 4th of July!


Or, Independence Day! One of my fave holidays!:dummy:Our neighborhood fireworks seem to be getting bigger every year. Somehow, doesn't feel legal...:iconkikuplz:Anyways, they're pretty to watch. Really noisy when you're next to them. America is 236 years old now. Yay!:iconimtheheroplz:

I managed to finally get at least one pair of jeans!:iconlachoirplz:I was down to one pair of pants. And, dress pants at that, so it felt weird to wear all the time.:iconnataliaplz:Having 2 pairs of jeans is even better! Makes me happy!

Also, got the Sims 3, but later realized I didn't have the right graphics card and had to take it back.:iconohboyamericaplz:Luckily, even though I opened it, they allowed it to be returned. 
So, I searched online for a free game. I needed something new. So, I decided to try Ragnarok Online. It's actually fun so far, and even though it's a huge file to download, it feels like my systems running faster. Weird.:iconchibijapanplz:But, it runs pretty smoothly during game play. Some games that required a download in the past, were very choppy, so this was a nice surprise. Just realized that they have a newer second version of Ragnarok that looks even better, but not sure if my system can handle it.:iconlietplz:So, I'll try this out for a while, and then I might check the other one out. 

It's also subtitled as The Final Destiny of the Gods. It's a MMORPG. (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.) It's based off of a manhwa (South Korean manga, basically), called Ragnarok. The game itself has spawned an animated series. It's in a 3D environment, but the players are shown as 2D sprites. They have an interesting job system. I'm thinking of being a thief.:iconseychelles-plz:Later, you can become an assassin, then a rogue on that 'career' path. 

I was able to play my clarinet everyday this week. It feels therapeutic every time I play, so its been nice.:iconthailandplz:Did some Klezmer tunes today. 

Posted more of my Israel pics. Apparently, they really like them on dA.:blush:On FB, they're getting a few likes as well. I posted some more of my chapters to a couple of dA groups I'm apart of. Almost up to the current one. They seem to really like those too. All the faves and comments have really boosted my confidence, too.:iconberwaldplz:

Finished watching Answer. I liked it, but it didn't really 'grab' me.:icontinoplz:I probably won't watch it if it returns for a 2nd season. The main character seemed bland to me. The side characters seemed a bit more interesting. 

Also, started my virtual trip to Japan. Its been fun so far. I landed in Tokyo, and then immediately went to Asahikawa airport in Hokkaido. I want to start from the top and work my way down to Okinawa.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Just thought it'd be interesting. Thinking about getting a guidebook, and maybe a bilingual atlas to help with it too. Staying in Asahikawa at the moment. I've gone to their zoo, downtown, and Furano. Kind of interesting places. The zoo looked awesome, and is one of the largest in Japan. In Google Earth, downtown looked crazy! Furano's known for their lavender fields, cheese, skiing, and wine. It was a bit different than I expected. 

Staying on top of my kanji as well. Finished editing Alliance. (For now.) Started on the 3rd question for the meme. Not sure if what I decided to do, would actually humiliate Ravel. But, it would make him uncomfortable. It's like, what to do with a character that rarely let's things get to him?:icongermanyplz:The Japanese lessons are making it a lot clearer for me. It's been a very useful tool. 

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