Monday, July 11, 2011

National Blueberry Muffin Day!


One of my fave flavors!:dummy:They're simple to make, yet taste so good. We got some huge blueberry and raspberry muffins for Friday. So, I guess we celebrated it early?:icondenmarkplz:

Watched the finale of Hana Kimi on Thursday. It was so emotional, even I started to tear.Happy cry (Tears of joy)Everyone found out that Mizuki was a girl. Some treated her harshly, but others stuck up for her. Eventually, they all realized she's the same person as before, and accepted her again. But, she felt that she had to drop out and go back to America. Especially because she 'betrayed' everyone. Their goodbyes were awesome! Sano went with her to the airport. The doctor drove them. Sano kissed Mizuki just as she was about to leave.:iconheroamericaplz:A month later, she gets an announcement saying the entire school is taking a field trip to California to see her. They did say that they'd come to see her next time. But, that's a lot of people coming to visit her.OMGThere's a special that's on their stay there. Should be interesting. 

Found an interesting site on Thursday. (Well, Mom discovered it.) It's called They Spoke Hebrew!! It's a project where someone collected as many instances as they could of shows or movies where they spoke a little Hebrew, and put them into 3 videos. It's hilarious!:iconfrancisplz:(Most of it is anyways...) Some of them I've seen, but a lot I haven't seen. Clips from NCIS, House, MASH, Family Guy, the Hebrew Hammer (one of my faves!), and many others.

Finally posted chapter 13 of Alliance to dA on Thursday.:iconlachoirplz:I couldn't believe how long its been since I posted the last chapter. At least it's up now. Next, I get to start working on chapter 14. I'm still not up to the minimum amount of words for a novel.
This is a Swedish dish called Korv (Sausage) Stroganoff. One of the few recipes I've found online. Will search for more after I go through all of our cookbooks. It was really good and a bit 'unique'.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Felt like it needed something like more vegetables. Maybe some sauerkraut? Very interesting sauce. Ketchup, mustard, paprika, chicken stock, salt, and pepper. Made it tangy. Interesting way they wanted me to cut the sausage. Used turkey smoked sausage instead of their traditional falukorv or kielbasa.

Dusted a lot on Friday.:faint:It's cool when something looks so dull, and then you run the swiffer over it, it comes out awesome.:iconeestiplz:I'll work on the pantry next. I just need to do that room and the bathroom, and I'll be through with the downstairs. Yay!

Gintama was awesome yet again!:iconchibifranceplz:They haven't had the main villains on for a long time. But, apparently Takasugi and Kamui have joined forces now. They were already very powerful.:iconchibichinaplz:

Also, went through our microwave cookbook. Very interesting. I didn't know you can make breads or cakes in the microwave.:lmao:Here's some recipes from the list: French onion soup, pot roast, stroganoff, Idaho meatballs, salmon in parchment, spaghetti casserole, blueberry streusel coffee cake, whole grain quick bread, butterscotch cake, banana cream pie. 

We didn't go to services on Saturday. But, Dad and I went to Tacoma Pride. First time going to a Pride event. I like to support everybody.:iconchibiamericaplz:(I guess I'm what they would call an ally.) Especially my dad, who's transgendered. She introduced me to some of her friends. All very nice people. Interesting vendors in booths crowded down a block or 2. I really thought it would be bigger.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

Past the booths there was a concert area. Horrible singers at first, but later they had some good ones. Lots of carnival food. We decided to share a funnel cake and a strawberry lemonade. They were awesome!:iconus-xdplz:Got powdered sugar everywhere, but it was worth it. The lemonade had whole strawberries with strawberry syrup. Awesome!:iconitalyplz:

At one point, dad was filling out a raffle at the breast cancer awareness booth. I told them I was with her, and they immediately turned to me and said I really like your earrings. It was a bit awkward, then they said would you like some free chapstick?:iconusaplz:I'm not one to turn that down, but it was weird.

Later, we were starting to get hungry again. So, we said goodbye to her friends and headed over to one of our fave Greek restaurants called It's Greek To Me. Got a gyro and a small drink. Their gyros are huge! Taste so good too!:iconchibispainplz:Dad offered some of her fries, only could stomach a couple. I don't see how she can eat something so big so fast, drink a large soda, and then still have room for the fries. Crazy!:iconseychelles-plz:Mom was at somebody's place playing Mahj for most of the day. So she seemed to have some fun as well.:iconthailandplz: 

Started a new family in the Sims 2. This time in the desert neighborhood. Where they have aliens and test subjects as neighbors. The house that I put them in looks really weird. It's almost like a maze. There's a creepy looking basement as well. I didn't think you could make basements. This time they both have the same aspirations and the same jobs to start out with. That's kind of new for me. Usually my sims personalities clash a bit. So, I'll see what happens.:iconchibiswedenplz:

deviantART faves: Gintama- 170cm Pair Gintama- meramera Whispers Vanilla-Blueberry Muffin Delicate II Happy Birthday Boys First and second, drawings of Takasugi and Kamui from Gintama, based on that episode I watched on Friday. Done by an artist I watch. Third, a cool yet creepy drawing of the female version of Russia from Hetalia. Fourth, a really tasty looking muffin. (How fitting for today.) Fifth, a cool looking flower. Sixth, a cute drawing with America and Canada from Hetalia celebrating their birthdays. 

A cool Gintama amv:

A tribute to England from Hetalia:

Bands from around the world represented by Hetalia characters:

A cool mix of different musicians:

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