Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cousins Day


A day just for cousins? That's kind of cool.:iconhappychinaplz:Too bad I'm not really close with mine.:iconwtfromanoplz:I have a lot of them, but most live on the east coast. Facebook's been awesome that way. I'm starting to connect more with a few of them.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Yesterday's weather was really nice.:iconchibipolandplz:Today's supposed to be significantly warmer. And, so far it is. Read somewhere that it might get into the low 80s. It's 77 at the moment, so I'd believe it! Wahoo!:dummy:But, after today, it goes back to being cold.:iconsadrussia:

Hetalia finally put something out!:iconlachoirplz:It's another 'special' episode. It was mainly about the countries celebrating Halloween, and Germany and Italy reminiscing about the past. It was kind of cute, but I wish it was longer than the normal episodes. (Which are only 5 minutes!:iconbraginskiplz:) At least they gave us something after having nothing for about 3 months. I hope it comes back for another season. I'm still hearing rumors about it (if it will or won't come back), and this might have been a good sign.:iconthailandplz:They even mentioned at the end that it'll continue! But, it's kind of similar to Gintama that way. They like to tease, so still not sure. We'll see.:iconswissplz:

Since Dad went to something Friday night, Mom and I went to the market to see what we'd like to have for dinner. Preferably, something cheesy, since Dad doesn't like cheese.:iconberwaldplz:Of course, we were there already to get other groceries. So, we decided to try their chicken enchiladas with some Spanish rice. It had garlic sauce with tons of cheese on top, so why not.:iconseychelles-plz:It wasn't the best, but not bad. I couldn't really taste the garlic.:iconusaplz:For dessert, we got some cinnamon rolls. It was from a brand we hadn't tried yet. I liked it, Mom didn't. Just means I get the last 2 rolls to myself!:iconmochiplz:(Since Dad doesn't like cinnamon rolls.) 

I posted the full body drawing of Max Leiche. I think he turned out ok. First time really working on the folds in clothes. Someone faved Tzvi Yaffe's face! Yay! Someone likes it!:iconfrancisplz:Also, read a huge chunk of Timeline. It's getting even more interesting.

I've been feeling really strange the last few days.:iconkikuplz:But, that's probably because of hormones (from a certain monthly friend...:iconlietplz:) and my meds aren't very potent right now. I'm at the very last few pills, and they never work as well. They get stale a little after a month and a half. It's so unnerving for me.:iconromanoplz:But, luckily I only have a couple more days, and then I can have a new batch of meds.:iconicelandfukkiretaplz:Maybe I should set it to getting new meds every month, instead of 2?

Played some of the Sims 2. Russia (based this Sim after the character from Hetalia) finally made it to MVP. But, just before, he apparently had an unplanned practice with his team and someone got seriously injured. Since it was unplanned there were no doctors, so he was sued for 15,000.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:He didn't have that much, so they took all his money and sent him home. Just after this happened the maid stole something as 'payment' for his services, since he didn't have money to pay him. I still don't know what he stole.:iconchibijapanplz:The maid refused to come back until he had a ton of money. It was kind of annoying. But, at least he's making more money than before. Like twice as much. He's almost maxed out his physical stats. Wahoo! So, I'm working on his other stats as well. He doesn't have any logic stats. Need to get him to work on that.:iconhongkongplz:It's getting really fun with him. I've also made him drink a lot of his 'fountain of youth' water cooler. He's almost back to being a teen (or young adult, can't remember), wonder what will happen if I do make him that way...:iconspainplz:He has 23 more days until he's an elder, I think you start with 16 days. (They're kind of like fruit flies.:iconheroamericaplz:)

Went to a new Mexican restaurant in town last night. Mom and I got their chicken mole. I normally love mole. This one was ok, but was too heavy on the smoky spiciness. I like sweeter ones.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Actually had to dump a ton of sugar on it, to make it a bit more palatable for me. And, I always feel funny adding so much of something to a dish at a restaurant. It almost feels like I'm insulting the cook.:icongermanyplz:Took a tiny taste of the refried beans, and I could clearly taste the lard/pork(?). So, I felt bad, but I couldn't eat them. The rice and chips were good. I'll try something else next time. We felt we should give them another try with something else at some point. Oh, and I think Dad liked her chili verde, but it was spicier than she expected.

Went to services yesterday! This time our old cantor led it. Not very many people showed up. Since it wasn't enough for a minion (can't have a full service without at least 10 Jews), we did a Torah study. It was interesting.

deviantART fave: Gion Matsuri A cool pic of a matsuri (festival) float in a parade in Kyoto. This is a month-long festival in July. She talks more about it in the comments. 

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