Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chiisana Koi no Uta


Or, Small Love Song. By Mongol800. This was an insert song for the drama Proposal Daisakusen. At first I was a bit iffy about it.:icontinoplz:But, it really grew on me. Mongol800 is an Okinawan band, and consists of 3 members. They debuted when they were just 19, in 2000. Mongol800 doesn't advertise, yet they have become very successful, and have released 2 videos. This song is their most popular. I guess I'll have to look more into their songs. Found a vid with both the song and some clips of Proposal Daisakusen. Including the English subs. Gives you a taste of what the drama was like, too:

Control was really good this time.:iconfrancisplz:The stories are interesting and a bit more complicated than some detective dramas. This time it was about a young woman who was strangled to death. They found her killer, but he ran, jumped from his apartment building, and needed to be hospitalized. While in the hospital, he was poisoned with arsenic in his soup. They suspected the victim's father for a while. But, it turned out to be their family doctor. He also lost his daughter a while back, and wanted to help her father get revenge. It was sad.:iconraivisplz:Another sad bit is her father has stomach cancer and only has a couple months to live.
In Fairy Tail, Lyon might have been killed off. Wendy finally heals Erza. Jellal unleashes Nirvana. (It was sealed in the tree that's in the pic.) Nirvana switches people's inclinations to either good or evil. If the person has negative thoughts and is anywhere near it, they become evil. But, that also means if an evil person has positive thoughts, they become good. Kind of crazy!:iconspainplz:Jellal still doesn't seem to be thinking or have awareness of his actions. I still think he's like a zombie.

Started working on a new article in the June issue of You Maga. It's about summer-related foods. Played some Beatles and Irish tunes. I seemed to be doubting myself as I was playing this time.:iconswissplz:When that happens, I make a lot more mistakes. I've got to just relax and play next time. I also managed to do all my walks so far today. Hope I can keep it up. 
In O-part's, Jio now has the legendary O-part. He joins Ball, Kirin, and Amidaba again. The group's not sure what to make of the legendary O-part. It has a Kabbalah diagram on the back. Mei sneaked onto the ship. Jajamaru had a baby named Jojomaru. He completely changed his appearance. He looks like a giant wolf with really long fangs now. He's in the middle of the pic. His baby is that fluffy thing on the right. And, Zero, Jio's old teacher, is on the left. Cross thinks if Jio goes to where he's hidden Ruby at Stea's base, they will be able to reinsert her soul. Once her soul's out of Jio, Satan might fully take over his body. Jio agrees that Cross should kill him if that happens. The group's main base is now Entotsu City. Ball's home, and the place that Jio saved 6 years ago. 

Yesterday, I scanned my drawing of Max. This time using my printer, which sometimes makes things look really weird. I messed with the settings a bit, and the image doesn't look too bad. Not as good as when I do it with other printers, but not bad. It's like too sharp or something.:iconchibijapanplz:I'll edit it in Photoshop, and see how it comes out. I'll have to finish editing Tzvi, too. I forgot about him and started a new original character face sheet.:iconkikuplz:The first character being Zero. 

Also, worked on brainstorming a bit for chapter 14 of Alliance. And, on the recipe list and comments I have as a Word doc. It's coming along nicely. Worked a bit more on my character and building descriptions. 

deviantART faves: Tasty Sundae... Chocolate Bread II APH- Romania First, a really tasty looking sundae. Second, an awesome looking chocolate bread. I don't know if I've had chocolate 'bread'. There's a recipe link in the artist comments. Third, a drawing based on the official design of Romania from Hetalia. Kind of cool. The design is really new, and yet I've seen a lot of fanart of him already. It's like the fanbase soaks these things up like a sponge. 

A funny Gintama amv. Shows you some great highlights of the show. I thought this was the Bob Marley, Don't Worry Be Happy song, but it's not. That probably would have fit the series even better. 

A hilarious Hetalia amv:

Such a fitting song for Prussia from Hetalia:

Another funny Prussia amv:

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