Monday, July 18, 2011

Minna de Fusoso!


This is a tribute to Spain from Hetalia. A fanmade song. Parts of it sounds like the Vocaloid Kaito's singing. The song and vid's really fun. They made this to congratulate Spain for having his official Marukaite Chikyuu version. (There's a little Spanish thrown in too.) The song's based off of TOKIO's original song called Minna de Wahaha. Fusoso is just a thing Spain says all the time. Kind of like China says aru a lot, or Romano's thing is chigi. In the original song, wahaha is just them laughing. Kind of fun.:iconchibinitalyplz:(Minna means Everyone. So, kind of like Everyone Laugh or Everyone Fusoso!) Here's the vid with English subs:

It's been pretty cold lately. Didn't feel like summer. More like mid-Fall.:iconhongkongplz:Today doesn't feel too bad. Around 70. 

Today is just not my day.:iconromanotwitchplz:Last night I was tossing and turning a lot. Then, my scalp was incredibly itchy. When it gets this way, I tend to scratch it until it bleeds.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:It hasn't been this bad in a long time. So, on top of that and the tossing and turning, Rosie started to meow at me.:iconwtfromanoplz:At some point, I started hearing these loud birds just outside my window. And about an hour later, I heard my dad get up. I was not going to get up at my normal time. Even though I got up late, I might have had about 4 hours of sleep.:iconlietplz:I made an udon thing for lunch. It was pre-made, but it's similar to doing ramen. It was tasty.:iconitalyplz:But, ate up time. And, then I needed to shower, just as I got out Dad wanted me to check if we got a delivery (I wasn't dressed yet,  she was gone, and Mom was at Mahj), started my laundry, cleaned up the poopers in the dining room, and did the litter box. So, basically all this stuff has killed my day.:iconprussiaplz:I'm not going to get much done.:iconpolandplz:
Made Irish shortbread for Friday night. (Still have a lot left.:iconthailandplz:) There was grated lemon rind and almond flour in it. Almond flour made an interesting, but odd texture for shortbread. I liked how lemony it was. But, next time I think I'll omit the almond flour, and add grated orange rind and a little vanilla. Might be a nice twist. It was really good though.:iconchibispainplz:I love shortbread.:love:It already has a few faves on dA. One person commented saying that it looked like a bunch of cubed cheese.:iconseychelles-plz:Kind of funny, but I can see it. Had problems getting the sizes I wanted. Oh well. Some are big, some are small.:icondenmarkplz:

We finally went to Shabbat services on Saturday!:dummy:It's been so long... :iconkikuplz:But, there was a reason behind that. Mom was too sick to go for a while. Felt good to go.:iconchibicanadaplz:Not many people showed up, but that's probably because it's still summer. There was someone who looked about my age this time. She left before I got a chance to say hello and chat with her.:iconnataliaplz:(But, she did sit next to me.) Mom thinks that person might be thinking or in the process of converting. And, so I think she was just nervous. Maybe she'll relax eventually. There aren't too many people who are around my age in the congregation. They're most of the time much older/younger than me.:iconohboyamericaplz:Our cantor led it this time. And since we didn't have a minion (There has to be 10 Jews, in order to have a full service), we did a study session. It was kind of nice.:iconfrancisplz:We were going to go with Dad to the Kitsap Pride, but it was raining throughout the day, so Mom and I stayed home.:icontinoplz:Sounds like Dad had fun, though. 

Played some of the Sims 2. The sim I'm playing with now, finally got promoted. It took forever to get his physical stat up high enough. The next rung up in his career is becoming an MVP. That sounds like he'll get a lot of money.:iconeestiplz:So, I'm trying to get his stats up as high and as quickly as I can. I'll be able to mess with his house more when he gets promoted again. 

I think Tzvi is ready to be posted. I just haven't gotten to it yet.:iconchibijapanplz:I'm not sure if I'm happy with how he turned out. I still need to edit Max a bit in Photoshop. Then, I can post him too. Yay! I'll get to start a new drawing project after that.:la:I'll still work on my character face sheets. I was going to either brainstorm some more for chapter 14, or start it today. But, doesn't look like it's going to happen. Maybe tomorrow?:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

My hearing has been moved! Wahoo!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Now, it won't land on one of my most important holidays. It'll be mid-October.

How Lithuania met Hungary (both from Hetalia):

A brief appearance of Belgium and the Netherlands:

England sleeping during a meeting. They come up with funny ways to wake him up:

Flying Fox. Kind of cute:

Russia cat (from Hetalia, again...):

Sougo from Gintama's Fukkireta, with English subs. One of my fave characters:

Maru the cat:

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