Wednesday, October 22, 2014

National Nut Day!


Yay for nuts!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:I like most nuts. My faves being walnuts, pecans, and cashews. There are very few out there that I can't stand. They're protein and fiber packed, so they're very nutritious.:iconchibiamericaplz:Although, they tend to be high in fat. So, when eaten in moderation, they're great. 

It's been raining like crazy. Apparently it's mostly what the local news is talking about. I was hoping to watch the national news this morning, but the local one decided to cut into it for 30 minutes just to talk about the weather.:iconnataliaplz:Ok, we get it. It's raining heavily, and there have been accidents on the roads. Just tell people to be careful, and maybe tell them detours for the roads or something. Then, move on. It's not that hard. I know it hasn't rained for a while, but we're known for our rain...:iconusaplz:Maybe they're not used to it anymore. It's been pretty windy lately too, but that's kind of died down for today.

I'm really starting to like Senryokugai Sousakan. I think it had kind of a rough beginning. But, it's gotten much better. It's hilarious, yet it's starting to make you feel for the criminals more and more. Also, makes you wonder who the real 'bad' guys are. (In one of the episodes Chinami puts handcuffs on all the reporters that assumed someone was the criminal, and hounded him day and night for months without any evidence. Ruined his reputation.) In the episode I watched yesterday, Chinami and Kyosuke were suspended and told not to 'interfere' with investigations. So, they decided to go to a fan event to chaperon the kids from Kyosuke's dojo. They were just supposed to get signed posters for the kids, take them to a live performance, etc. But, one of the actors was stabbed to death, and they felt they had to investigate or at least start things since they were already there. They called some of the other detectives to run it 'officially'. The section chief was also suspended and went to the same event with his son. The person who was killed was a stuntman. The main actor can't do any of the athletic moves his character does, so he relies on the stunt doubles. There are 2 stunt doubles. The extra one was supposed to cover for the main one if something bad happened to him. It turned out that extra stuntman did it because he felt he should have been the main one. At the end, Chinami, Kyosuke, and the section chief were all reinstated. The head of the precinct really wants Chinami to succeed in her investigations, but for some reason the people ranked just below him want to ignore her. Or at least make her look bad. 

Gugure has been awesome!:dummy:The humor is a lot like Gintama's. I just realized, a lot of what Kohina thinks or her outlook on life is how I used to be as a little kid. I never acted like a doll, but the other stuff was very similar. I thought I was the only one that was like that...:iconseychelles-plz:She's a very interesting character. Apparently she has a hard time smiling, and every time she tries or forces herself to, parts of her face move around. There was a time where she tried to do it while standing in front of a store's window, and she shattered it. Kokkuri's trying so hard to be her guardian and help her in being more 'human'. Coming from a fox spirit, that seems odd. (Apparently they made a promise when she was even younger. He's not sure if she remembers, though.) The dog spirit or Inugami has been hilarious. The dog died so early in its life it didn't know its 'gender'. (I use that kind of loosely, because I think they really meant sex.) So, Inugami switches between male and female all the time. Although, he tends to be male most of the time. He has a creepy stalkerish love for Kohina. Ever since she showed him kindness when he was living, he has been stalking her and only recently has decided to haunt her too. He hates Kokkuri with a passion. I like both of their spirit 'forms'. Kokkuri looks like a cute fluffy little fox, and Inugami looks like an emo purple dog. Just recently, a tanuki (raccoon dog) spirit showed up asking to haunt Kohina. Another strange guy. But, he looks much older. 

Finished the 11th short story to my nightmare anthology, and started editing it. Colored in more of the drawings of my characters' outfits/accessories from my first novel, Alliance. I'm noticing that I don't have as wide a selection of colored pencils as I thought.:iconhanatamagoplz:I don't even have a regular brown color...But, it's still been interesting to look at them colored in. Almost like they're coming 'alive'. Finished editing the 2nd angry panel for Junko (also in Alliance) in the exaggerated expression meme. Started editing the last one of that section. This one is much funnier looking.:iconenglandispervyplz:It's supposed to be the extreme version of her being angry. Hard for me to imagine her that angry.

Hero wasn't as exciting this episode.:iconpolandplz:The previous ones were great. But, I guess they have to show examples of the seemingly smaller crimes. One was about a woman who decided to try narcotics after the yakuza told her to help them ship it. She's a flight attendant. She felt her job was so stressful that she needed something to take the edge off. The other case was about a father who just wanted to know what really happened to his son. The killer killed himself while he was in holding waiting to go to trial. But, he confessed the day of to one of the prosecutors. They couldn't do anything about it at the time. The killer had first told the police that it was an accident. The two were fighting, and suddenly one of them hit his head so hard he died. But, he later said that he really did kill him. After the father heard all this he felt a lot more relieved. He wasn't told much about the story, and the authorities were reluctant to tell him anything. 

Donten ni Warau has gotten a bit more interesting. Started off really slow. I was reluctant to keep watching it.:iconkikuplz:But, the story just got a bit more intense. I hope they pick up the pace more, though. The middle brother, Soramaru, has decided to go undercover and infiltrate the prison to see who the prisoners are giving 'presents' to. He got himself into a bit of pickle, because he's already come face to face with that person. He can't remember a certain incident in his past, but gets flashbacks of parts of it. That's when he was strangled and still has the mark on his neck, but he doesn't know much else about it. He doesn't know who did it, why, what was he doing at the time, or even where he was. He gets a flashback as soon as he sees the person everyone's giving gifts to, and realizes the person who strangled him had the same mask on. Tenka, the oldest brother, had talked a lot about the Orochi vessel and sealing it. But, they didn't explain who this 'vessel' was or what Orochi was. (There are hints that it might be Sora or Tenka himself.) He was talking to Chuutarou's (the youngest brother) teacher, Botan, about it. She wants to kill the vessel, and he said that wasn't his style. Shirasu, a former ninja from a clan that was wiped out and is staying with the Kumo brothers (he helps with housework and is kind of like a bodyguard at times for when Tenka is gone), is suspicious of Botan. 
Started reading World Customize Creator. The name is kind of lame, but the story so far has been interesting.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Tagami Yusuke, led by a mysterious voice, is summoned to another world called Caltsio. He was just a video gamer before, but fate made him become the 'Evil G-d of Calamity' of this world. He's obtained the ability to create and customize everything, just like in the game he was playing before he was 'summoned'. But, in that game you had to earn points in order to customize things. He had a hard time getting enough points, and was summoned just after he thought he'd try to cheat the game. So, I'm thinking he's still playing that game, but has been transported to the game world through it. He has 'unlimited' points now, though. A transparent game control panel comes up around his head occasionally, but characters in that world don't seem to see it. I know it's very similar to a lot of other trapped in game scenario mangas, but I'm giving this one a try nonetheless. 

Played my clarinet. Did a lot of klezmer tunes. In fact, I'm almost finished with playing through that book again. Slipped up a few times, but wasn't too bad. In fact, I feel like I've been improving a lot since I've tried to get back into playing it more often.:iconchibisitalyplz:Although I've also remembered that the more often I play, the more often my head and one of my arms hurts.:iconlietplz:For some reason, occasionally I tend to get massive headaches halfway through playing, but push myself through it. Also, one arm gets this weird electro-shock pulsating feeling after playing more often as well. Maybe it'll ease up after a while. 
Finished studying the last 2 common compounds for , and studied the kanji: . 加味 or かみ (kami): seasoning, flavoring; taking (something) into consideration, taking into account. 参加 or さんか (sanka): participation. When 果 is pronounced as 果たす or は.たす (ha.tasu): to accomplish, achieve, carry out, fulfill, realize, execute, perform, do; (suf) (after -ます [-masu] stem of a verb) to do...completely, to do...entirely. As 果て or は.て (ha.te): the end, the extremity, the limit(s), the result. As 果てる or は.てる (ha.teru): to end, be finished, be exhausted; to die, perish; to do utterly, do completely, indicates an extreme has been reached. As (ka): (abbr) fruit; (ctr) counter for pieces of fruit. 果敢 or かかん (kakan): resolute, determined, bold. 果実 or かじつ (kajitsu): fruit, nut, berry. 果樹 or かじゅ (kaju): fruit tree. 果汁 or かじゅう (kajuu): fruit juice. 果肉 or かにく (kaniku): flesh of fruit. 果物 or くだもの (kudamono): fruit. 青果 or せいか (seika): fruit(s) and vegetable(s). 結果 or けっか (kekka): result, consequence, outcome, effect; coming to fruition, bearing fruit. 効果 or こうか (kouka): effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result. 因果 or いんが (inga): cause and effect, karma, fate. 使い果たす or つか.いは.たす (tsuka.iha.tasu): to use up, squander. 

Recent dA faves: Melody Sweets Catalog Commission: Keidan Kyuzazame I did not do these! The first and third ones are from artists I watch. The first one's a cool digital painting of 2 of the artist's original characters playing the cello and violin together. They look like they're really into it. That artist is one of the newer ones to my watch list. The second one is a fanart of a bunch of different characters from Hetalia with various sweets from those countries. Kind of cool. There was another similar piece a while back, but I don't think there were as many characters and it was by a different artist. The third one was a commission of a another artist's original character. He came out kind of cute. The artist who did the commission normally does things with flash and has done his own comic strip in the past. He has a very interesting and distinctive style. What drew me to him was really his video 'Draw With Me' on youtube. He's amazing, and a lot of people have praised him for his work. Especially that one. He did a sequel to that one that was very interesting too. In those vids, besides the background music, it's silent. It can be hard to do that kind of thing. The characters only communicate through writing and drawing on a transparent wall that separates them. The story is very interesting, and I hope he continues with it at some point. 

A really cool and well made amv or more like a trailer for the 2nd Gintama movie:

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