Wednesday, October 8, 2014

National Fluffernutter Day!


Fluffernutters are awesome!:iconinloveplz:Probably not too healthy, but awesome nonetheless. It's a marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwich. Haven't had one in a long time. It's also National Pierogi Day. I love Pierogies! Especially potato and/or cheese ones. Good stuff. It's National German-American Day, too. I'm part German. So, yay for us!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:
Senryokugai Sousakan has been interesting so far. I've seen it be translated as Detective Designated for Assignment, but I think a better one would be Strength of an Outsider Detective. Her names Chinami, she's a complete outsider to the squad, and is treated as such. But, she outranks almost everyone, and is extremely bright. She just has never really had training out in the field. The squad is ordered to keep her away from going out into the field. She asks them beforehand to treat her like a rookie. She always finds her way to the case at hand, and manages to solve them with the help of Kyosuke, a detective who becomes her partner and is supposed to keep an eye on her. He's skilled in karate, and teaches it at his teacher's dojo. The first couple of episodes started with her bizarre dreams, but they had meaning to a case later. Kyosuke's teacher, who he also lives with, always says something relevant to the case in a zen way, I guess, before they've dug into it. The other detectives on the squad seem to be warming up to her already.
I decided to put Rurouni Kenshin on hold in order to try one of the new anime shows for this season. (I don't even think I'm halfway through that series...:iconseychelles-plz:It's long. Good, though.) Started watching Gugure! Kokkuri-san. Gugure is basically saying 'Google it!'. The story revolves around a little girl named Kohina. (She's on top of the instant noodles in the pic holding a coin.) She ends up summoning Kokkuri-san (a fox spirit. In the pic he's the middle one in blue), through an old seance game. (Kind of like Ouija, but with a coin.) At first he merely intends to haunt her, but soon becomes worried about her eating habits and overall well-being. Now he haunts her in order to protect her. She's emotionally detached, and refers to herself as a doll. Not human. She lives in a shrine by herself with no parents or guardians to take care of her. She only enjoys eating junk food. Specifically instant cup noodles. She had quite a collection of them, before Kokkuri got rid of most of them. She may look vulnerable, but she's capable of taking down people who are 3 times her size including Kokkuri. Really hilarious series!:iconenglandispervyplz:The humor reminds me of Cuticle Tantei Inaba, a little Gintama, and maybe a touch of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye Mr. Despair). They've barely introduced the dog spirit or inugami, but he's seen in a box labeled 'oranges'. And, has howled like a dog. I think at one point he yells something like 'take me home!'. He looks human right now. (He's 2nd from the right in the pic.) This looks promising. Hopefully, it keeps it up. 
In Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Snake has joined the Phantomhive's staff as a footman. He was about to seek revenge against Ciel (came close and was the uninvited guest in the murder case. He killed one of the guests thinking it was Ciel. No one else, besides Sebastian, realized), but Ciel managed to deceive him about what really happened to the other members of the circus. Instead of telling him that he and Sebastian ended up killing everyone, he said that they knew that the members were kidnapping children, and those members knew they were on to them so they ran away. Snake didn't know that they were kidnapping kids. And, Ciel left out the fact that they were using those kids' bones for making prosthetics. Snake was one of the few of that troupe that didn't have a prosthetic of some sort. He felt the circus was his only home, and he had nowhere else to go. Feeling betrayed by them as well, he accepted Ciel's offer to join him. He has scales all over his body. He has at least 9 snakes (most, if not all, are venomous. Probably a lot more snakes than that from when he introduces himself to the staff...They're crawling all over the place) that stay with him most of the time, and they speak through him. He gets nervous easily, too. He rarely speaks unless its to relay info through his snakes. He's one of my fave characters in the series. I'm glad they didn't kill him, although I'm surprised that he joined them.:icontinoplz:Ciel's fiancee's family is going on a cruise ship, and a shady organization called Aurora is meeting on the same one. They've been buying people to experiment on. It's a medical organization, and one of the main hospitals claims that it can revive the dead. So, Ciel's forced to investigate it further by joining her on the cruise ship. He was worried about her as soon as he heard what ship and day the meeting was going to be held. This will be Snake's first time going somewhere with Ciel and Sebastian in his new position. The other staff members will have to stay behind to protect the manor.

In Pandora Hearts, it's been kind of confusing. Things are being revealed quickly, and even the characters are taken aback by it all. Oz met his father while he was still in the ruins of Sabrie. His father treated him like he was nothing. Basically, like before his coming-of-age ceremony. Gil runs after him expecting to kill him, but Break stops him in the nick of time. Just before that, Break was torturing one of the Baskervilles to get more info out of them. He walked away after suggesting that they should be friends. I think he's tired of the whole thing. Oz felt more himself again once Gil, Break, and Alice came back. Apparently, Glen Baskerville can be brought back to life. He originally would travel from body to body every so often. Then, Jack interrupted him during the ceremony being done on Gil 100 years ago. (That's when Gil gained the Raven chain, because that was all that could be transferred at the time.) Jack cursed Glen by splitting up his own body, and saying that he couldn't come back without finding all of Jack's 'parts'. Those parts have apparently turned into memory fragments, instead of actual body parts. The Baskervilles apparently own the Abyss, too. One of them just got through the Abyss, and was just informed that it's 100 years later. She looked terrified. I'm not sure where they're going to take this. I'm still confused as to why Oz's existence is a sin in the first place. (That's why he was tossed into the Abyss at his Coming-of-Age ceremony.) Although, maybe it is to the Baskerville's because he's Jack's vessel now. 

Wrote more of the 11th short story to my nightmare anthology. Not sure where I'm taking this one, but it's been crazy, fun, and interesting to write so far. I think when I was more on a roll, I might have had the ending of it in sight. But, it's been a while, and might be going in a different direction.:iconwtfukplz:I did decide that this won't be the last one to the anthology. I think there's at least one more I can do for it. I might make it the shortest. I don't know. 

Played my clarinet. Did some Mozart pieces, and some from my clarinet solo book. Wasn't too bad considering I haven't played in a while. Not that many mistakes, just a few slip ups. But, if I play it regularly, I should get back to the way I was before and improve from there.:iconeestiplz:
Studied the kanji: , , . or (i) means stomach, craw, crop, paunch. Since there's only one way to pronounce it, it makes it easier. pronounced as いん (in): seal, stamp, mark, print; (abbr) India. The full name would be 印度 or いんど (indo), so the kanji in this one is used phonetically which is called 当て字 (ateji) or 'called upon characters'. There's no underlying meaning to the kanji this way, just for how to pronounce the word. Which can be confusing at times...As しるし: mark, sign; symbol, emblem; badge, crest, flag. As 印する or いん.する (in.suru): to stamp (one's mark, etc.), seal; to leave (one's footprints, etc.). Most of the time is pronounced as えい (ei). (On rare occasions it's pronounced as はなぶさ (hanabusa), which is used as a term in botany.) It means England, English, British, Britain. Did the practice quizzes on JapaneseClass' site. Was pretty good. A little rusty with some words I haven't seen for a while, but not bad. Made it to the top 20 ranking for the day. My overall rank is going up pretty quickly. Wrote out more of part of a You Maga article. It's the last section of this part. Soon I'll write out the last couple sentences, then start translating bits of it. I'm glad I'm nearing the end of this section. It's like a special with many mini articles that are apart of it. Interesting so far.

My meds were a little late.:icongermanyplz:I finally got them yesterday. But, I ran out of my omeprazole the day before. The main reason I was put on that was because of me throwing up all day for no reason, and not feeling it coming on. It just happened. The doctor was amazed, and couldn't figure out why it was happening. So, he tried this on a whim. It works great!:iconthailandplz:I haven't had a problem with it since. Although, it makes me wonder why I had that problem.:iconhanatamagoplz:Anyways, I've gone without it for a day before and seemed fine. So, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. My stomach felt like it was on fire halfway through the day. It was so painful, that's all I could think about.:iconlietplz:I also started to feel like I was going to throw up at one point. When I checked the mail and found out my meds were here, I quickly took an omeprazole. It helped a lot, but I still feel a slight burning sensation. This is after I took another one at my normal time in the morning. I technically had 2 doses within a 24-hour period. Doesn't sound good when you're only supposed to take 1 a day. But, I needed it so badly yesterday. And good thing I got my other meds before they ran out. I had ordered these things at the beginning of last week. It doesn't normally take that long...:iconhongkongplz:

I didn't go to group yesterday. Dad had scheduled an appointment just before it, and wouldn't have had time to swing by the house to get me. I still didn't feel too great at the time, so it was probably good I didn't go.:iconpolandplz:I tried some frozen bulgogi for dinner yesterday. The brand was a bit odd. They used brown rice instead of white sticky rice. There was quite a bit of mushrooms and mushroom flavor in the vegetable and rice medley part. The sauce and beef were really good, though.:iconitalyplz:It was good to try, at least. I normally love bulgogi, but overall this was a bit weird. I also shaved my legs again.:iconchibihungaryplz:I'm trying to get back to making it a habit. It feels good to have smooth legs. Haven't had them this smooth since maybe the beginning of high school. Also, watched something during the time we'd normally have the meeting. So, I was all good with things during that time.

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