Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


Yay! One of my fave holidays!:dummy:I'm not going to dress up in a costume this year, although that's a lot of fun in itself. I am wearing some pumpkin earrings. Each one has a string of 3 orange outlined flat metal pumpkins. Got them several years ago, but rarely wear them. Also, wearing a long black beaded necklace. So long I have to wrap it around my neck twice. And, even then it hangs pretty low. Lower than it used to. (Yay! Thanks to losing so much weight!:iconheroamericaplz:) I don't wear it too often either. But, they go well for a Halloween theme. 

We won't be handing out candy this year, either.:icontinoplz:We usually get a lot of trick-or-treaters, so this'll be interesting. I didn't put decorations up, and we'll leave the outside lights off. So, that will hopefully give them a sign of some sort. I bet we'll still have kids knocking on our door and ringing the doorbell. Especially the ones that come early. Those are the really little kids. Tomorrow we're hoping to catch the discounted candy at the stores.:iconenglandispervyplz:That'll be good. Most of the trick-or-treaters look so cute.:iconcuteamericaplz:But, that's ok if we pass on it this year. Won't terrorize the cats as much either.

I was also invited to a Halloween party on the 1st. It feels nice that they invited me, but they have it kind of late in the day and we might be out shopping for most of the day beforehand. I might be too tired, and I don't have a costume.:iconlietplz:Although, I know they said if you didn't have one you could just wear black. But, that would stand out a bit...:iconwtfromanoplz:

I usually try to watch some of the movie marathons that might be on TV, too. I think one station usually marathons the Twilight Zone, as well. They're always fun to watch. And, there are other movies we could watch on things like Netflix or Hulu. I love horror movies. Even the ones that are hilarious and meant to be spoofs of others. It's an interesting genre.:iconchibisitalyplz: 

This also marks a week until my birthday.:party:I love celebrating my birthdays, but this one's also kind of a big one. I look at birthdays as a triumph of sorts. Might be because of what I've gone through. It's a miracle that I'm still here and able to celebrate another birthday.:iconchibiaustriaplz:That's kind of why I feel a bit odd when people hate celebrating their birthdays. I'm not sure if I'll ever understand that...Plus, it's a day for celebrating you.:iconfrancisplz:That's pretty cool. I still have people tell me that I look much younger than I am. (Some say I look like I'm in my mid-teens and have even asked me what grade I'm in.:iconwtfukplz:) It'd be cool if I looked closer to my actual age. Just a little closer. I didn't make a list this year, and I'm not sure where I want to go for it yet...:iconseychelles-plz:

Yesterday, I decided to call people to clear up 2 things.:iconberwaldplz:For the first one, my primary doctor is leaving soon and the one that they chose to switch me to, I've had before. I didn't like her at all. She didn't listen and was incredibly rude. She tried to take over my meds several months ago, even though I had a different doctor. I don't need someone like that.:iconhongkongplz:I'd prefer a female one. Simply because she might be able to understand where I'm coming from better. I did have one awesome male doctor, but he was the only one who actually listened. Apparently it's hard to find male doctors like that. So, I ended up with someone I haven't heard of before. There was only one other doctor as an option. So if I don't like her, there's only one more choice.:iconromanoplz:I've never heard of her either. I googled the name of the one I decided to try out first. Apparently she was up for the Washington State Best Doctor of the Year award recently. That sounds promising. 

Another thing I wanted to clear up was very interesting and confusing at the same time.:iconusaplz:The clinic that my insurance referred me to for my minor surgery a couple of months ago, gave me a check of a sizable amount telling me that we overpaid. I first thought: "Wow! That's cool! It'll be helpful." Then a few days later we got a bill from them for that amount plus what looks like a copay amount. Seemed very fishy.:iconnataliaplz:So, after about an hour of going back and forth with that clinic and my insurance, we finally figured it out.:iconinsultedplz:Apparently, that amount on the check was supposed to pay something that they thought was paid for twice for some reason. Turned out that they made an error somewhere down the line. The customer service rep told me that they have 4 different programs they use for all of this, and that mixed it all up. Why do they need that many?! I could understand, at most, maybe 2. But, that sounds crazy. Anyways, she said I can write a note on the check saying to give it to her (she gave me her name) and mail it to them. It should be fixed that way. At least that parts figured out. I told her about the copay amount, and that I know that all of them were paid for already. She said to find it in the bank statement and mail it to them with the same message. That seems outrageous! Every time I deal with this clinic, they screw something up. And, they're so laid back about it. It pisses me off!:iconchibienglandplz:At least I got the nerve up to call and figure it out. 

I also voted a few days ago. I was putting it off, because some of my friends seemed to be complaining on facebook about how difficult it seemed. I admit some of the wording was a bit confusing, but not as much as they made it out to be. The weird thing is there was a couple of initiatives that sounded awfully similar, but really had opposite meanings. One of those was for or against more gun regulations. Another was one, I think, on class sizes. There were a couple of candidates for judges that seemed to be hard to decide on. They were really close with their credentials and views, and seemed equally qualified.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:Some candidates were easy to vote for, because they either were apart of a party I support or there was only one option. Now that I've voted, the ads on TV seem to be even more annoying.:icondisgusted-hongkong:I seem to be getting a lot of them through the mail too. Oh, and it's kind of cool that there's an app for the elections. I have it now, but apparently none of the ballots have been counted yet. So, the results are blank.:iconhanatamagoplz:
I decided that I didn't really like World Customize Creator, and tried out Dawn- Tsumetai Te in its place. Or, Dawn- Chilly Hands. It's been very interesting so far. It's a josei, and I'm not too used to that 'category' (haven't read too many of them at least), but it's good. Josei is intended for young adult (or in their early 20s) women on up. Seinen for young adult (same age group) men on up. Shoujo's for younger girls and shounen's for younger boys. A lot of the time these categories can blend, become blurry, or the creator doesn't wish it to be under any of them. I really don't like shoujo. Just the general 'style' isn't for me. There are a few rare ones that I do like, and they're not in the typical exaggerated shoujo style.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I mostly like shounen and seinen. Takashi Nagasawa's a high school student and is a member of the biology club. One day he gets bitten by one of the mice in the lab. He starts freaking out about what if he gets the Black Plague, since it was carried by rats and mice. The other members think he's crazy and just tell him to disinfect it. After school, during that same night while walking home, he hears a crash of some sort and goes to investigate. He finds out it was a car accident, and the driver's dead at the scene. What seems like out of nowhere, a rat that looks like it has a mutation of some kind, attacks and bites him. After calling the police about what happened, a strange doctor arrives and takes him to the hospital. He stays there for 2 weeks, but doesn't remember much. Apparently, he has contracted a disease called Nightshift. (They haven't said that yet from where I'm at in the story...) He starts changing after that, and everyone around him seems to get infected. At the part where I stopped, without thinking he beheaded someone with his bare hands that had a horrible case of it. His friends had just told him about a serial killer prowling about who beheads his victims. This seems like a very interesting story, and I love the horror genre. So, it's right up my alley.:iconawwwplz:

Also started reading Karneval for my Friday slot. It's interesting, but I'm unsure if I like it yet.:iconswissplz:I'll give it more of a try before I describe it more on here. I dropped World Embryo, because it seemed to be going really slow with the story. Also, it seemed to feel like it was getting 'stale' and tiring. It didn't have the 'it' factor anymore to keep people interested in it. It's a very interesting story though.

I've been keeping up with playing my clarinet everyday for the last week and a half. I feel like I'm really improving with it.:iconranranruuplz:Also, has a different feeling now. I might increase the practice time for some of the days at some point. My fingers feel a lot more flexible, making it easier to play as well. 

Started writing the 12th short story to my nightmare anthology. This one's probably going to take a little more effort to make into a 'story', since it wasn't necessarily a dream.:iconchibiswedenplz:It's based on what my ears picked up one day. It freaked me out, but might have just been fluid moving through. I have issues with my Eustachian tubes and wax buildup. It gets so bad sometimes, I have to use a kit to 'clean' them out. Otherwise I have a hard time hearing, get dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, they feel like they're on fire or something pierced them, and other stuff. Sometimes even just changes in weather or the Barometric pressure affect them. I can hear extremely well once it's cleaned out. It's disgusting, but oddly interesting to me. I thought it was an interesting idea to use, and it'll be even more interesting to see how it turns out. 

Naruto Shippuden is getting really interesting. I'm glad that there haven't been too many flashbacks or 'fillers' lately. Another thing that's interesting is the manga version of Naruto is ending this coming week. Apparently, it's been going for 15 years.:iconshockplz:If they had aged normally during that time the main characters would be older than me...15 years is quite a milestone. It's one of the longest running manga/anime. And it's been extremely popular for most of that time. I read some of the manga, but got tired of it since most of it was in the anime. It's a good series, except for when they go for months in the anime with filler episodes.:iconsighingplz:

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