Tuesday, March 11, 2014

National Meatball Day!


This was actually on Sunday, but I like meatballs, so why not celebrate them still?:iconpolandplz:It can be a little tricky making them from scratch. But, those can be the best. The all turkey, all chicken, or all beef ones are great. Although, lamb meatballs aren't too bad. They have a slight aftertaste that I don't like. Unless seasoned correctly, I guess. I've only made meatballs from scratch a couple of times. Maybe I'll do it more often in the future...Meatballs are great in a pasta sauce, soup, sandwiches, etc. 

Yesterday started off as a great day.:iconseychelles-plz:I had ordered one of my meds like usual, Friday morning. These are the most important ones that I take. (Although, if I didn't take the other prescription one I'd probably throw up all day, but that's tolerable compared to not having this one.:iconwtfukplz:) I usually order it through the mail, instead of pick it up at the pharmacy. It's just nicer that way. Anyways, I got an email yesterday morning saying that they'd authorize this order, but I have to talk to another psychiatrist or talk with my doctor before I refill for next time. I thought, ok, cool I'm fine with that. I got a call during the early afternoon telling me to call the pharmacy back. (I wasn't near my phone at the time, so they left a message.) So, I called back. After 10 minutes of waiting, I told them that they had called me. They said my doctor had ok'd my meds, and asked if I wanted it mailed to me. I told them that's what I had put down in the first place. They said ok, but there will be $3 copay added to it.:iconbraginskiplz:They've never said that before, but there would have been a copay if I was at the pharmacy too. I said fine, and after getting off the phone with them, I checked on my order. 

They added another one to the list, this one listed it slightly differently.:iconnataliaplz:The dosage would add up correctly, but past psychiatrists have told me that not only was it cheaper splitting up the dosage in separate sizes, it's easier to take, and it also made it more 'stable'. I usually order 150mg tablets with 25mg tablets. I take 2 of the 25 with the 150. So, for each time I take it (which is twice a day), it adds up to 200mg. In total for the day it's 400mg for this med. (Which if I remember correctly, is the upper limit for the dosage of the med. Meaning, it's recommended to not exceed this amount. I could be wrong...) They ordered 200mg tablets for it instead. So, I'd be taking one giant pill for each 'dose' instead. I'm not sure if I like that or not.:iconromanoplz: 

Anyways, I called back. This time I waited 20 minutes, and got a very rude guy on the other end. I tried explaining the 'situation' as calmly and coherently as possible, and he got very frustrated. He then told me that he'd patch me through to another pharmacist. I'm cool with that, if you can't help me I'm fine with someone else...A second after he put me on hold to speak to another pharmacist, he dropped my call. It was clearly his end, because my phone had a good signal at the time. I waited 30 minutes in total just to be dropped.:iconinsultedplz:

I was starting to get pretty angry with them, but took a deep breath. I thought there was one line of communication I hadn't used that might work. (And, it wouldn't waste more minutes.) I emailed them explaining everything I had been through in detail. I still haven't gotten a response back...:iconsighingplz:

I found out a few minutes after I sent the email, the 'new' order of meds had already been sent out and was on its way. The other orders I had were still being 'processed'. Well, I'm happy something is coming soon, but not happy with how they treated me. (I wonder if they'd treat someone with diabetes or cancer the same way...) I really need them since I've resorted to cutting up the pills I have, and taking fewer and fewer doses as time goes on. I had 2 of the 150mg left this morning. That's it...:iconhanatamagoplz:And the order says it most likely will arrive on Thursday. I have to stretch them out. It's better than not taking any for a few days. I actually started cutting them down a couple of days ago. I'm going to wait until I get those meds in the mail, and then if I need them to explain or change something I'll go in to talk with them personally. I'm oddly feeling ok still. In fact, besides how they treated me, I'm feeling pretty good right now.:iconheroamericaplz:

I've rearranged my schedule a bit, so I can get to more things. So, I have days that I just do Japanese stuff (kanji, grammar, chat, blog in Japanese, etc.), days where it's just art, days with just music, etc. I actually added more time to playing my clarinet, since it falls under a few of the 'themes'. I've made it so I have more time to write, as well. So, that should be great!:la:It might make things feel 'fresher' too. Started my new 'schedule' today with an art/writing theme. Got quite a bit done.:icongreatjobplz:

I'm thinking of making 2 guilds on Gaia. One for people in a similar boat as me, with having a trans parent. I didn't see a guild that was specifically for supporting KoTs or AKoTs, or Kids of Trans or Adult Kids of Trans. (Someone who talked to people who had trans parents, called their project this, thought it was helpful and interesting.) Not sure if I'll call it that or People Who Have Trans Parents. That might be too long...:iconkikuplz:Anyways, it'd be a great opportunity for people to find others who are like them. I haven't personally found too many other people with trans parents, so this might help me on that front. Plus, it could be a great resource for learning more about trans stuff, what families go through, etc. Also, a place to vent, tell their stories, have fun, and more. (I'm thinking of adding maybe a forum game thread, and general stuff to it.) I kind of want it to be both a community and a support guild. Not sure if anyone will join. I'm thinking of having it as private. If it's private, people can still see the guild and its forums. They just can't post anything if they're not a member. If it was hidden, people can only see the front or 'welcome' page. I want people to know what it's really about. And, seeing the forums as well, might give them more of an idea. I don't want it public, because there might be some trolls out there waiting to spread hate around. We don't need that.:iconhongkongplz:This way I can also do kind of a background check on each member too. At least, on what they've done on the site. I might tell people to answer a question for joining. 

Another guild idea I have is for a more active Jewish guild. I'm apart of one, but there hasn't been a regular post in a couple of years. (I checked all the Jewish ones on there, and there aren't many, but none of them are active.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:) I'll try to have it more welcoming, more resources, more stuff about holidays/different traditions/different branches/etc., and maybe a fun section too. The only problem with making guilds on there, is apparently they're 40,000 gold each. That's a lot. I have about 720,000 gold, so I guess I could afford it, but it's still a lot.:iconwtfromanoplz:I think members pay a gold fee for joining, too. But, it's only about 100 gold to join. But, both these guilds may become very helpful for people...:iconthinkinghkplz:I could probably get that gold pretty quickly back. But, it's also not like I'm saving it for something super big like a special item of some sort. 

I'm still a little out of sync since daylight savings time started on Sunday. Lost an hour to our day, and it's staying sunny later. So, at times it feels super early, and at times it feels really late to me. My internal clock is probably trying to figure it out. Oh joy.:iconswissplz: 

Rurouni Kenshin has been very interesting so far. I'm usually not into historical drama/anime. I knew I already liked the story, but didn't think it would keep my interest. I'm starting to like Megumi a bit more. She seems to have grown up a bit. When she was first on, she seemed to be the 'woe is me' type. And being very melodramatic. Now, she seems cunning, tough, and a take charge type of person. People are surprised that she's a doctor, since back then (the Meiji era) there weren't too many female doctors. I like that the women have turned out to be tough and against what was considered 'normal' at the time. Some of these characters are based on real people. Not much happened in Pandora Hearts. Basically has been like the anime so far. 

Edited and finished the 6th short story to my nightmare anthology. It's creepy, but it's based on a nightmare so of course it's got to have that element. Started the 7th short story. This one should be interesting, since it's based on one of my longest nightmares that I can remember. Hopefully, it won't end up being too long on paper...:iconsleepygreeceplz:It's also one of the scariest, and a semi-recent one. (I think I had it a few years ago.) It's pretty trippy as well. But, aren't most dreams?

Played an hour of my clarinet today. Did lots of jazz tunes, and several pieces from my advanced classical solo book. I'm thinking I might try another reed from this new box. Sometimes, there's a reed that's kind of a dud, and doesn't play very well. The one I've been using right now feels like a dud. It's airy and has a weird feeling when used. I didn't sound too bad overall, though. And, it's been a while since I've played.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Came up with a better plan on doing that drawing project with all my characters lined up together and interacting with each other. I think it'll be easier to do it this way. We'll see...Also, did the blushing section for the drawing meme. Not sure if I'm entirely happy with it, but at least Junko does look like she's blushing. She looks a bit angry on the 2nd one, though. Hmmm...:iconchibiaustriaplz:The next section will be the Sick one. That should be interesting. (I think there's only one or two sections left after that one.) I also finished the writing meme. And, I'll probably post it soon to deviantART. It was fun to get into their heads.:iconenglandispervyplz:There was one character who doesn't show up much in the actual story. So, he was a bit trickier to figure. But, good for character development. The only question I wasn't too thrilled with was on what my oc's got for Christmas. It wasn't worded that way, but they said: "It's the holidays! What did your oc's get under the tree?" That can only suggest one thing.:iconusaplz:I don't celebrate it. My main character doesn't either. The only one I thought might would be Tony, the other human in the meme. (In the story, the only other humans would be Shadow's sister and Tony's sister.) But, even with him I wasn't sure if I would allow him to celebrate it. But, I ended up having him be the only one who knew and celebrated Christmas. For the others, I suggested that they probably have other holidays they might get presents at, and maybe to share that. The question seemed very one sided though. 
I started to not be too fond of this month's wallpaper, and decided to change it.:iconchibiswedenplz:I don't change it too often during the month. This one's of Miku Hatsune who's a Vocaloid. Thought it was a cool one of her. Her hair seems to be getting longer with each pic I see her in...There are only a few songs that I like of hers, but she's one of the earliest Vocaloids. (The third Japanese Vocaloid created, and 7th overall. She's extremely popular. Even has her own live concerts. Some of the other popular ones are apart of her concerts, too.) People seem to recognize her the most. A lot of her songs are high-pitched or romantic ballads, which I'm not into. I like her more comical, experimental, traditional, etc. ones. They're rare, but awesome.:iconfrancisplz:She does a great cover of Popcorn, just as an example. 
Studied more compounds for , and the kanji . 部門 or ぶもん (bumon): division (of a larger group), branch, field, class (subclass), group, category, department. 部屋 or へや (heya): (a) room. 細部 or さいぶ (saibu): details. 全部 or ぜんぶ (zenbu): all, entire, whole, altogether. is pronounced as ふく (fuku). It means: clothes (especially Western clothes); (suf, ctr) counter for doses of medicine, gulps of tea, drags of a cigarette, etc. 

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