Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blue Be-Bop


By Rip Slyme. They harmonize amazingly in this one. Although, they're usually pretty good about it. They sound better and better with every song I hear from them.:iconchibihungaryplz:Their songs and vids always have a comedic flair. And, they seem to sound like they're always having fun. Usually their songs have a positive message. (From the lyrics of this one though, it seems like it's after a break up. But, he's slowly moving on. So, that's a positive thing.) One of my fave bands.

Went to bed pretty late last night, so I slept in. I didn't want to, but only having a few hours sleep is not good.I am feeling much better than I have been at least.

Went to group last night. Had a really good turnout. Interesting discussions. At the end, a group that helped set up ours wanted to shoot a commercial for all the branches of it. (Ours being included.) It was a bit awkward.:iconawkwardplz:We started with the whole group together, with the shorter people in the front, and the tall in the back. Almost like we were doing a pic together. But, it was video, and we had to say something. I didn't realize how short I was compared to the other people...:iconpolandplz:I must be either the 2nd or 3rd shortest. Funny, because normally I'm just a touch above average height. I'm technically 5'5" and a half, but doctors have told me to round up to 5'6" when I tell people. That isn't short...:iconsighingplz:I used to be the tallest in elementary school. People started to catch up to me towards the end of junior high. So, it's weird to me. And, I kind of felt like one of the taller people behind me, was teasing me a bit. Anyways, after the group 'shot', they asked people to volunteer to say a phrase while looking at the camera. I didn't go up there, but there was one phrase that may have fit me the most. That was 'to be with family'. I'm a bit weary around cameras.:iconscaredplz:Whether their taking a pic or it's a video. Even if I know I look ok, I still feel weird. 

After group Dad and I went to Applebee's. Normally we go to Shari's with the rest of the group, but we didn't feel like it.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:We were going to go to Red Robin, but they were closing just as we walked in. (I swear we've been there later during a week night...:icongermanyplz:) So, we decided to go to Applebee's instead. I've just noticed that they're adding more and more bacon-based entrees.:iconlietplz:Even adding it to things that didn't used to have it. Heck, their mac and cheese has bacon in the sauce...And, most of those things are like that, since it's in the sauce you can't tell them to leave it out. Its already been made. It's sad, because I remember not too long ago that there were more options for me. It's turning out to be worse options-wise than Red Lobster...:iconkikuplz:I mentioned this to our waitress and she felt the same way. She doesn't eat bacon, either. Anyways, I ended up getting their 4 cheese grilled sandwich with tomato basil soup. The soup had chunks of tomato in it, and 3 big croutons on top. The bread was nice and crunchy with a buttery taste, like it's suppose to. It was all very good.:iconchibispainplz:The sandwich was a bit heavy and rich, but good comfort food. Could only eat half of everything. So, even if I wasn't doing the eat a certain amount (half or third of) of every meal thing, I would have had a hard time finishing it. Made for a good brunch. 

Someone found my Hetalia Heritage Meme on deviantART, and decided to leave comments. (It's been up for a while now.) We ended up talking a lot about our families and where they came from. Surprisingly, we may be related. Kind of creepy in a way, actually.:iconseychelles-plz:But, she also has a very interesting background with her family coming from many different places. I'm just surprised anybody wanted to really talk about that stuff on that site. Yeah, I know I basically illustrated where my family comes from Hetalia style, but didn't think people would go further other than saying 'cool', 'interesting', or 'that's not what we say!'. Had one person tell me that one of them wasn't saying a traditional greeting, and yet everywhere I look it up, it says what I put up. Maybe they were a troll.:iconhongkongplz:Each 'mochi' version of the countries says a greeting, and has at least one symbol. Either from the anime, or like a national flower, or sport. Thought it'd be fun for people that way. I made myself up as a mochi with a symbol, my clarinet, and a greeting, Shalom, at the bottom of all the others. Kind of like saying this is the product of all these countries...:iconsleepygreeceplz:

I managed to do a few things the last couple of days, but sleeping in kind of cuts down on my time. Also, the motivation isn't up to par when you're feeling like crap. Or, just lethargic.:iconsadnessplz:Like I mentioned before, I'm doing much better now. So, tomorrow should be much better. I now know why I felt the way I did, and it had to do with a 'natural' thing. (Which has been far from natural lately.:iconhanatamagoplz:) Later, I'll make an appointment to see my new doctor about it. Hopefully, she can help me. Don't want to go through this every time. Maybe my IUD is malfunctioning, too. Great. I'm supposed to replace it soon, but have been putting it off. It keeps me from hemorrhaging out.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

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