Wednesday, September 25, 2013

7th Day of Sukkot!


Wow! It's going by quickly. Tonight's the start of Shemini Atzeret (lit. 8th [day of] Assembly), and is the last day of Sukkot. Simchat Torah starts tomorrow night and ends Friday night. At least I got the chance to go into a sukkah once during the holiday. Not sure if I'll go to the synagogue's Simchat Torah celebration. Have to see how I'm feeling.:iconkikuplz:But, it's usually fun. 

I felt really horrible Tuesday of last week. Thought I was just sick. It was bad enough the next day that I had to cancel my first appointment with a new therapist. I was happy before that I finally was going to get back into it, since its been at least 7 or 8 months since I've seen a therapist. That's too long!:iconusaplz:Anyways, for being sick last Tuesday, I thought I could self-treat it for a while. It seemed to get slightly better for a while. Then, suddenly that sick and painful feeling came back with a vengeance, worse than before.:iconohboyamericaplz:

Saturday, I finally decided to go to urgent care, not knowing what to do about it. After running some tests, things appeared ok. Then, I had a couple of x-rays done on my abdomen. The results were quite surprising to me. The best description was that I was literally full of crap.:iconwtfukplz:My intestines were backlogged with stuff. Totally filled up. I thought about it for a while, and noticed I hadn't really done a number 2 in almost 2 weeks. It was no wonder that I'd be feeling so horrible. I'm not particularly embarrassed by it, just amazed. They prescribed milk of magnesia for me, and said I should probably take a fiber supplement regularly, like Metamucil. 

The milk of magnesia stuff is absolutely horrible!:iconromanoplz:The texture's like a mixture of paper, chalk, and liquid plastic all mixed together. The taste is kind of hard to describe, but really horrid. I was taking the full dose until last night. I'm not sure if I can continue it. It's starting to make me feel more and more nauseous every time I take it. But, I might need it still...I'm feeling much better than I was, but I'm not totally 'cleaned out'. It also puts me to sleep pretty quickly. 

I decided to go to my first 'Singles Night' event on Monday. Even though I was still feeling pretty miserable. I walked to the bus stop just outside our neighborhood. It was kind of like a misty light rain on my way. So, I thought I wouldn't need my hood up and left it down. Of course, as I got to the bus stop, there was a sudden torrential downpour. There isn't a shelter area at this one. I was absolutely soaked by the time the bus came around.:iconlietplz:

My hair was dripping all over the place (kind of looked like a drowned rat), my jacket and purse were soaked, and my clothes underneath my jacket were as well. Almost all of the contents of my purse were waterlogged. My clothes and jacket became extremely heavy. Kind of hard walking around and taking a ferry. I met up with Dad and went to Arby's for dinner. Then, she drove me to the 'event'.

Not only did I feel not too great in my gut, but I was still soaked to the bone when I got there. Certainly wasn't at my best to meet other singles.:icontinoplz:The event was called Sushi and Singles in the Sukkah. So, it was with other fellow Jews my age, and we got the chance to make sushi.

I thought we'd be under a huge sukkah, and someone was going to instruct us on how to make sushi. That would have been so much nicer.:iconfrancisplz:Instead, we met inside the UW's Hillel building, and there was a tiny sukkah just outside of the building. The doors opened out to it. It was rather small. Could probably fit maybe 15 to 20 people comfortably. About 60 people showed up for this...:icongermanyplz:They had us fill out a card with our contact info, which also had a number. We had to find our 'number' that corresponded with the one on the card, and use it as a name tag. I'm sorry, but I'm not a number, and it was weird...:iconhongkongplz:There was a section on the card where you could fill in the 'number' of the person you're interested in contacting. You'd get the info that way. Seemed kind of backhanded. 

Oh, and for the sushi thing, they left out all the ingredients, utensils, and print outs of instructions strewn across huge long tables. Very oddly organized. Mine came out ok. A little squished, and the ends weren't filled up enough with rice. I put cucumber, red and yellow bell peppers, and some shredded carrot in mine. I think the carrot made it an odd texture, but it was a good combo. 

There were so many people, I had a hard time even hearing what people were saying. There were times where I was actually pushed out of the center of the room by people. Very narrow and tight space for that amount of people. If it was laid out in a bigger room, I think it would have been a lot nicer. They kept telling me that they usually don't have such a large group for these events, and to not let it discourage me from going to another one in the future. Hmmm...I don't know.:iconwtfromanoplz:Not too many guys that really 'clicked' with me. Although, it might have been different if we could actually hear each other. There were a couple of guys who apparently liked me (but I didn't like them too much), and tried to follow me around a lot. I managed to lose them, though. One of the last guys I talked to seemed interesting. Didn't get to really spend enough time with him to see if I liked him enough to put his number down. I heard that a lot of people didn't write anything for that section. Again, because it was hard to hear people. At least I got my chance to be in a sukkah for the year. They didn't have a lulav and/or etrog, so I wasn't able to shake them like we usually do while in one. 

I've been sleeping in a bit for the last couple of days. Mainly, because that laxative puts me to sleep. And, because its helped with me not feeling so sick. I guess one of the best remedies for feeling crummy or sick is to sleep. I might feel well enough to at least do my walks tomorrow. We'll see. But, I have felt a lot better. Hopefully I'll get back into blogging more in the future, as well. (At least, more often than what its been lately...:iconchibinitalyplz:)

Hitman Reborn has been really good. The story is becoming very complex. They were sent back to the past (or what is their present) for a week to undergo the Arcobaleno's 7 trials in order to gain their seals. If they pass all the trials and get the seals, Tsuna can use the Sky Box his future self handed down to him. Then, they can go back to the future and kill Byakuran. So far, they've passed 5 of them. Reborn's trial is next. The trials aren't necessarily about physically fighting them. The first one was combat, another was tolerance, another leadership, another charisma, and another was adaptability. Very interesting. Which makes me wonder what Reborn's trial is going to be like.:iconchibihungaryplz:
For the last week or so I've been practicing, reading newspaper articles, and testing out my kanji/vocab on the JapaneseClass website. I'm doing pretty well on there. But, I'd mostly like to do that during the weekend. As kind of a review of things, and to keep things 'fresh'. I have learned a lot from that site, though. I can still learn from it, but I learn a lot from my other 'methods' as well. (Still need to check out SecondLife for conversation stuff.) Went back to writing out/studying kanji and their compounds today. I'm still studying the compounds for . 真菌 or しんきん (shinkin): fungus, fungi. 真空管 or しんくうかん (shinkuukan): vacuum tube. 真空掃除機 or しんくうそうじき (shinkuusoujiki): vacuum cleaner. 真空帯 or しんくうたい (shinkuutai): air pocket. 写真嫌い or しゃしんぎらい (shashingirai): camera shy. 真後ろ or まうしろ (maushiro): right behind. 真向い or まむかい (mamukai): face to face, straight ahead, just in front of, directly opposite. 真紅 or しんく (shinku): (deep) crimson, scarlet. 

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