Sunday, July 23, 2017

National Hot Dog Day!

Yay for hot dogs! I like beef Polish sausage hot dogs the most. Unless they say it's beef, I won't eat hot dogs while I'm out at a picnic or something. I like to put ketchup, honey mustard, and relish on mine usually. Sometimes I'll use BBQ sauce instead of ketchup and mustard. Makes it more 'bold' tasting. I also love chili cheese dogs. Today's the last day of Tammuz. Tomorrow's the start of Av or Rosh Chodesh Av. 

Had another person request to join the local ace group. This time it's someone who's apparently older than me with 4 kids. According to her profile, I think it said she's 44. Very interesting. Recently getting a 15 year old, and now a 44 year old. I like that. Makes it more diverse age-wise. So, now we're up to 16 members. Wahoo! I plan to make a Meetup group, too. It'll be the same thing, but more people might see that. I hope we get more than just me at the next meeting on Saturday. It'll actually feel like a group.

Still moving along with writing the sequel to Alliance and the memoir. Almost up to 55 pages for the memoir, and close to 45 for the sequel. Thinking about them in paperback form, it's basically twice as much for both. That's not bad. Not sure how long either of these will be. I actually wrote some more of the sequel today, even though I had planned to make Sunday an edit day. 

I think I'm going to change how I've been writing these. I might write both for each day, instead of switching them every other day. So before, I'd write as much as I could for the memoir one day, as much as I could for the sequel the next, and so on. This time I'll write as much as I can for one, and then later in the day write what I can for the other. I might progress much faster for both. Especially because some days I didn't get to one, so I had more time with the other. That's probably one of the reasons why the memoir is so much further ahead. I'm thinking about worrying about the editing and fleshing out stuff more after I'm done writing them. It might take less time this way. I don't know. We'll see how this goes. 

A few days ago was the 20th anniversary of One Piece. That's when the manga started. The anime started a couple of years later. It's one of the most popular manga/anime series. I recently hit the 300th episode mark. Although, I've been skipping the 'filler' episodes. Currently, the anime is close to 800 episodes. So, I still have a ways to go. I actually like it. I didn't think I would. It feels like it was influenced by Gulliver's Travels, the Odyssey, and various stories of legendary pirates. Pirates like Blackbeard, who they actually refer to. It's very interesting. Each island has had a different culture and weather. It still makes it even better that the mangaka (the creator) said during an interview that Luffy is aro ace. Luffy is the main character. The mangaka said he's not sexually or romantically interested in anyone. He only cares about food and adventure. He thinks of his crew/friends as family. That's pretty awesome representation to me. He's smarter than he seems, too.

Yesterday, a cashier at Safeway turned to me and asked: "How are you, babe?" This was odd. I can understand things like hun and sweetie. However, a stranger calling me babe...Usually people say that to babies or partners. I call Rosie babe or babes sometimes, but that's because she's my fur baby. Maybe really close relatives do it, too. So, it felt like they were either infantilizing me or sexualizing me. Either way, it's not good. On top of this, it was really warm, and the elderly lady behind me was so close I could smell her perfume and breath. Neither were very pleasant. I couldn't move from where I was. Lovely, just lovely.

I've kept up with being within my calorie range. I usually have Saturday as an anything goes type of day. I don't track it then. I wouldn't necessarily call it a cheat day. That makes it sound negative. I do remember reading something a while back that people need at least one day where they can treat themselves each week. It's healthier, and still helps people lose weight if that's what they want. I did that, and that's still keeping to my 'plan'. I don't think I actually went over, though. I've been averaging in the high 1300s. I'm trying to shoot for the 1400 mark, because it's right in the middle of the range. I think since I started this back up, I've only hit that once. I guess I don't normally eat much. 

I played my clarinet once last week. I hope to get back into it soon. I noticed it has been so long that my mouth muscles hurt afterwards. They seemed to stop working at a certain point. It's difficult to play then, because it doesn't create a perfect seal or embouchure. The air just leaks out. Also, there are certain movements with the mouth that are hard to do if you can't move your muscles. It's kind of sad. I could only play for about 30 minutes before it hurt too much to play. Not used to that. I did get to play some klezmer, so that was a nice plus. Didn't sound too bad, as well.

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