Monday, July 17, 2017

23rd of Tammuz 5777

Last night, I went back to being more strict about keeping to my set calorie range. I've noticed when I don't care, I sometimes go below the minimum for the day. I'm surprised, because you'd think I'd eat much more calories than my max that way. Occasionally, I do this way, but not as often. My range is 1200-1600 calories a day. I usually split this into 4 or 5 meals. It's like a big game to me. You're only allowed a certain amount of calories, but you have to use a certain amount at minimum. Makes it fun. I think this has helped me lose the most weight in the past. Although, the colitis helped a lot with that, too. I'm apparently losing weight again already, but I find this to be my 'healthy' range. I also try to factor in the nutrition I need. For one thing, I actually need more protein than the norm, but it can be a challenge if I eat this way. It's challenging normally, too. I use My Fitness Pal's app to know the calories and nutrition as I go throughout the day. A great tool this way. 

I finished watching Seikaisuru Kado or the Right Answer: Kado. I liked most of it. Very thought provoking. I didn't really like where they went with it, and the finale wasn't great. The whole thing was essentially about negotiating with an alien. He was obsessed with learning about humans, and gathering as much info as he can in general. He gave 'gifts' to the humans. Many people didn't think he had ulterior motives with them. He just gave it to them to 'advance' humanity. The problem is, he really wanted to advance humans so much that they could go back to his dimension with him. He was so lonely. Apparently, his kind were the ones that created humans and basically all dimensions/universes. There are very few of them. He referred to those universes as cocoons. Only one out of an infinite number was able to create beings that had a thirst for knowledge (in a nutshell). Those beings were us, and he referred to us as a gold thread of that cocoon. Very interesting concepts. When Shindo refused to go with him to his dimension, he said he'd take him and humanity by force. He became crazy at some point. Making numerous copies of Shindo, but realizing none of them could ever replace the original. He tried to kill the original a few times. I didn't really like that they made Saraka, who seemed to be a minor character for a while, into being another one of those aliens. She was basically undercover until then. After that, it seemed they veered away from the negotiation stuff, which made it unique and interesting. Instead, the main alien and Shindo ended up fighting, and both died. I think there was definitely a way around Shindo dying. They certainly made you feel for that alien. So, I'm a bit conflicted with this one. 

Wrote more of the memoir. I thought I had lost the whole chapter last time. Luckily, I was able to recover it. I think I'm close to finishing this chapter, now. It'll probably be one of the shortest chapters. As I was writing this one, I had many memories of my mom's food. I might make one of those dishes soon. That was spaghetti, garlic and tomato-based pasta sauce, garbanzo beans, and Normandy vegetables (frozen medley of cauliflower, broccoli, and sliced yellow and regular carrots). Sometimes she'd use another bean and/or vegetable.  She'd mix all these together. She'd make enough of this to feed an army. We'd add parmesan to it on the plate. I liked it a lot. Haven't had it in years, and it's really simple. Somewhat healthy, with being full of vegetables and protein. 



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