Monday, December 28, 2015

National Pumpkin Pie Day!


This holiday was actually last Friday. For a long time I hated pumpkin pie. Then, I guess when I decided to give it a shot again, it was done right and I loved it. (I had tried it several times before, and hated it.) I'm not sure if it was just my tastes changed or something, though. It happened with cheesecake, too. Hated it for years, then suddenly loved it. Now, the only squash I might eat is pumpkin. I still hate the others.:iconhongkongplz:The look and texture get me every time. Some day maybe I'll start liking the others, too. Had the opposite thing happen with mushrooms. Loved them for years, and then I suddenly hated them. The texture gets me the most with these. I'm still good if they're chopped up finely, or it's just the flavor, though. Pumpkin pie seems to be more of a Thanksgiving thing, so it's interesting that this holiday lands a month after.:iconseychelles-plz: 

Also, to my friends and family who celebrate it: I hope you had a great Christmas!:dummy:I don't celebrate it, so it was essentially just another day to me. Although, we did the traditional Chinese buffet dinner that day. I had as little of the stuff I could eat as possible, but I still ended up really full by the time we left.:iconfeelingfullplz:But, I was able to try a bunch of things this way, too. The dessert section seems to be much bigger than at other Chinese buffets. I probably could have just filled up on that, but that would've been even more unhealthy...:iconpolandplz:I only got a small fraction of what was in that section. 

For the past couple of weeks, I've had a strange bruise on my right hand. It was only getting darker. I think today it might have finally lightened up, but not by much. I didn't bump into that area, and normally bruises might last, at most, about 4 or 5 days with me. It's a little unsettling.:iconraivisplz:There's another weird bruise near my right ear. Started to feel a lot of pain in my right leg, too. I started to really notice it at the buffet. Felt kind of like someone smashed a metal chair over it.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I looked at it later, and noticed several bruises were forming around the painful areas. The joints in my fingers seem to be getting really sore and stiff. My left hand is the worst on that. This stuff makes me especially nervous now, because I've been told I have to watch out for mysterious bruises, and joint pain. Those can be side effects of the meds. Some people also get arthritis from their 'disease' as a side effect, as well. So, I could get arthritis through either having IBD or one of the meds. Yay!:iconwtfukplz:I really don't want that. I do have a family history of arthritis, though. I wonder if my body's rebelling. Part of me thinks it's interesting, and has a morbid curiosity about it. I'll tell my gastro about all this after she emails me. I think she'll do it after the 1st, because she's probably on break. Which makes sense. At the very least, she'll contact me to talk about the next blood draw. But, I would think she'll want to talk about the sed rate going up before that...So, we'll see. It's like a waiting game. Things don't seem all that urgent, so I think I can wait a bit.:icontinoplz: 

Managed to finish going through my closet. Ended with the storage area on top. Found quite a lot of interesting things. I had to throw most of it out, though. Apparently, it was so long since I've looked around up there, that there were a ton of cobwebs, and a couple of dead spiders.:iconusaplz:The vacuum works wonders for stuff like that, though. I'm short enough that I can't reach much of the bottom of that shelf without a step ladder. Being at the highest point of that ladder really helped. I still didn't reach the ceiling while standing straight at that point. Makes me feel even shorter...:iconnataliaplz:I'm 5'4", and before I lost so much weight, I was 2 inches taller. Didn't seem like much, but I felt the difference. (Also, lost half a shoe size. Seems kind of weird that losing weight can do that.) Anyways, it felt good to get rid of all that stuff, and clean it up. I did save some things. 

I went through 3 jam packed small bookcases in my room yesterday. Got rid of a lot of things, and rediscovered other stuff. One of the things I rediscovered was my walkman. It's a portable tape player, and has an am/fm radio. Also, has a switch to turn on a 'bass boost'. It still works.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Although, it kind of has a fuzzy whirl in the background. I think it might have had that before, too. Might be handy for listening to the tapes I have, and to listen to the radio when the power might be down. Apparently the batteries still work, too. I know I have a portable CD player around, as well. Just haven't found it yet. I remember that skipped occasionally (even with the anti-skip button), but I really liked it at the time. Found out my stereo isn't dead. It just wasn't plugged in...:icongermanyplz:But, the only problem it had/has is the tape deck doesn't work. It just sticks and makes a grinding noise. It's a nice stereo, though. It can hold 3 CDs at once, and cycle through them. It also has a radio, but I had to get rid of the antenna, because the wires were stripped. So, it just needs a new one to really get the radio going again. It also has an aux section. I don't have the cable to plug it in and into another device, so I can't use that at the moment. I could in the future, though. So, I could probably listen to music from my iPhone and mp3 player on it, then. There are different sound modes, too. Technically, I can only listen to CDs through it at the moment, but that's ok. 

Found some old handkerchiefs, game holders (some for my Sega Genesis games, and some for my PC ones. My Sega Genesis still works, and the game holders have instructions and cheat codes in them. I have those actual games in a separate ziplock bag), a couple of PC games still in their holders, my high school French workbooks with some pen pal letters stuffed inside (I took all the French classes that were available), a box of interesting dreidels (some light up, launch, sing, etc.), and my old microscope. I still remember playing around with that microscope, and thinking how fun it was when I was little.:iconthailandplz:At some point I lost interest. Maybe I couldn't figure out what to look at anymore. I don't know. It was too beaten up to keep, so it had to be tossed. At least, that meant I used it a lot. 

I still have more to go through in my room, but at least I got through most or, at least, half of it. With the bookcases and my closet, it already looks cleaner and roomier. Almost like a different room. It'll be interesting to see what it's like after I go through everything.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Last Thursday was the first time I 'visited' my mom since the funeral. That's about 3 and a half years. I went with Dad to see the headstone. She found out it was in the day before, so we both went the next day. (They didn't tell us it was in yet.:iconkikuplz:) It was rainy and cold, which seemed appropriate. Apparently, the headstone was covered in a mesh-like netting, which we didn't see right away. I felt something was off, we both touched the letters (they seemed 'raised'), and I noticed that stuff there. I think I like the design. At least, as far as I can tell. There's a star of David in one corner, a claddagh ring in another one, there's her name, and the years she was born and passed away in. The only thing I think I'd want to change is making the star of David a bit bigger. But, that's ok. We might have an official unveiling, since we both think that's what the netting was there for. I have heard of unveilings, but never went to one before. I say might, because we have to see when a specific rabbi is available (she's pretty much the only one we know in the area and feel comfortable with now), and to see how much it'd cost for it. Hopefully, it won't be much. It'd be interesting to watch. I think I've read it's not a big thing, though. Afterwards, whether it's with an official one or not, I'll take another pic of it. It'll probably look a lot better. It'd be nice to see it without that stuff, too.

I've been going through more youtube vids lately. They've gotten better with their recommendations (better quality vids, too), so I found quite a bit more faves. I also looked for amv's of some anime I've seen and liked in the past. Just never thought about looking for amv's specifically for them before. I like to share these vids, not only because I like them, but it gives you somewhat of a sense of these shows. Just a snippet of them. 

2 Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler amv's:

A Hamatora amv:

2 Gugure! Kokkuri-san amv's (this anime is funny and a bit eccentric):

A Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge or the Severing Crime Edge amv (it's a pretty violent anime, but good. The anime seemed to have ended way too soon. The manga, I think, is still ongoing. There hasn't been an update in a while):

2 Kyoukai no Kanata or Beyond the Boundary amv's (this one has a pretty complex story, and was very trippy at times. Especially as it got closer to the end):

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