Monday, December 21, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Day!


Today marks the day journalist Arthur Wynne from Liverpool created the first known published crossword puzzle. This was in the December 21, 1913 edition of the New York World newspaper. I love word games in general.:iconinloveplz:Crossword puzzles can seem the most challenging, depending on which type you get. Some have made unique versions that are in different shapes.

Had my blood drawn last Wednesday. I think my gastroenterologist ordered 4 tests for it. Although, the more I think about it, I think the lab tech told me that there was a vitamin D one.:iconusaplz:I haven't gotten that one yet, but I have the rest. 2 of them were my AST and ALT. They check my liver function, and also indicate if there's any liver damage. One of my metabolite tests last time indicated I had hepatotoxicity or liver damage, so it's understandable that she'd order these. They both were normal. Yay!:iconranranruuplz:I don't have to worry much about it. But, it still feels odd that that metabolite test said otherwise. My general blood panel came back normal. Nothing had an 'H' or 'L' next to it, which I think was the first time since they started monitoring it. Although, some results were the highest I ever had, but were still within normal range. So, 3 of these tests came out pretty good.

My sed rate on the hand, wasn't too great.:iconwtfukplz:Sed rate measures inflammation, and can indicate remission. It's essentially how fast red blood cells travel down a tube, and how it clumps up. The more clumps, the faster it'll go. (They tend to clump together when they're sticky, contributing to inflammation as well.) Anyways, the norm is 0-20mm/hr. My highest was 44. Last time it had made it down to 29. So, I had progress. This time it was 34. The first time it's gone back up.:iconraivisplz:Thank goodness it's not 44, but getting more inflamed than last time's not good. I was finally heading towards remission. So, this is really frustrating.:iconhanatamagoplz:I'm not sure if my body's getting used to the azathioprine and is becoming immune to it or something. Maybe rationing it out a bit for a few days affected how it worked on me afterwards. I still have to wait to see what my gastro says. I'm not sure if I'll hear anything from her until after the 1st, but we'll see. (She might be on break now.) 

At least, this gives me some reason as to why I have been feeling so bad lately. I decided today that I'd try to go easy on what I eat. Like more easy to digest foods, and some that I've read that are less likely to cause inflammation. We have a lot of those foods already, only I tend to mix those up with other types of foods throughout the day. Maybe it'll help if I just focus on those. I have felt like not eating at all to avoid some of the pain I've felt, but I know that's not good for me.:iconpolandplz: 

Last Friday, we had a repair person come by to check out the refrigerator. They came a bit late, but actually called telling us they'd be late. Unlike the last person who didn't even go to work that day. He spent a long time looking and tinkering in it. The evaporator (I think) was frozen over. He used like a water-powered pressure washer and vacuum to get rid of the frost/ice. It looked pretty neat and clean without that stuff on there. He thought the 'bimetal' (I think that's what it's called) needed to be replaced. It's essentially the thermostat. So, he luckily had one in his truck and replaced it. It still didn't seem to totally fix it, so he messed with the timer at the bottom. I'm not exactly sure if there was another problem, because I had to lay down for a bit while he continued working after that. For some reason, I was really dizzy and nauseous. I think I just didn't eat enough or something.:iconswissplz:But, when I recovered, the repairman was gone already. Apparently, he was able to fix it! (Even though for a while he thought he needed to order something.) Yay! We have a refrigerator now!:iconlachoirplz:It's like a totally different world. We actually can have things like milk, and keep stuff like meat frozen now. Pretty marvelous. Even the water/ice dispenser is back. Although, the water has a slight metalic taste to it, it's getting better the more we use it. Makes sense, it had been sitting for so long, stuff probably accumulated.

There was another manga update for Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. It seemed shorter than usual. The fortuneteller said Sebastian was like a black hole waiting to devour the 'stars'. The stars meaning humans. He seemed to know that Sebastian was a demon. (Didn't actually come out and say it, but hinted at it.) The other guests at the party yelled at him to leave, and he was forced out. Ciel decided to act like a poor factory worker, and Sebastian was his superior. Again with the little innocent kid act. He even used a similar story when he went undercover and joined a circus a while back. He used the same fake smile, too. The fortuneteller said the star that watches over Ciel is Sirius. According to him, it was rare to be protected by that star. He also said that his superior seems to be going after him the most, knowing that Sirius is such a rare star. The fortuneteller gave Ciel an expensive looking bracelet. Ciel looked around the room, and noticed most of the people there had a similar one on their wrists, only his had a different design. Later people in robes came out and seemed to do some sort of ceremony. It sounded like a cult thing. Meanwhile, while Sebastian waited outside, he saw a cat. He was oblivious to what was going on inside. He loves cats, and took the opportunity to play with her. When he first saw her, he said: "I sense a presence!" Then, the cat showed up. Readers were probably thinking he sensed something else...I hate when they mess with us that way.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:He blushed when he saw her, and it ended with saying he was going to spend time with a beautiful woman. Meaning the cat. Good to have some comic relief, at least. This is turning out to be an interesting story arc.

MAR and Fairy Tail were both good. Alviss won his round in MAR, and Dorothy started hers. In Fairy Tail, they seemed to have killed off Igneel. (He was a fire dragon.) He had raised Natsu like his own son, so there were some flashbacks. Natsu was so distraught when he saw what happened, it ended with him breaking down. All the dragons that had raised the Dragon Slayers came back. Apparently they were living inside the Dragon Slayers, in order for them not to turn into dragons themselves. Acnologia was once human, and they didn't want the Dragon Slayers to end up the same way. Also, they were lying in wait until the right time came to kill Acnologia. Oh, and Zeref suddenly showed up, took his book, burned it, and disappeared. He left almost as quickly as he appeared. He also threw Mard Geer back in the book before he destroyed it. He said he had no use anymore for the demons he created. 

I finally finished the cover art for Sweet Endless Terror.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:It's an anthology of 12 short stories based on my recurring nightmares. I started reading the whole thing over again today. Went through the first 3 stories. It's just to edit one last time, and to mostly look at the finished product. There were only a few mistakes that I fixed so far. I like how it turned out, and hope other people will, too. After I go through everything one last time, I'll send it off to be published. I'm thinking of putting it up as a preorder first for a bit. Smashwords suggested that this has helped other authors a great deal. So, we'll see. 
Studied the kanji: . When pronounced as さい (sai): the most, the extreme. As 最たる or さい.たる (sai.taru): prime, conspicuous. As 最も or もっと.も ( most, extremely. 最愛 or さいあい (saiai): beloved. 最悪 or さいあく (saiaku): the worst. 最下 or さいか (saika): the lowest, the worst. 最強 or さいきょう (saikyou): strongest. 最近 or さいきん (saikin): most recent, these days, right now, recently, nowadays. 最古 or さいこ (saiko): the oldest. 最高 or さいこう (saikou): highest, supreme, the most. 最後 or さいご (saigo): last, end, conclusion, latest, most recent; (exp) (after -tara from or -ta form followed by ga) no sooner than, right after (often having negative consequences). Next time I'll go over more of its compounds. Also, practiced a bit on JapaneseClass' site. They have a slightly new system, and this was my first time using it. Might be interesting in the future. Watched a bit of news in Japanese, too. 

2 Kuroshitsuji amv's. The Undertaker one seems to fit him so well, yet it's funny and creepy. (They disabled embedding for the vid, so I'm posting the link to it.) The 2nd one definitely fits Sebastian. The song's perfect:

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