Monday, December 14, 2015

8th Day of Hanukkah!


Today was the last day. It ended at sundown. I found it interesting that I ran out of our normal Hanukkah candles on the 7th night. In fact, there were only 2 left for that night. Each night we add a candle to light. So, the shamash (or 'helper' candle) is lit in addition to whatever night it is. So that means, 2 candles for the first night, another 3 for the next, and so on until the last night which we light 9 candles. That adds up to a lot of candles.:iconwtfukplz:44 in total. The boxes for the brand of Hanukkah candles we usually get only have 43. I think they did that on purpose, so you have to get another box. That's kind of sneaky.:icongermanyplz:I found a big container of nicer looking ones. They're blue and white. I didn't know we had them. So, I had more than enough to finish the holiday. Kind of goes along with one of the main stories of the holiday...:iconchibihungaryplz:

Well the refrigerator repair person never showed up on Saturday. In fact, when Dad called them about an hour and half passed the appointment time, they said that the one that was supposed to do it never made it to the rest of his appointments for the day. He didn't even show up for work that day. I hope he's ok, and if nothing happened to him, he needs to be fired.:icondisgusted-hongkong:That was crazy. So, the closest next appointment that was available was Friday sometime around 8am and 12pm. Almost another week with not much of a refrigerator. The bottom part on either side is close to working, but the rest is around room temperature. We can only put a few things in at a time right now. Hopefully, they'll be able to fix it and get it up and running soon.

Since a lot of the lunch stuff I would normally get would probably go bad pretty quickly, I decided to try out some soups in the meantime. (I have to rethink eating right now.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:) Found some interesting ones. I'm trying to stay away from corn, because I think that's one of my 'trigger foods'. I end up bloating up so much after eating some of it, I feel like a hot air balloon. I also end up throwing it up, and have other issues with my gut.:iconawkwardplz:The only other food I've pinpointed as a trigger food is beef summer sausage. That seems awfully specific, and I don't know what triggers it in that type of sausage. I'm ok with other types. Again, these are foods that trigger symptoms, not the disease itself. Apparently, corn is in a lot of soups.:iconhanatamagoplz:I'm not sure if things like corn syrup affect it, I just know regular corn kernels do. (Popcorn might, too. I just haven't tried it out.) But, I found 3 without corn. They look really hearty, too. One's hamburger and vegetable soup, another is smoked gouda with chicken and beans soup, and the other is a broccoli, cheddar, and potato soup. They all sound really good.:iconfrancisplz:I'll try to split them into single servings each time (1 can is 2 servings. Why can't they make 1 serving cans?!:iconinsultedplz:), but have the leftovers the next day. Probably won't be good to wait longer than that with them. 

Also, got some turkey bacon for a breakfast protein this time. Didn't realize how little protein they have. (Compared to my chicken sausage, and those breakfast sandwiches I used to get.) It's 2g per slice. I usually like 2 slices, but that doesn't really cut it. So, maybe I'll try 3. Next time I'll look at the sausages again. Also, the soups that I mentioned look like they're packed with protein for each serving. Which will help a lot.:iconranranruuplz: 

I've decided to start at 10 sit-ups twice a day this week again. I haven't really done it for a full week for a while. So, it's my starting over amount. I've also decided to clean something every day. A while back, I was cleaning an entire room once a week. I would switch places each time. I think if I end up doing some of it every day, I'll end up getting to things quicker. The only day I'm thinking of not doing it is on Saturday. I've already cleaned up my entire bathroom, including areas I didn't get to last time. I've gotten to dusting about a quarter of my room so far. That's including the door, blinds, and windowsill. Also, cleaned the windows, vacuumed along the ceiling, and vacuumed the huge painting my mom did of her friend in high school that hangs over the head of my bed. (Her friend's playing a guitar on the floor in front of a sofa in it. It's kind of cool.) First time I've ever vacuumed the painting. I know it's dry, but I always feel like I'll ruin it somehow...:iconseychelles-plz:Now it looks a lot better. After dusting the rest of my room, I'll get to the rest of the stuff in my closet. I just have to go through the top part. I think I'll be throwing a lot of stuff away. Should be interesting to see what I find. I can't reach things too well up there, so I'll have to use a step stool. All that cleaning is also a form of exercise. It'll get me moving while it's just cool enough outside, I don't feel motivated to do my walks.:iconchibinitalyplz:I will get to them soon, though.

The anime MAR has been pretty good so far. I'm still surprised at how good it is, and yet seems to be very underrated. I'm up to the final match. I think it's for 6 rounds this time. It's not a sports anime, but more like a magic tournament one. Although, I guess that might be a form. They use magic jewelry called ARMs to summon 'guardians', weapons, plants, curses, heal, etc. Although, Ginta's 'ARM', named Babbo, isn't really jewelry, he's a ball and chain. And, he has a mind of his own. Unlike how other ARMs seem like inanimate objects. The first round of the final match was won by MAR's Jack. MAR's essentially the good guys. Ginta is the captain. Most of the Chess are bent on evil and destruction. Got to see more about Jack's dad, which was interesting and tragic at the same time. The next episode looks like Alviss from MAR will battle in the 2nd round. Since there seems to be quite a lot left of the series, I think there's going to be something after the tournament. Should be interesting to see what that'll be. Chess essentially started the tournament because they were bored, and the continent could have a chance at fighting against them. They call it a war game. The 'villains' haven't all been evil. More like they're confused or they've been twisted by Phantom (the head of Chess). Phantom wants to destroy all of humanity, but he's taken an interest in Ginta. The only problem I have with the show is the occasional screen time just for grunts from the characters. It takes up some time, and is kind of annoying.

Fairy Tail seems to be getting crazier and crazier. Every time they think they've won and saved everyone in the current story arc, something else happens that puts everyone in jeopardy. I think the arc is almost over, though. The Dragon Slayers' dragons that raised them have suddenly appeared. Agnologia, who has a connection with Zeref, and thought to be extremely powerful (he destroyed an entire island in an instant), was just defeated. Other dragons are attacking the 'faces' that have popped up, and if fully activated, they will destroy all magic. Mages will slowly die, since that's essentially their life source. Things will stop working for others, because magic is kind of used like electricity in their world. The dragons seem to be the only ones able to destroy those strange faces, though. They've already beat Mard Geer Tartaros, and he was the demon guild's leader. Igneel, a fire dragon that raised Natsu, wants Natsu to get a special book called END and give it to him. Supposedly, this book is filled with Zeref's demons, and if it's not destroyed, they can just keep reviving themselves. Gray wants to destroy it. So, it basically ended with him and Natsu arguing over it. We don't know what Igneel will do with it, if he gets it. I think he'll try to destroy it in his own way. The preview of the next episode shows Zeref himself appearing. He apparently wrote that book in order to find a way to kill himself. He's immortal, has lived a long time, and seems desperate to find a successful way to kill himself. He has some sort of interest in Natsu. Usually, when Zeref shows up, things die around him. I think I remember him talking to Natsu before about how depressed he was about it. Everything he touches seems to die. Only, I think, the Dragon Slayers have a chance of surviving around him. I feel bad for him, and he actually doesn't seem like an evil person. 
There was an update for Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler, today. I wish it was put out more often than once a month.:iconpolandplz:I think in October there were 2 chapters out, but that seemed more like one of them was a special. The manga is far better than the anime, and it seems to only be getting better itself. (Although the 1st season was pretty decent, and the Book of Murder OVA and Book of Circus 'season' were really well done. The 'Books' followed the manga exactly, though.) The current arc is about a strange fortuneteller that reads fortunes at an odd party that meets once a week. Everyone's invited, no matter the social class or age, and people always seem happy at these parties. They're held at a music hall. It seems like no one is worried about anything, jealous, envious, depressed, or anything other than just happy. It almost seemed to me like they were high. Like the fortuneteller is giving them something without them knowing every time he reads someone's fortune. Everyone has been saying things like: the stars protect me, and this is where my star belongs. Sounds like a cult, too. Ciel's fiancee, Lizzy, might have fallen for whatever is happening there. She ran away from home, and hasn't been back for a week. Her brother, Edward, found out she's been staying at the music hall the entire time. (Lizzy's on the left, and Edward's on the right in the pic.) Her brother was the one that introduced her to one of those parties. He doesn't know much about it. He only attended one or two of them beforehand. Someone else had suggested that he should go. So, not only has the Queen asked Ciel to investigate what's happening there; Edward wants them to figure it out, too. Ciel, Sebastian, and Edward decide to check it out together. Sebastian decides to test the fortuneteller and asks for his reading. The fortuneteller immediately changes his mood once he sees him. He normally asks people to prick their fingers, and let out a drop of blood into a cup that seems to have water. But, he told Sebastian that he doesn't need to. He said there are no stars looking over him, and whispered that he can't possibly be human. It looks like he knows what Sebastian is. Should be interesting to see what happens next.:la:

A Kuroshitsuji amv. Has a few scenes from the 2nd season, which I could only stand 2 episodes of. But, it's only for part of it, and it's a really good amv. Shows you just a snippet of some of the dark stuff in the series. The song really fits, too:

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