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Jyo Agya


Or in the romaji (Japanese to Roman letters) 'Joo Aagyaa'. It's a Hindi phrase, meaning: As You Wish. This is from the first soundtrack of Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. It's one of Agni's themes. He's Prince Soma's butler. At first, they came from India to England to find one of Soma's maids. They reappear every so often throughout the series. Agni was once a Brahmin, which is the highest class in the caste system. His name used to be Arshad, and he became a criminal. Eventually he had neither faith in a G-d nor humanity. The day he was about to be executed for his crimes he was saved by Soma. After Soma's attendants told him that he wasn't allowed to stop the execution, he cut Arshad's hair and told him he is to be reborn with a new name and new life. Arshad, now Agni, accepted Soma's offer of joining him, because he revered (and still does) him as a G-d. He'll do anything to make him happy. (Even if it seems like he's betraying him at first. It's all for Soma's sake.) He's also very good at Indian cooking and martial arts. The song is quiet and relaxing at first, but picks up eventually. The music from the first soundtrack is amazing!:iconawwwplz:So diverse in genres! Ciel's in the vid.

Started watching Guu Guu Date Neko de Aru, or Guu Guu, The Cat last Friday. The official English version's spelling of the Guu Guu part is apparently Gou Gou, which doesn't make sense.:iconinsultedplz:It's supposed to sound like 'goo', like in the word gooey. Although, it's really based off the English word 'good', they pronounce it as 'guudo'. Gou Gou sounds like your saying: "Go! Go for it!" Weird. (Maybe they thought it'd be a combo of both?) Anyways, this is based off of a manga. The manga was adapted into a movie before the 4-episode miniseries was put out. I haven't watched the movie, but I'm thinking I will after I finish this.:nod:It's really very well done. The people seem 'real' and human. Asako lives in Tokyo. She's a popular mangaka or comic artist/creator. Her cat Ca Va (pronounced like the term 'ca va' in French) is the love of her life, and eases her stress of meeting her deadlines. Suddenly he dies, and she's thrown into a deep depression. She has no appetite, no motivation to draw, doesn't want to go outside, and not much motivation to do much else. Her editor comes in periodically to check on her after that. Usually he brings ready-to-eat meals and other groceries for her. He suggests that she move to another apartment, and she agrees. Eventually, he persuades her to go to the park with him. When she goes, she meets a homeless man who's trying to take care of a kitten. The kitten is sick and has a horrible flea infestation. He says he likes to carry him in his jacket, so the fleas transfer to him...:iconamericasadchibiplz:She keeps coming back to the park to see the kitten and get to know the homeless man. Eventually, he realizes he can't take care of it, and leaves the kitten for Asako. She takes it to the vet to get it checked out, and meets the homeless man for the last time just outside of it. He tells her a little about his past, and how happy he is that she found the kitten. He thinks they were made for each other. Suddenly, her world seems to light up again, and she starts to draw. She names him Guu Guu, after saying that he's "good, good" while they were playing. One of the things I was impressed with was showing what it really feels like when you lose a pet. It's very difficult. They're family members. Also, what it's like getting a new one. That can be a bit of an adjustment, too. 
Started watching Subete ga F ni Naru, or lit. 'Everything Becomes F' on Sunday. The English version of the title is apparently The Perfect Insider. That might actually spoil the show, I don't know yet. A lot of the promo pics and synopses were misleading, too.:iconwtfukplz:One of the main promo pics has the 2 main characters looking like they're about to kiss, but it's definitely not like that. There isn't much romance. (Which I kind of like, so I'm happy.:iconheroamericaplz:) It's based on a mystery novel of the same name by Hiroshi Mori from 1996. That was adapted into a manga in 2001. A visual novel adaptation was put out in 2002. And, there's going to be an anime version of it sometime this year. I love a good mystery, and so far it's interesting.:iconberwaldplz:The character Moe Nishinosono, far right in the pic, kind of creeps me out.:iconlietplz:I'm not sure why. She seems to always have an odd smile. (Although, I've mostly seen the actress play characters that don't smile often...) Anyways, she's a student of the professor of architecture, Sohei Saikawa. (He's to the left of her in the pic.) They're invited to a research institute by Professor Kita, a friend of Sohei's. He wants to show off his low temperature research room. Apparently it's to run tests on buildings and such to see how they cope in low temperature environments. At the beginning, it's complete with models of some buildings floating on what seems to be an ice flow simulation. After showing them around and some of the experiments, they are invited to a late night party in the low temperature room. They had turned up the temp to normal room temp, and pulled out tables and such. After a while they wondered why the 2 students who carried out the experiments in front of their 'guests' weren't there. Their cars and belongings were still there, though. So, they looked around. They found them both murdered in 2 separate locked rooms. Later, they found someone that had gone missing 2 years ago (they thought he went crazy and ran away somewhere) in a hidden room. Also, was locked from the inside. He was there the entire time, and since the room was locked up tight he was mummified when they found him.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Moe met an inmate through a video feed at a high security jail at the beginning of the episode. Apparently, this person was so dangerous they never let people see her in person. She has multiple personalities, and killed her entire family. Or so she says. She's supposed to be extremely intelligent, and I almost felt like she was a robot. I'm not sure what she has to do with this...But, she was the one that said: "Everything Becomes F". She also kept saying that the number 7 was special and lonely. So, maybe that has something to do with it. Not sure what she meant by F...:iconswissplz:Guess I'll have to find out. 

Also started Zero no Shinjitsu or lit. Zero('s) Truth, on Monday. I'm still debating whether I like it enough to continue it.:iconhanatamagoplz:The main actress who plays Moe from F, also plays a lead role in this one. Only, she's playing a similar character to what I've seen in other dramas with her in them. Eccentric, doesn't smile, extremely intelligent, etc. This one seems more so. Kind of like a Bones character. Her name's Mao Matsumoto, and she studied forensics at an early age at college in the US. Also, has an extremely high IQ. According to the synopsis, she suddenly becomes an 'ordinary' person at some point. She started working as a ME, and her coworkers are unsure of her until she solves her first criminal case. She seems to be obsessed with dead bodies, and doesn't talk or acknowledge much of the living. Just what's relevant to the body. She even ignores people when they praise her. So, it'll be interesting to see if she does change. Also, the detective that's started working with her is kind of similar. All he cares about is the case he's working on. He doesn't care if he goes against his boss' orders, or hurts others in the process. He doesn't smile much either. 

I was going to start watching Masshiro or Pure White yesterday. It's one from this current season, but apparently it hasn't been posted yet.:iconpolandplz:The drama was supposed to start yesterday, so it's understandable that it might not be up yet. Although, with some really hyped up shows they're really on top of it as soon as it comes out...I don't think this is one of those shows. It's one of those corrupt hospital-type dramas. The main character usually exposes the corruption somehow. Alice no Toge (Alice's Thorn) was amazing in the way they went about it. Hopefully this'll be good, too. 

Instead, I finally watched the finale of Shinigami-kun.:iconfinallyplz:They took a while to put up the final episode, and I gave up on waiting for it. I just glanced at it recently again, and saw that it was up. It was kind of an abrupt ending. There was going to be a mass murder (of over 100 deaths), and the Shinigami didn't plan for it. Akuma, or the Devil, was going to aid someone in carrying it out. He generally fulfills 3 wishes, and the soul of that person is his after they're carried out. The Shinigami, (they're Death Gods, or Angels of Death, or Grim Reapers. There are many ways to translate it), usually have to save the person before they have their last wish carried out because otherwise it's another unplanned death. They have to keep the 'balance' of all living beings in the world. There's a set amount that can be alive at once, apparently. (And set amount that will go to heaven, too.) If an unplanned death happens, they have to prevent the death of a person that was supposed to die. Anyways, in the end, they saved everyone. There was only one death, and that was of the perpetrator. His soul was saved, though. Even though Shinigami-kun (he has a specific number assigned to him in order to tell them apart, which I think his is 413) essentially saved everyone, he and his supervisor were both punished for going against the rules. They disappeared. It was basically a death sentence for them. The next thing they show is that they were reincarnated into human beings. But, they still had similar personalities, and had similar physical characteristics. They bumped into each other, and immediately felt like they've met each other before...Akuma seemed to be upset that Shinigami-kun was killed off. He considered him to be different from the others, and seemed to be enjoying himself more when he was messing with him. He did fulfill the perpetrator's last wish, even though he didn't have to. The last wish was to let everyone know about the wrongdoings of the perp's previous company. That company ruined his life after he found out that they were selling meat that wasn't domestic, but labeled it as such. He was going to blow up everyone in the building along with the company employees' families. It seems like Akuma was starting to soften a bit. Especially with carrying out that last wish. He wouldn't gain anything from it in the long run, so it seemed like Shinigami-kun got to him.

Ouroboros will start this Friday, but I'm hoping to start watching it on Saturday. It looks like it'll be very interesting.:iconchibiaustriaplz:It has many of my fave actors in it. There's a possibility that I'll make Wednesdays be movie or specials day. I have a long list of movies I want to see, and there aren't that many more dramas that I'll be interested in this time.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I wonder if some of those movies will be available through Netflix? It'd be interesting. I just took a long break from watching dramas, and adding more anime in place of them. Dramas or live-action movies have a different 'feel', and I kind of miss them.:iconchibiswedenplz:So, with those new dramas, and adding a movie/specials day I'll get back to having a full week of them.

Started to watch Ansatsu Kyoushitsu or Assassination Classroom on Sunday. This seems like it'll be a very interesting anime. It's eccentric, the humor is dark, characters are interesting, and more. Kind of reminds me of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye Mr. Despair), Danganronpa (only better...:iconkikuplz:), a bit of Gintama, and others. The students have to assassinate their teacher by the time they graduate or their teacher will destroy the world. He's already destroyed 3/4 of the moon. It's a permanent crescent. He's an alien that looks a bit like an octopus with its tentacles and head. He changes colors depending on his mood. He seems to really adore his students. He knows they're trying to kill him, and has even given them hints and tips on how to go about it...The students themselves aren't normal either. So far, one is very into violence and will use it even if he's happy. (He seems to crave it.) Interesting that his name is Karma.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:Another character I thought for sure was a girl, but turned out to be a boy. I'm all cool with that, but it just surprised me. (Actually, that may make it even more interesting.) He uses his intelligence more than his physical strength. I've read that he's one of the main characters, and that he's one of the most vicious about his assassination attempts. (Even more than Karma.) Although, I haven't seen much of that yet.:iconnataliaplz:He didn't really seem central to me, either. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find out. 
I've finally caught up with the most current chapter of Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler.:dummy:(Which was actually a milestone 100th chapter.) The manga just keeps getting better and better. Turned out the Green Witch and werewolf thing was all a lie. Sullivan thought she was saving the town by making special 'potions' to appease the werewolves that were, what she thought, emitting poisonous miasma. The spells she thought she was working with were really chemical equations. She's highly intelligent and was able to solve many of them without knowing what they truly were. Her 'ultimate magic' ended up being the formula to the most toxic and concentrated type of mustard gas ever invented. (In the story, at least.) So, in reality, she wasn't stopping the 'miasma', she was creating it. The werewolves were really people in werewolf costumes. Her mother was horribly disfigured because there was an accident with the first type of mustard gas that was discovered. Her husband was killed in that accident. Her role was to appear as an elder witch, and act like a grandmother to her. She felt that her husband was living on through her daughter, Sullivan. The amulets she would give people for their protection were really like homing devices. They told the people that were behind it exactly where everyone was. So, being forced to bind her feet based on the Green Witch story was also a lie. It was so she couldn't run away and be 'distracted' by the outside world.:iconchibichinaplz:She finds out about all this, and agrees to leave with Ciel, Sebastian, and the other servants. Sebastian stayed behind to destroy everything having to do with the formula and research. He was told to go crazy dealing with the people that were left behind, too. He set it all on fire, and slashed up everyone he saw in the area. Meanwhile, the rest of the group ran through the forest, while the security people were in hot pursuit. They were told if Sullivan were to step out of the woods, to kill her on sight. 

Pandora Hearts has been getting more and more complex. There are so many layers to the story being revealed now. My brain actually hurt after reading a few chapters, because so many of it seemed to click and it raised so many more questions.:icongermanyplz:Jack apparently is a lot more evil and twisted than he appeared earlier. (Earlier, they painted him as a hero.) 'Glen' or Oswald wasn't really evil. It's like the tables have turned. We now know a little about how Alice came to be. And, I was right, the 'Will of the Abyss' is her twin sister. Found out more about her mother, who looked exactly like her. Her mother went through some pretty dark and twisted stuff. Stuff that's kind of disturbing.:icondisgusted-hongkong:'Glen' is really like a spirit of a man that was named that. That 'spirit' or soul has been passed down through many generations of the Baskervilles. (Still don't know why.) Usually a relative is thrown into the deepest part of the Abyss when the next vessel for Glen is appointed. No one can make it back, so it's basically like being forced to kill a family member. The biggest surprise was about Oz. I'm not going to reveal too much, but apparently he's not human.:iconusaplz:It's like everything we knew before was a lie...:iconohboyamericaplz:Kind of feels like there will be a lot more surprises and twists to the story in the future.

Wrote more of the 12th short story to my nightmare anthology. I think I have more of a grasp as to how I want to go about it. Again, this is going to be my last short story for the anthology. It may be one of the weirder ones.:iconseychelles-plz: 

Played my clarinet. Did a lot of jazz tunes and some from my advanced classical solo pieces. It's been a while since the last time I've played, but I sounded pretty decent. Definitely feel the need to play more often again.:la:
Studied the kanji: , , . When is pronounced as (gi): (pref) Greece, Greek, Greco-. As まれ (mare) (usu. in kana, not kanji) rare, seldom. As (ki): (pref) dilute; rare. As 希う or こいねが.う (koinega.u): to beg, request, beseech, implore, entreat. 希求 or ききゅう (kikyuu): longing, aspiring, great desire. 希望 or きぼう (kibou): hope, wish, aspiration. only has one pronunciation: (ki). It means season(s). also only has one pronunciation: (ki). (I like when there's only one pronunciation. Makes things a bit easier...) It means: chronicle, account, annals, geologic period, history, narrative. Also, did pretty well with the practice and going through my oblivion vocab list on JapaneseClass' site. The oblivion lists are words that you haven't encountered for a while. There's both a vocab and kanji one. I didn't do any chapter quizzes this time. I'm apparently still going up in overall rank for the site, even though I'm not on it as much as I'd like to be. I'm currently ranked at 309th out of just over 60,000 people. That's not too shabby. I usually make it to the top 20 for the day after each time I'm on there. The only thing I don't do much of, but probably should do more, is the readings they have. Although, it's not as polished a section as the others. They quiz you on a news article to see how much you actually understood. There's also quizzes that other users can make. 

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