Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bubble Bath Day!


Yay for bubble baths!:iconcuteamericaplz:I'm trying to get back into taking baths again. They can be very relaxing. I just shower, but can't do it everyday because I have a weird skin condition. Actually, a few skin conditions, now that I think about it...:iconusaplz:All of them can be affected by washing too much or too little. Go me!:iconwtfukplz:Anyways, I used to be a lot more into bubble baths and trying different products each time. I think that was mostly in my teens. I would use powdered, salts (at some point someone gave me some Dead Sea bath salts, that was kind of cool:iconawwwplz:), regular liquid bubble bath stuff (in many different scents. One of my faves was jasmine), beads, bombs, etc. Most of them were nice. Never tried bath flowers, though. Those sound like they'd be interesting.:iconchibihungaryplz:It's also English Toffee Day. I suppose you can have some English toffee while you relax in your bubble bath.:iconwarmandcomfyplz:Sounds nice. 

So far, I managed to get one of my 2-mile walks in this week. At least I got that in.:iconpolandplz:At one point during it there was a large group of, what looked like, middle schoolers walking the opposite direction back to the schools. The closest school to our neighborhood is the high school, but what used to be the junior high (it was when I went there) and is now a middle school is just a little ways across the street from it. The elementary school's just a little further up that road. It was kind of nice to have everything close together like that. They saw me, and eventually I heard: "Oh, one of the high schoolers is going home early!" I almost laughed at them.:iconlaughingprussiaplz:(It seemed like they were on some sort of class trip.) I didn't have a backpack/bag on, and I'm quite a bit older. But, I'm still being mistaken for someone in high school. Even by people around that age. It kind of freaks me out.:icondisgusted-hongkong:It'd be cooler if they thought I looked like I was in college or something...Anyways, it was definitely an amusing point of the walk. I've been off and on with my sit-ups this week, but at least I've done some. 

I've been a lot more in touch with the way I want to eat this week. For those frozen shoyu chicken ramen bowls I mentioned recently, I was reading the label wrong. I thought one bowl equaled one serving. Turned out 1/2 a bowl did. So, it wasn't 48% of my daily sodium intake in one bowl, it was 96%!:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:No wonder I immediately felt bloated after having all of the bowl those first 2 times. Why couldn't they make the bowls into an actual 1 serving size?:icongermanyplz:Dividing something with noodles and broth in exactly half is pretty difficult. I don't think I'll get these again. They're good, but that's crazy. As it is, it's going to take a little while to finish the last 2. I split the 3rd one, and still have the 2nd half of it to go through. I don't want it everyday, either. The bloating from all that salt is finally slowly leaving my system. I feel a lot better.:iconheroamericaplz: 

I'm also looking closer at individual components calorie-wise for meals. Like, last night I made fish sticks, green beans, and garlic and olive oil pearled couscous. 1 serving of each equaled too many calories. So, I had half of a portion of the fish sticks, half a portion of the couscous, and a full serving of green beans. I was surprised at how much green beans are in one serving of it.:wow:It's a hearty amount. I don't want to skimp on things like vegetables, and the green beans were really low in calories. I cooked the salmon 'bites' (they look like meatballs, and Dad calls them salmon balls) in a chimichurri sauce and put them over some pasta. It was so good!:iconchibispainplz:I had to figure out how much to have for myself in order to still follow my calorie range for a meal. That's 240-320 calories. I eat 5 of those a day. That way I never really feel hungry, unless it's after I wake up. I know that I'll eat again in a short while after each meal.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Went to support group Tuesday night. Actually had a good amount of people show up. I think a few were new. This time there was a speaker who did a lecture on hormones. It was really fascinating, even though I'm just an ally.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Since he talked about some pretty in depth medical stuff, I suddenly got what I describe is something I get when I see blood. But, it's really anything to do with specifics in medical things. I've fainted before during a blood draw.:iconlietplz:There's a special condition where my body basically suddenly acts out. I can't control it. I start to feel incredibly dizzy, nauseous, a bit shaky, 'heavy', things feel intense, etc. For people who have this condition, their body has like a visceral response to it. The only way for me to recover from it is to either drink some water and/or sit with my head lowered at a certain angle. It kind feels nice once it passes, because I get a nice cold sweat.:iconseychelles-plz:It's relaxing then. I felt embarrassed, but managed to run to the bathroom to wait it out. 

After the meeting we went to the same restaurant we usually do. I got their lava cake. Last time I got it they hadn't heated it enough. So, the 'lava' part was rock hard.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:This time it was warmed up enough. They piled on a ton of ice cream on the side with a chocolate drizzle on top. It was all very good.:iconfeelingfullplz:We had a lot of the group show up there this time, and tried to squeeze as many people in one booth as we could. Had some interesting conversations there. 

Watched the Hero (2014) finale. It was a really good show.:iconawwwplz:I'm still debating whether I want to watch the previous 'seasons'. There are a lot of years between each one. There was a lot of chemistry between every character. I like that there wasn't a person that was hated or awkward thrown in, like so many dramas have. Like that one person has to overcome people looking down on them, and slowly as the show progresses people accept them. This was nice and different. They always worked as a true team. Even the assistants had some very important roles. I'd definitely see it in the future if they made another 'season'.:iconfinallyplz:They left it pretty open. I also liked how there was a lot of comedy, suspense, seriousness, mystery, etc. It was a very good mix. Plus, there were a ton of big stars or at least ones I've seen in several other dramas. 

Watched the first episode of the 2nd season of Kamisama Hajimemashita or Nice to Meet You, G-d. Also known as Kamisama Kiss (G-d Kiss). It was a really good start to the season.:iconchibinitalyplz:I like that they gave Nanami another power that was a lot stronger, and more useful. She was given a shikigami (lit. 'Ritual Gods') egg. Shikigami are spirits that can be summoned. Kind of like familiars. In other shows I've seen people use paper in order to summon them, or make the paper come alive. With this one Nanami was told to take care of it for a week, and after that time it's supposed to hatch. I think it only made it to 1 day, and cracked when someone stepped on it by accident.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:It hatched on its own immediately. Her shikigami's apparently a monkey. Mikage's (he was the previous 'Land G-d') was a butterfly. She named him Mamoru, and told it that its powers are to protect people. (In the show, the shikigami doesn't know its role/ability until the caster tells it.) He seems to be very powerful even though he looks like a baby. 

Started watching Jigoku Sensei Nuubee or Hell Teacher Nube. It's campy, but interesting. If the campiness is done right, I love it.:iconlaughingplz:It's based on a manga that was adapted into an anime. The manga started in the early 90s. The monsters or demons look like they came from that era, so it's even funnier that way. Although some of the horror scenes were done pretty well. There was a mirror demon that showed the students' reflections as other folktale creatures, telling them that was their 'true selves'. One that was a bit more disturbing than the others was having tongues come out where her eyes were, and her actual tongue was sticking out the same way, too.:iconscaredplz:Another one was faceless. Nube has a demon hand and he was sent to that town in order to protect people. He specifically feels he needs to protect his students. He was told that someone had opened up a portal that led to the Underworld, and had unleashed a multitude of demons from it. I kind of like it so far. 

Tried N no Tame ni, or Testimony of N, or For N. It sounded like it'd be a good mystery. I watched the entire first episode thinking I just needed to soak it in or something. There wasn't any comedy, felt heavy, the characters seemed a bit flat, seemed boring, etc. So, I decided to drop it.

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