Wednesday, September 17, 2014

National Linguine Day!


This was actually on Monday, but I like linguine so why not still celebrate it? Linguine literally means 'little tongues'. I love pretty much all pasta.:iconinloveplz:Last Saturday was International Chocolate Day. Yay! An excuse to eat more chocolate!:iconyayhanatamagoplz: 

Yesterday morning was really bizarre.:iconawkwardplz:I got up at the time I like to, which was great. After getting out of the bathroom, I found out Tasha had thrown up big time all over the banister.:iconlietplz:None of it made it to the carpeted floor, which was at least one good thing about it. Tasha looked embarrassed. Took me a while to clean it up. Meanwhile, my slippers are ripped up so much now they barely stay on my feet. So, going up and down the stairs cleaning it up, was kind of an obstacle in itself.:iconwtfukplz:

When I was starting to make my bed, A huge spider crawled out from beneath the covers. I'm hoping it wasn't there while I slept...:iconchibichinaplz:Scared the heck out of me. Mainly because I wasn't expecting anything there. I thought it went into my pillow case, so I grabbed my big heavy flashlight and smashed it down throughout the pillow and case.:iconmochibelaplz:It was more to scare it into coming out, and never wanting to visit the bed again. Not intentionally to kill it. After that, I was nervous and went out for my walk to clear my nerves. When I got back, I started to take my bedding off to clean it. Was going to anyways, but seeing how a spider came out from it, made me want to clean them even more.:iconannoyedgin-plz:Apparently the spider was just waiting in a corner that was a little further out from my headboard. So, I couldn't see it, and pulled on one of the bottom sheets. It came scurrying out, and went down the length of the bed to the other side.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:Couldn't tell where it went after that. Freaked me out even more. 

I was so nervous about it, I put my black leather gloves on, and continued with taking the bedding off. Once everything was off, I used something normally used for stains on the mattress, thinking the smell would deter it. Also, sprayed air freshener around and on the corners of the bed. Then, sprayed some of my new body spray all around the edges of the mattress. Then, to try and be extra 'safe' I put some nail polish remover on a Q-tip and went over all the edges.:iconberwaldplz:I think I remember reading an article a while ago that this 'method' keeps away various pests. Later, I put everything back together on the bed. 

Rosie was especially happy for the interesting smelling, fresh, and clean bedding.:iconcuteamericaplz:She's been killing some rather large spiders lately, too. There was a much bigger one in my bathroom a while ago. I usually don't get too freaked out if they're far away from where I normally am and in a corner somewhere on the ceiling. So, I let it be. Apparently, it made its way to Dad's bathroom, and she put it outside with a cup. Then, I saw a big one that was dying and Rosie kept pawing and mouthing it. The next morning we saw 2 dead huge spiders, and Rosie pawing at them again. I think she likes them, but feels odd about actually eating them. Fun to play with and taste, but eating is another story.:iconusaplz:

Anyways, I had a very hard time sleeping last night, because I kept feeling like that spider was going to come back.:iconscaredplz:Once I fell asleep, I was out like a light. (So, I woke up later than I'd like to today.) I barely moved from the spot I started with. The spider never came back. This time, Rosie was rather happy and she had made a small nest around me. I almost feel like she ate it whole, and was having a food coma or something.:iconhanatamagoplz:So, maybe it is gone for good. Probably thinks my bed smells nasty now. Although, it could be under it, too...:iconshockplz:

During that morning walk yesterday, I bumped into one of our neighbors/friends. She said I looked like I was about to cry. Well, first of all, the lighting was strange that time of day so maybe I was grimacing a bit. Secondly, I was deep in thought. Mainly about what I was going to do about the spider. I told her about the spider, and she said I'd never sleep in that room again. Oh, thank you very much for making me feel even more uneasy...:iconjustaway-deathstare:

Dad came home early that day, too. We got to have a walk together, which was nice. Then, we went to group. There were more people this time, but it wasn't all that big a crowd. Had some interesting discussions. Dad and I didn't go to Shari's like we usually do. She needs more sleep, and we would've gotten home really late. Shari's tends to take a while to get our food. So yesterday, now that I think about it, was weird all around. Certainly out of the norm at least. It seemed like even the weather couldn't decide to be sunny, cloudy, cool or warm. It just cycled through all those.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

I also did my nails that day. This brand never lists the names of their nail polish on the bottle. But, it's kind of a glittery lilac-like color. Kind of fun and party like.:iconchibihungaryplz:Oh, and recently I got some body spray. I rarely wear that stuff anymore. But, this smells nice enough I'm thinking about getting back into it. It's a nice and warm vanilla smell. Kind of like a birthday cake smell. It's a more intense vanilla than I expected, though. I used to wear jasmine body spray all the time, then got sick of it. There was another time where it was a raspberry something smell (it was like a blend of some sort). I never was totally crazy about actual perfume or cologne.

Went grocery shopping a couple of days ago, and bumped into a couple of people we knew. The same people we bumped into at Costco a couple of months ago. The first thing one of them said to me was: "Look at you, Skinny Mini (or was it like Minnie?)!" Felt odd, yet nice at the same time.:iconkikuplz:She grabbed part of my pant leg and said: "Your pants are so baggy!" Yeah, I'm a little surprised myself at how roomy they've gotten. Might have gone down another size already...If that's true I'll be down 5 sizes from my heaviest weight. (Which means my current jeans would be 2 sizes too big...:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:That would make sense. They feel that big on me now.) Nuts! I'm seeing even more signs that I'm losing weight, too. She kept praising me for my discipline and sticking with it. She said she brags to other people about me. I'm not sure if she should brag about me...:iconseychelles-plz:

I've changed my routine a bit more to incorporate both my walks. This way it's harder for me to 'skip'. Doing things like taking a shower or washing my face (I can't take a shower everyday...) after my morning walk, instead of before. I could wash away a lot of the sweat this way, too. There's other ways I've made it easier to make the 2nd walk more of an important part of my routine, too. I feel even better after doing them now.:iconchibinitalyplz:I seem to be doing them at certain times of the day, too. Rather than all over the place. The only day that's different is laundry day, the first walk is later. But, the 2nd one's still roughly at the same time of day. Since it's at a certain time, I've seen some people regularly on those walks. It's been interesting. 

There's only one week until erev Rosh Hashanah. Or, the night of (eve of) Rosh Hashanah. Holidays start at night for us. I think I've decided on where I'd want to go, and just recently emailed them about attending their services. Tickets tend to be pretty expensive if you're not a member of that congregation. Most people can't afford them, and most places will negotiate on cost. Just got a response pretty quickly back. They said I should call them, and tell them what our 'comfort-level' would be for them and that it's a donation. They're a huge congregation, that have 2 synagogues already. They also occasionally hold Pride Shabbat, an LGBT themed Shabbat service usually during the Seattle Pride. We've gone there for it before, and I think for a couple of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Every time we've been there it's been packed. I think they have a kosher kitchen that they use especially for big holidays like this. Shows you just how big they are. They also live stream their services online. Not sure if they'll do that for the High Holidays. I'll call them at some point...I was surprised by how quickly they responded to it.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

I'm trying out some of the newer Jdramas that are coming out for this new season or have finally become available. Have to decide on what to put on hold of the extra anime shows, too. So, I've put Gochisousan on hold, even though it's a Jdrama. It's a long series and has short episodes, so I think I can get back to it in the future. Started watching Time Spiral in its place. (It's one of the new shows for this season. Actually starts the earliest of the 'new' shows I want to watch.) So far it's much better than I expected. I'll mention it more at some point. Still will watch Fairy Tail for that day, too. For Tuesday, I put Shounen Onmyouji on hold. Started to watch Senryokugai Sousakan for its replacement. (It's not as new, but it's the first time it's been available.) For the time being, I'll still watch Rurouni Kenshin for the anime slot. I'm thinking of keeping Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus and Kuroko no Basket for Wednesdays. At least until one of them finishes. I know Kuroko has another season, but I can put that off for a little while. I'm still debating whether I should put Kamen Teacher on hold, or just continue with it until it's done. There isn't much left. Like usual, I'll keep Naruto Shippuden for Thursday's anime. Can't decide if I want to put Hamatora on hold or just finish this first season. It's close to the end of it. I'll keep Ranma for now, too. I could probably put Amatsuki on hold for now, and add a new drama in its place. I'll keep D.Gray-man for now. And, I decided to put Cardcaptor Sakura on hold. I'm not sure if I like it yet. So, I'll have another slot open for a new drama. Keeping Haikyuu for now. It'll change when the new anime season starts though. I know for sure I'll want to watch the 2nd season of Log Horizon. That's at least one anime 'slot' to jumble around. This is kind of exciting, though!:icondenmarkplz:

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