Monday, September 8, 2014

National Grandparents Day!


This was actually yesterday, but I think grandparents should be celebrated the rest of the year, as well. I only have one left, but he's awesome!:iconfrancisplz:I hope he had a great day yesterday, whether he knew about the holiday or not. They've gone through a lot, and it's great to hear about their experiences and the wisdom that they've pass down. 

On Saturday, we went shopping. I needed better shoes for the High Holy Days. The ones I usually wear have kind of an annoying thin and short wedge going down the middle going from heel to toe. Sometimes it feels like I'm on stilts when I wear them.:iconusaplz:Most people can't even tell they have a wedge. 

For the High Holy Days, it's not good to wear leather.:iconhongkongplz:So, you have to be sure of what the shoes are made of. I wear a metal watch normally, so that's not a big thing for me. It's also best to wear cream or off-white colors during Yom Kippur. For Rosh Hashanah, somewhat happy colors are ok as well. So, purple, warm browns, reds, etc. are good. 

I'm wearing what I usually do for the beginning night service of Rosh Hashanah: a dark purple short sleeved dress. It's kind of fitted at the waist, and flowy. I'll probably look better in it this year.:iconchibihungaryplz:Thinking I might wear black tights with it. Still not used to the idea of tights. It's been so long since I was able to wear them again (wore these once but not to anything, and they fit great. Before that I haven't worn tights in years), but I think it might look good. Might be good for if it's cold, too. I think black shoes would go best with all that. I'm going to be standing quite often, so something flat too.:icontinoplz:

We looked at a local Payless. At first, I thought ballet flats would be perfect, but they made my feet feel weird.:iconohboyamericaplz:So I looked at the regular flats. Found some styles I really liked, but they didn't have the right sizes at the moment. Speaking of shoe sizes, I found out while I was there that I really did go down a half size. Some shoes were perfect at the 7, but others I needed a wide in. I haven't been a 7 in a long time. I remember at some point while I was in high school I was a size 6 in some of the dressier shoes. I doubt that'll happen again. But, 7 seems to be for everything at the moment. I tried on some of the 7 1/2's just to see, and I was swimming in them. 8's were worse. (It feels like it was not too long ago that I almost had to go up to a size 8.) This just seems crazy to me.:iconseychelles-plz:While losing weight, I expected to drop clothing sizes, but not really shoe sizes.

Anyways, we decided to try the other Payless at the mall. They had the right sizes for me, and the exact same styles. Yay!:iconranranruuplz:I decided on a pair of velvety looking black flats. There's like a bit of a roucheing thing happening for decoration on top. I was thinking of a similar one that had a bow instead, but for some reason it didn't feel as comfortable. It seemed like the same 'style' just with a different decoration.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Even with the pair I chose, I still needed heel pads in order to keep them in place. It was still just slightly too big for me. But, the regular 7 was just a little too snug. So, I had to stick with the wide. (There's obviously not something between a regular and a wide...:iconpolandplz:) The pads aren't too bad. Might not have placed them exactly right, but they help. I think those will look good with the rest of the outfit. 

I also have jewelry that's purple-themed that Mom and I found when we got the dress. I'll probably wear the same shoes for the following day of Rosh Hashanah. That and my black skirt with white trim, and one of my nice purple shirts. One of which is really long on me now.:iconkikuplz:

We went to Red Robin for dinner that day. I got the Banzai Burger. Haven't had this one for a very long time. It was huge, but good.:iconitalyplz:So good that instead of saving the leftovers for the next day's lunch, I had it for my night snack that same night. Our waitress was a little flaky, but nice. She did say that she was outside for a while during her break. It got into the 90s that day.:iconlietplz:

We were having issues with the internet and cable yesterday, and went to Starbucks to use their connection. Found out later that the cable company we use was having major issues. It got better that night. I was able to do some things on my new iPhone too. Got my usual at Starbucks, a tall iced chai. (Light on the ice, because they always load it with too much, and barely any drink.) They did well with it this time.:iconheroamericaplz:

Went to Safeway afterwards to stock up again. I'm just amazed with the size of things in their bakery.:iconchibigilbertplz:We got their berry strudel this time. They have 10 of them in a large box. (Really cheap, too. Cheaper than the chocolate eclairs.) They're hefty looking, and very filling. Tasty too. We were out of a lot of fruit. But, managed to get a lot of them there. Also, I decided to try smoked Gouda. It's much better than I expected! It even smells good.:iconfeelingfullplz:

I've changed my mind about going to that local synagogue's services for the High Holy Days.:iconswissplz:I thought to myself: "Do I really want to be around people that were kind of toxic towards me (and others)?" Doesn't seem like I'll be able to focus on the actual holidays that way.:iconromanoplz:So, now I'm thinking of looking into some synagogues in Seattle for it. I'll see where this goes. It certainly will tie-in with the New Year theme. Something new. Who knows, maybe I'll find ways to attend that synagogue's regular Shabbat services in the future if I like it enough.

I'm doing 15 sit-ups twice a day this week. I think I can keep them up now. Went for my 'morning' walk. Sometimes hard to do on laundry days, and it ended up being around lunchtime. But, at least I did it!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Hopefully I can get my last one in. Hoping to do that when it's closer to sunset. Bumped into a neighborhood friend this time. We talked for a while, and she gave me a lemon-cucumber. She doesn't know much about them, either. I think her mom gave her them from her own garden. I've never had them. Looked them up, and they are a type of cucumber, but seem to taste sweeter. They're kind of in the shape/color of a lemon, hence 'lemon-cucumber'. They say it's good in salads. We recently got some salad, so it might be good to try with it.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Gochisousan has been interesting so far. At first, I thought they were speeding through her life faster than I expected but they've slowed it down again. She's starting to get interested in cooking, and she might have fallen for a student from the university who is staying with them temporarily. She's not very used to dealing with guys, because she goes to an all-girls high school. She does have a brother, but it feels like she rarely talks to him. In the last episode Meiko was trying to get the university student to eat natto. He refuses to even touch the stuff. She came up with several different combinations of it in order to get him to at least try a bit. (One was spicy, one had umeboshi (pickled plum) mixed with other seasonings, and more.) It looks nasty, and I've heard it smells bad, but I think I would at least try it. Some of the best things look gross at first.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

In Fairy Tail, Natsu was able to destroy the time portal. Once he did, all the dragons that came through it disappeared. The 'future' version of Rogue did, as well. He didn't think that they would be able to destroy it, so he looked like he was in complete shock as his body glowed and seemed to slowly vaporize. The Future Lucy's body disappeared, too. She was killed by Future Rogue, but something of her was still there. After she disappeared, it seemed that she had a dream or maybe it was her version of 'heaven'. She landed in a golden wheat field, and the rest of the guild came up to greet her. Natsu said something like: "Ready for more adventures?" The present Lucy seemed to have known or felt what happened, and cried a bit. Next time they'll get to celebrate, so that will be a nice break from the heaviness. This whole story arc was really long. It'll be interesting to see where they take it from here.
I'm glad that I've gotten back into reading Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).:la:I kind of missed it, and I'm not sure why I stopped it a while back. It's only gotten better. I'm realizing that the creator or mangaka tries to be as accurate as possible to what life was like in London during that time period. (Currently, from where I am in the story, it's 1889.) She goes into such minute details, that translators have to clarify later. And, you can look these things up too. This current story arc is about a 'locked room murder'. There's an ophthalmologist who writes on the side. He's hoping to one day be successful, but has only been published in certain magazines/newspapers that aren't taken seriously. He's invited along with a bunch of other people to Ciel's mansion. The other people seem to be very wealthy and well to do, so he feels like he sticks out like a sore thumb. But, he seems to be the most 'normal'. Anyways, one of the guests is murdered in a locked room. The only suspects have been narrowed down to Ciel himself. (Although, the writer suspected the butler, Sebastian, and the maid, Mei, at one point in his mind.) But while Ciel was chained to a bed with the writer on the other end, another murder happens. This time it's Sebastian. I find this almost comical because he's a demon. He can't die that easily.:icondignitylaughplz:Plus, he seemed to know beforehand and gave the Help their orders for the next 3 days. I think it's all staged. Might be so the writer gets ideas and publishes a bestseller, or they're messing with everyone. They were ordered by the Queen to entertain them. I know that Ciel and Sebastian can act so well that they fool other people. If he is dead, I'll be mad (not in the crazy sense).:iconannoyedgin-plz:It was a lame way to kill off your main character. He was stabbed through the chest with a fireplace poker.

Wrote some more of the 11th short story to my nightmare anthology. Previously, I didn't realize that I had barely started it. But, it's already turning out to be very interesting, albeit very twisted. Nightmares should be twisted, though.:iconenglandispervyplz:

Played my clarinet. Haven't done so in a very long time, so it felt good. Messed up a few times, but wasn't bad. Pretty good for someone that stopped for a little while. I did some Mozart pieces, and some from my advanced solo book. 
Studied 2 kanji: and . When is pronounced as あん (an): idea, plan, thought; draft plan, motion, rough copy; expectation. When pronounced as つくえ (tsukue) it can have the same meaning as 机 (pronounced the same): desk. When is pronounced as 以て or もっ.て (mot.te): (conj, exp) with, by; by means of, because, in view of. When pronounced as (i): than, following, or more, more than, or less. This pronunciation tends to be used a lot in compounds, and not as much by itself. Also, read that the hiragana letter was originally based off of the kanji . Very interesting. 以遠 or いえん (ien): beyond, further than. 以下 or いか (ika): not exceeding, and downward, ...and below; below (e.g. standard), under (e.g. a level); the below-mentioned, the following, the rest. 以外 or いがい (igai): with the exception of, excepting. I'll go over more of its compounds next time. Tried to do some practice stuff, quizzes, etc. on JapaneseClass' site. But, they were down for maintenance.:icongermanyplz: 

Continued with writing out that You Maga article I'm translating. This'll be the last section of this part. It's about what to do when a young kid has the flu. I've got a little more to write out, then I'll start translating it, and finally make it logical in English. Also, read an article in Japanese about Hello Kitty. The whole thing about how she's 'not' a cat. Even Japanese people were shocked by that statement. They later reiterated and said that Kitty is an anthropomorphic version of a cat. Neither being one or isn't one. Very bizarre. I liked reading the Japanese view on it. They also reported about how Snoopy tweeted out things like "I really am a dog!" in response to the news. I don't know if anybody really knows anymore. Although, that anthropomorphic theory makes sense. She'd still be considered a cat in my eyes, though.

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