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Sung by the Gakupo vocaloid. I think this is the original version. There are many other vocaloid covers of it. The first one I remember was Miku's, but for some reason it sounded odd to me in a female voice.:iconseychelles-plz:This one's better, and he puts an even more sinister sounding spin on it. I didn't realize how 'mature' it was until I looked at the translated lyrics.:icongermanyplz:(The video's lyrics are written oddly, but you get the idea from it.) I suppose it's more referencing/implying things, than actually saying them. Some people have speculated that it's about killing someone, until they looked more closely at the lyrics.:iconamericachainsawplz:I love the sound of this one, and it's kind of fun. Gakupo seems to not be nearly as popular as the other vocaloids. Which is sad, because he can sound so awesome!:iconfinallyplz: 

On my walk last night, I saw a family walking their pet rooster like a dog.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:Leash and everything. Kind of funny to see, yet entertaining. It's interesting what I've seen on my walks since I've restarted them. The night before I saw a little boy who was riding his bike with, what I assume, was his brother who was only a couple of years older. The first time he saw me he said hi. The next time he said: "Do you know my mama?". The next time after that: "Could you be my mama?" I was on the verge of laughing at that point.:iconlaughingplz:His brother jabbed him hard in the shoulder. I didn't know what to say to those, so I acted like I didn't hear it because my music was too loud or something.:iconchibiswedenplz:Do I look like a mama or something? Or, maybe he liked the way I looked? Weird. 

Did my nails yesterday. Haven't done so in a long time. According to the bottle, this time it's: Deep Bordeaux. Kind of has a coppery metallic sheen to it, as well. It's fun and pretty.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Rurouni Kenshin is getting even better. I'm on the Kyoto story arc. I think the new live-action movie is based on this arc. So, maybe I'll watch that after. (Might want to watch the first pretty recent live-action movie beforehand, though.) The anime started off kind of innocent and lighthearted, but has definitely matured since. There's still plenty of comedy, but it's more serious/mature at other times. The characters have matured a great deal, too. The 'villain' is interesting. He's based off of a real person in the past. (He was like a loose canon in the real shinsengumi. From what I've read, people never really knew what he was going to do. He'd suddenly kill people around him, including his colleagues, for no reason. Usually when he was drunk. He was assassinated by one of his closest friends, on orders from the government.) In the anime, he became too strong for the government to handle and they tried to burn him alive. Kenshin is his predecessor as a 'man slayer' or battousai. The villain, Shishio, survived the fire but his flesh was badly burnt. So, he's always in a lot of bandages. He's not as sensitive to things as he used to be. So, he can touch something that's on fire or even frozen and not have a problem. His body heat temp is much warmer than the average person's. He even admitted that it cooked his brain and other organs a bit. He's planning to gather all the strongest of his 'allies' in order to bring down the government. They only agreed to it because they want to overthrow the government too, not necessarily because they like him...In fact, some hate his guts. He plans to set off a bunch of fires in different areas of the city at the same time. He thinks it'll get out of control and burn the government officials who live there alive. (It was the capital back then.) Kind of his payback. He wanted Kenshin to join him at one point. Kenshin is definitely against it, and has already fought and nearly killed 2 allies of Shishio's. Kenshin asked the guy who taught him about his specific sword techniques, to teach him the final moves of it. Eventually, he learned them. He wants to become strong enough to defeat Shishio on his own. It seems more personal for him, since Shishio was supposed to be his 'successor'. He's learned that he doesn't have to have his battousai mentality anymore when going up against such strong opponents. The final sword technique can kill if the opponent moves in any way. Otherwise, it can paralyze them, too. He swore a long time ago to not kill anymore. Trying to atone for what he's done in the past, for the rest of his life. He thought he had to break that vow until he was reunited with his teacher. 
For Pandora Hearts, I think I've gotten passed the point where the anime diverges from the manga. There's still a lot more to the manga, too. So, that's kind of exciting. A lot more things are being answered/revealed. Oz, Alice, and Gil decided to go back to what's left of Sabrie. Around the Abyss there were crumbling buildings, the people living in poverty, Pandora has a small headquarters there (haven't seen it yet), and there's a church that's been taking children in who have lost their parents because they were illegal contractors. Once the clock on their chest does a full rotation, they get sent to the lowest section of the Abyss. No one has ever come back from that. Contractors are people who have made a contract with a being or 'chain' from the Abyss. The illegal ones do it without Pandora's permission. Every time they call on their chain, the clock on their chest moves its hands. So, it shortens their lifespan. Oz is an illegal contractor, Alice being his chain. Although, we're starting to find out that she was actually human. Might be why his clock seems to be a little different. Alice apparently has an identical twin, the only thing that's physically different is her hair. It's white instead of black. That twin, also called Alice, is the one who's in control of the Abyss. She's also called the Will of the Abyss. I can't tell if she made up the Abyss, or she actually controls it. Everything seems to be based off her toys, and the room that she resides in looks like the chain Alice's room before she was killed. She even has Cheshire there, who was the chain Alice's cat when she was human. I'm still confused as to if they really are different...:iconkikuplz:Like, they may be the same person, just a split personality. Or, the Will of Abyss is her 'crazy' side? I don't know. Another odd thing is apparently Gil and Vincent were originally from Sabrie before it went into the Abyss. (The 'tragedy' happened over 100 years ago.) Anyways, Oz and the others decided to explore near the 'hole' after they reunited with Eliot and Leo at that church. The Abyss seemed to pull them in, and separated them from each other. Alice, so far, has seen a younger version of herself. Gil saw a younger version of himself, too. Oz felt an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, and came face to face with Glen. (He's in the pic.) Glen's the head of the Baskervilles. He was once Jack's best friend. They've never shown him before. The Baskervilles were the ones that put Oz into the Abyss the first time, and tried to kill him not too long ago. He probably felt nostalgic because Jack's ghost or spirit lives inside him now. They look oddly similar too. When Oz sees Glen for the first time, Jack says: "Oz, I hope you can stop him, my one and only friend." Stop him from doing what?:iconusaplz:Interesting. 

Wrote more of the 11th story to my nightmare anthology. It's pretty violent and gruesome. Probably more so than the other stories so far. Yet, it's kind of fun to write. I just came up with another idea recently for another story to add to the anthology. It's kind of unique considering I was actually awake for it. It was something I heard a while ago. (Like a couple of years ago.) It might have just been fluid moving in my ears, but it sounded like a ghostly/ethereal choir.:iconchibichinaplz:I have some issues with my Eustachian tubes and too much fluid in my ears at times. So, occasionally I hear weird sounds, but I usually can tell what's normal and what's not. This wasn't the normal sound of fluid moving...And, it kept going on and on. Not only that, but it got louder over time, too.:iconwtfukplz:I might end it with that one, I don't know.

Played my clarinet. Did some Duke Ellington, Gershwin, pieces from my advanced classical solos book, and some tunes from my general jazz book. Sounded better, but still made a few mistakes. Not bad, though.

I practiced writing out sentences in Japanese. I'm thinking in the future of posting them to my blog that's in Japanese. (The sentences have pretty much been about current events with me. So, it'd be similar to what I post on here.) I haven't posted much to it, but apparently people look at it, and have liked it. Practiced some of my kanji and vocab on JapaneseClass' site. I'm really moving up the ranks there.:icongreatjobplz:Got a friend request from a guy in Columbia. He seemed to be new to it. So, now I have 3 friends on there. All from around the world. Cool. 

Colored in more of the drawings of my characters', from Alliance, outfits/accessories. Also, cleaned up in Photoshop more of Junko's (from Alliance) 2nd 'angry' panel in the exaggerated expressions meme. Her eyes look a little odd in this one.:iconpolandplz:Although, this is supposedly in between the extremes of just angry and furious. Sometimes it's hard to draw the in between ones. I like her really furious look though. It's funny.

Shounen Onmyouji has been interesting. So far, it's not the best, but it feels like it's just warming up. (Only have seen the first few episodes.) So, I'll stick with it a little longer. Although, it might be one of the first ones I switch over to a new show for this coming season. There seems to be a lot of promising ones for this fall season.:iconberwaldplz:I even read recently that Kamisama Hajimemashita is going to have a 2nd season. I didn't expect that to have another season.:iconswissplz:Can't wait to see the 2nd season of Log Horizon, too!:la:That one seems to be much better, though. There are a few brand new shows that look interesting: The Seven Deadly Sins, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Gugure, Parasyte, World Trigger, and Donten ni Warau. It actually looks like there will be some good Jdrama shows, too. Here's what I might check out: Gu Gu Datte Neko de Aru, Sakura, Time Spiral, Zainin no Uso (Criminal's Lie), and Massan. I might get to add them to my empty drama slots, and I'll have to put the anime I put in place of them on hold. I can go back to them in the future.:iconchibinitalyplz:

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