Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rengoku no Nana Kenzoku


Or: Seven Kins of Purgatory. This is from the 4th Fairy Tail soundtrack. It's the strongest team of Grimoire Heart guild's theme. They're (or were?) one of the many Dark Guilds that aren't officially recognized by the Magic Council, therefore they're treated like criminal organizations. They believe the Council limits the full potential of guilds, as they place too many restrictions. The Seven 'Kins' of Purgatory use Lost Magic, and are considered one of the most powerful mage groups. I think the guild disbanded after they went up against Fairy Tail. (The guild's leader, Hades, was defeated.) Most of the Seven either died or quit the guild to live a 'better' life. 2 decided to help Fairy Tail from the sidelines, along with Jellal (who's not apart of Grimoire). They make the Dark Guilds seem evil at first, and then you realize they're just misguided. It's kind of sad. Anyway, Fairy Tail seems to have some of the most interesting soundtracks. Sounds like a mix of Celtic and rock. Most are really uplifting/energizing or just have a cool 'evil' sound. The vid has the Fairy Tail guild's emblem. 

I managed to do both my 2-mile walks yesterday, and my 1st one today! (I'll definitely be able to do my night one later!) Yay!:dummy:Feels good. I'm doing 10 sit-ups twice a day this week. Kind of starting over, but it's good to do it slowly, I think.:iconchibinitalyplz:The most I've done was 90 twice a day for the week. Felt like a good workout. But, I eased up to that amount so it felt almost like nothing. (Until after I did them...:faint:) I'm planning to do what I did last time and add 5 sit-ups twice a day each week. So, next week I'll be doing 15 twice a day. Hopefully, I can make a habit of doing both my walks and the sit-ups again. Feels so good when I can do it all!:iconberwaldplz:I know I can do my night sit-ups tonight, too. 

Hoping to be a bit more strict again about the way I eat. I can eat anything I want, as long as I keep my meals to a certain amount of calories. Makes them small, but just enough for me. And, I get to have them for longer with the leftovers! I tend to try and range between 1200 to 1600 calories a day. Hopefully on the low end of that. And, I eat 5 times a day. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 'snacks'.) So you can tell how small they can be. It's helped a lot along with the exercise.:iconeestiplz:

Someone came by yesterday to drop off a dinner for us. She knew about Dad's surgery and thought it'd be nice to help and give us something. It was very sweet of her.:iconthailandplz:I hadn't seen her for a while, and as soon as I answered the door she looked at me for a second and got a big smile on her face. She then told me that I looked great, and that I lost a lot of weight since the last time she saw me. She kept saying how surprised she was by how much. It was good yet kind of funny and scary at the same time.:iconusaplz:Had a similar reaction when we bumped into a couple we knew at Costco at the beginning of the month. It was even a shorter time since I last saw them. I am noticing more changes. Might be needing to go down another size, getting a bit more bony, don't bump into things as much, and my skin is finally tightening a bit.:iconranranruuplz:Still have a lot of loose skin, but at least I know it's starting to bounce back. For going down sizes, I'll be 4 sizes smaller than what I was at my heaviest. Might actually be 5 sizes smaller now or on the verge, have to try those out again...:iconpolandplz:Before I was close to the 4, now my jeans are even baggier. Also, found out that my rings fit my fingers now! Wahoo!

She brought a brisket, an odd potato casserole, salad greens, and some blackberry swirl ice cream. The brisket was good. The potato casserole was odd because of how cheesy it was, and she used hash browns.:iconseychelles-plz:Dad doesn't like cheese, so that big thing is all mine. I love cheese, but that seems like a lot...:iconkikuplz:(I hate wasting anything especially food, and it's somewhat good.) I made a single serving of regular mashed potatoes with garlic and chives for Dad. It was nice to have a salad. The ice cream was good, but had a little bit of a weird sour aftertaste. I think that it was a good thing, just not used to it, I guess.:icondontunderstandplz:

Finished watching GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka in Taiwan, a while ago. It was kind of a short 4-episode special. It was done pretty well, I think. They used actual actors from Taiwan, and actual places as well. It was interesting to hear the Chinese along with the Japanese.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Onizuka didn't know hardly anything besides nihao and xie xie. There was one phrase that if you say it a certain way means 'excuse me'. In another way (like a different tone), it means 'kiss me'. He didn't realize that, and said it that way to the principal, several of the female teachers, and a student. They were very disturbed by it, and thought he was some sort of pervert. That got him into a lot of weird situations to begin with. The teacher he was the assistant to, luckily knew Japanese and could translate for him. He still managed to get through to the bully of the school, and the one who was being bullied. Even to the bully's father. They once were very poor and sold street food with a bunch of other people on a certain street. One day, the mother of the bully died. And, the father became very disheartened and worked hard, managed to get out of there, and became very wealthy (somehow...they didn't elaborate on it. Might have been through illegal means). He thought in order to 'forget' the past, he needed to clear out that street of vendors and put up a mall or something instead. When they became wealthy, the son became cold and thought it'd be fun to make fun of people. Including his own teachers. The person who was being bullied was poor, and his mother worked at one of those food stalls. He thought he was worthless, and couldn't go up against a student from a wealthy family. It worked out, and the father was thrown in jail. The son at the end seemed to feel liberated from everything, and finally managed to crack a genuine smile again. Watched the first episode of the new season of GTO, but I think I'm kind of tired of it right now.:icontinoplz:Might go back to watch more in future, though. It's a great series! 
Started watching Gochisousan. Gochisousan is an informal version (the more formal way is with 'sama' at the end instead of 'san') of what people say at the end of a meal to thank a host or a cook for it. It's a long running series, but the episodes are short. Just like Chiritotechin. The show first takes place in 1911. It's about Meiko Uno, who loves to eat. At the beginning, I think they said she was 6. Her father owns a French restaurant in Tokyo. He says he'll never serve rice or give out chopsticks to customers. They should only have bread as a side, and use forks and knives. She loves his omelets, and her grandmother's pickles. She's constantly thinking of food. She eventually changes from someone who loves to eat, to a person who loves to prepare food for others to eat. Her grandmother always told her: "To crave for food is to have the will to live; the stronger the craving, the greater the will." I read from somewhere that she ends up trying her best at Japanese cuisine. It's just mainly what happens in her life along the way. The very beginning showed her when she was 40 years old handing out soup to children running around the neighborhood. I'm not sure if that's where they'll stop with her life. Interesting time period, too.

Fairy Tail had a lot of twists and turns. A lot of it seems to be unpredictable so far. The people from the 'future' haven't been entirely accurate, and their stories aren't the same. The 'future' Lucy was killed off by the 'future' Rogue. He kept saying she'll interfere or stop the portal from opening. The future one, before she died, kept saying she'd never want to interfere with it. The present Lucy refused to stop it, too. She only got weird when she was close to the door that was opening to the portal. Something seemed to possess her, and she suddenly said it had to be stopped. We're not even sure if those 10,000 dragons will actually appear...The King asked the guilds to help kill off all the other dragons the 'canon' (apparently it comes out of the portal. You can also travel through time if you go through it) doesn't hit. It'll be funny if nothing happens...But, I doubt that. It's also the same day the dragons disappeared many years ago. Maybe Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers will see the dragons that raised them. What if they're not all bent on destruction? This story arc has been pretty long. At least, Fairy Tail won the Grand Magic Games. Although, I think that part was to be expected. 

Wrote more of the 10th short story to my nightmare anthology. Played my clarinet for the first time in a long time. Was a little rusty, but much better than I expected.:iconfrancisplz:Did some Duke Ellington and Gershwin tunes. 
Studied the last kanji for this 'grade': . If pronounced as 和む or なご.む ( to be softened, calm down. As 和やか or なご.やか (nago.yaka): mild, calm, gentle, quiet, harmonious. As 和らぐ or やわ.らぐ (yawa.ragu): to soften, calm down, be mitigated. As 和らげる or やわ.らげる (yawa.rageru): to soften, moderate, relieve. As (wa): sum; harmony, peace; (pref) Japan, Japanese style. It may be pronounced as (o) in some compounds, but not by itself. 和尚 or おしょう (oshou): (hon) preceptor or high priest (esp. in Zen or Pure Land Buddhism); monk (esp. the head monk of a temple); master (of one's art, trade, etc.). 和英 or わえい (waei): Japanese-English. 和菓子 or わがし (wagashi): Japanese confectionery or sweets. There are more on the common compounds list to go over, so I'll be doing more next time.

Practiced my vocab and kanji on JapaneseClass' site. Wasn't too bad. Only missed a few. Pretty good for not being on that site for a while. The system's a lot smoother, too. I had some long combos on there this time. Didn't do any chapter tests this time. Thought the regular practice quiz would be good for getting back into it. Someone mentioned on the front page that there's a site that helps with listening to conversations, called My Kikitori. They quiz you on each audio recording of a normal conversation. They have a normal speaking speed, and a slow one. They suggest listening to the slow one first, and then switching to normal speed. You can play them as much as you want. I did one of them, and got 100% on it. I think they have 'chapter' tests at the end of each section. Sounds like it'll be another great tool.:iconyayhanatamagoplz: 

Also, finished translating part of the You Maga article. This one was on what to do if your kid comes home from school and show signs of lice. This one kind of made my skin crawl, but it was interesting. This is a section of a long article on adjusting to life in America. What to do for kids, cultural stuff, and learning the language. Read an article on Asahi's site about a DJ-style record turntable being sold to the public for the first time. The same type was apparently used in Perfume's next album. It was interesting. 

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