Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!


Yay! Happy 4th!:dummy:To people who live in Canada, hope you had a great Canada Day on the 1st. The 4th is one of my fave holidays! Although, some people get a little crazy with their fireworks in our neighborhood. A lot of them seem to use illegal ones. The type that are way too big for the area.:iconlietplz:I like to watch the fireworks on TV, though. They're cool.:iconfireworkplz:Our cats really hate this time of year...
This is my wallpaper for July. It's of the Vocaloids: Luka, Miku, Rin, Gakupo, Kaito, Meiko, and Len. Kind of fun, and very poignant since I'm about to go on a trip myself.:meow:A few things seem to be happening that I didn't realize until I used it. Like Rin tying the ends of Miku and Gakupo's hair together. Meiko's boot almost off. The tuna on the overhead shelf. Apparently Luka got more snacks for everyone. The 'twins' Rin and Len's favorite foods are oranges and bananas, eggplant for Gakupo, ice cream (or really anything cold) for Kaito (and he already has a popsickle), beer for Meiko (I know it's a drink, but she's always with it. I think there's a can of it in Luka's arms as well. Meiko's looking at her mp3 player), Tuna for Luka (although, there's a weird thing with her and octopi. There's some takoyaki or octopus balls in the pic), and Miku's is leeks (she seems to not realize that there are some behind Luka's back). 

My Italy calendar features Milan this month. It mentions some of Milan's history, highlights, landmarks, etc. The main pic's of a statue of Leonardo da Vinci. Kind of a cool looking one. On the first it featured a church fresco, 2nd and 3rd a pic of a wedding, and today it's a pic of a Versace store in Via Montenapoleone. Interesting. 

My Jewish calendar's main pic for this month is of a painting titled Life? Or Theatre? A Song-Play. The Wedding of Franziska Knarre and Albert Kann, Prologue, Scene 1. By Charlotte Salomon. It's gouache on paper, from France; 1940-1942. Interesting wedding scene. The 2nd pic's of a laver (or fancy looking water pitcher) and basin. Made by Michiel Denee out of silver, from the Hague, Netherlands; 1768. It's cool to see the really old stuff. The pitcher and basin are used during the ritual hand washing. Many people still do this before they eat. There's a special 'procedure' in how to go about it. Many don't follow this though. They might do it just before the Shabbat meal, but not at other times. Apparently, it's done especially before eating bread. 

The month-long holidays are: National Baked Bean Month, National Bison Month, National Grilling Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberries Month, National Horseradish Month, Nectarine and Garlic Month. Some are important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. Wow! All food ones this month. Nice. I love them all, although it's been a while since I've had bison... (Bison is kosher, which is cool. Tastes pretty good.) I also have to be weary of baked beans in some restaurants, since they may use pork products. But, it's good too. There are some good kosher cans of it out there along with some recipes. I love horseradish if it's mixed well in something. It gives a tangy kick to it. I absolutely love garlic! I could eat it all day everyday.:iconinloveplz:

I'm getting really nervous about our trip to Scottsdale, AZ.:iconhanatamagoplz:I know I'm not the one getting surgery, but I'm nervous about how it'll go and if I'll have everything ready for myself. Someone said think of it as a vacation for myself. Well, even if I think that way, I have to be prepared for it and make sure I have everything.:iconswissplz:

They're going to have roughly 100-110 degree temps as highs. I'm not used to being in that weather.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:At least not for a prolonged amount of time. (Eastern Washington can get pretty toasty in the summertime.) We'll be there for 11 days (one more than I was expecting...:iconsighingplz:). Plus, it's their 'monsoon' season. Which means dust storms and hot rain. Yay! I've gone through a few dust storms while I stayed in Pullman, but I'm not 'used' to them. It's hard to walk around and do anything outside during that time. Plus, I've experienced very hot rain before, and it wasn't fun. So, it's going to be very hot, slightly rainy, and dusty. Sounds fun...:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

Tried to go shopping to get more 'appropriate' clothes for the weather, but only found one shirt at Old Navy. I was surprised I found anything.:iconusaplz:This one's a long soft flowy tank top (kind of looks like a jersey on top) with black and shimmery light gold stripes. I'm usually not into stripes, especially because I can't seem to remember which type of stripe will look good for my body type.:iconawkwardplz:But, apparently it was a good one. Even the employee helping me in the dressing room said it looked great. Yay!:iconranranruuplz:Didn't find any skirts or dresses, so I'm stuck with wearing my jeans. I only have one skirt that fits currently, and it's long and black. I'm not wearing something that's all black in that weather.:icongermanyplz:I thought there would be a slim possibility of wearing my orange sundress, but that's just slightly too snug for me. (Almost down to the weight I would have been when I wore it more than a decade ago.) Plus, I have to have someone zip it up for me. Not very practical.:iconhongkongplz:People have told me that I need a hat. I don't really like hats. Plus, it makes me feel even warmer. I have long hair, maybe that can be like my 'hat'.:iconsleepygreeceplz:It can protect me. I might pack my keds and sandals for it. Socks and sneakers will probably be too warm. I know most places will have air conditioning, but there will be moments where I'm outside.

We're leaving super early Sunday morning, or super late Saturday night, however you want to look at it.:iconwtfromanoplz:The cats are going to be boarded at a kennel during that time. Buster, our beagle that passed away a while ago, used to love the place we're taking them. He'd get excited as soon as he knew where we were going. It's like pet camp. This will probably be the first time for Rosie and Tasha. I hope they have fun, or at least are nice and comfortable.:iconchibinitalyplz:It's a heck of a lot better than being stuck at home for that amount of time, and occasionally have someone check up on them. If it gets hot, the kennel can turn on its air conditioning. Can't do that at our place. They'll have to go there one at a time, though. Plus, they have to be in their own spaces without other cats. They'd rip each other apart, and any other cat that was with them.:iconwtfukplz:I can't even fathom what would happen if we put both of them together in that one small kitty carrier we use to transport them there. Even our first cats had problems being in the same carrier. But, it'd be worse with Rosie and Tasha. Much worse...:iconscaredplz:

I do plan to take as many pics as possible.:camera:I might go to the mall, the Heard Museum which is a Native American museum and they have shops around it featuring Native american art, Old Town, other museums, etc. Might be able to attend services at 2 local synagogues. One being reform, and the other that says it's not affiliated with any movement. The 2nd one says they use a Hasidic prayer book, but tend to have a conservative service. But, anyone is welcome, no matter the observance. Sounds like an interesting one.:iconberwaldplz:The reform one would at least feel more 'normal' as well. The only problem is they seem to be a tad far from the nearest bus stop. It might be a little difficult in that heat. Just heard that they might have a trolley that's free that goes around town. Maybe it goes to them. Also, the hotel has a shuttle that can take you anywhere within a 3-mile radius for free. That might be good to take advantage of. Not sure if these synagogues are within that range. Guess I can look into it still. 

I'll also be able to use Dad's laptop, which will definitely be handy.:iconeestiplz:I don't have a 'smart phone', so it's probably the next best thing. I'll have my regular phone as well. I've had it for a very long time, and I still like it. It can send texts out, can connect to the internet, there are games, a calendar, calculator, and a few other nice little things on it. Pretty good for the time that I got it. I might blog some during it, especially if I'll have a laptop.:iconfabulous-hongkong:

I'm of course nervous about Dad's surgery as well. Anytime people get knocked out and put under the knife can be a risk. But, it'll definitely make things better for her. She'll feel better about herself. She told me that she doesn't want anyone to give her pink balloons that say 'It's a Girl' on them. Makes total sense to me. She's always been one, just is correcting a birth defect.:iconheroamericaplz:Although, I wouldn't exist without that 'defect'. But, she doesn't need it anymore. Hasn't for a while. I hope people do visit her, like they said they might. At least she won't be totally alone if I'm there with her. It's also understandable that this whole experience would be nerve wrecking, yet exciting for her. I'd probably be that way. 

The hotel will have a refrigerator, so I'll be able to store my leftovers from restaurants and such. I'm hoping to still keep somewhat close to my 'diet'. I can eat whatever I want as long as I eat what's within my calorie range, and save the leftovers. Which also means I won't have to go to restaurants that often. I'm thinking of taking a plastic fork and spoon with me. Just so it'll be easy to finish those leftovers. I also will be taking advantage of the hotel's complimentary breakfasts. I can have breakfast, and take something for a snack later. Something like a bagel, banana, individually packed cereal, muffin, etc. It'd be a smart way to save on it as well.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Dad will mostly be staying at the hospital. We'll have about 2 days at the hotel before her surgery, but she'll be on a liquid diet during most of that time. Then, will have to have nothing in her system after that except for maybe the contrast or something (don't remember what it was exactly), so she won't be able to eat anything. Then, she'll be back on a liquid diet after surgery. It might take a while for her to be able to eat normal stuff. Kind of sad.:iconamericasadchibiplz:But, at least I'll be able to try out some of the places in the area...:iconseychelles-plz:

Finished watching Border. I don't think I liked the end. He crossed over the 'border' between good and evil. (Another meaning to the title might be that he was able to be on the border between the living and the dead.) It left it wide open for another season at least. Oguri Shun was amazing! Especially with his facial expressions at the end. I already liked him as an actor, but it was another great one from him. 
Started watching Chiritotechin last week. The episodes are only 15 minutes long. But, it has just a little over 100 episodes. Not sure if I'll end up watching the whole thing. Kind of thought I'd look at it as fluff, since I didn't find too many dramas this season that caught my eye. It's about Wada Kiyomi, also referred to as Kiyomi-B. Her family moves to Obama, her father's hometown in the summer of 1982. Her grandmother and uncle welcome the family, but Shotaro (her grandfather) doesn't allow her father to take over Wakasa lacquer chopsticks making. (Because of some grudge they haven't mentioned yet.) One day, Kiyomi-B overhears a rakugo program on the radio in Shotaro's studio, and becomes enchanted with it. Rakugo is a form of comic storytelling. She ends up growing close to her grandfather through it, and she eventually pursues a career in rakugo. Sounds interesting, and there doesn't seem to be that much info on it. There's another show about cooking that I'm interested in. It also has short episodes, but is a long series. Might be more into that one. Although, I like comedy.:iconchibiswedenplz:We'll see.

Started to watch GTO in Taiwan. GTO is Great Teacher Onizuka. It's basically a special of the series. I liked the series, so why not watch the special? It's only 4 episodes long. I love when countries do a collab with a drama.:iconthailandplz:Actually using Taiwanese actors along with the few Japanese actors from the series are participating in this one. The language barrier seems to be the biggest problem in the special so far. All Onizuka knows of Chinese is 'ni hao' and 'xie xie'. He sounds like an idiot in a lot of the situations. He's there to get more training as a teacher. It's an international program. The principal of the school Onizuka usually teaches at was supposed to go instead. Don't know what happened to him yet. Onizuka brought his friends, Danma and Saejima, with him. They've already gotten into some trouble together. They lost Saejima at one point. The school is also much more strict about things, and there are apparently some cultural things that he doesn't quite get. Luckily, a couple of the teachers know Japanese fluently and are helping him. One of which he's supposed to assist and observe during her class. He's not supposed to get involved with the students at all. Some of the students are able to do whatever they want, because they come from wealthy families. One of them is bullying another student. Only, it's pretty extreme. It's a 'game' where the student that's picked is invisible. No one can interact, notice, talk to, etc. them. So, people end up purposely walking over him, kicking a soccer ball over him like he's not there, throw stuff at him 'aiming' for the trash can, etc. Teachers aren't allowed to step in, unless they want to lose their jobs. The student who's being bullied said he doesn't mind, and of course Onizuka took that as a challenge to change him. I guess I'll have to see what happens. It's very interesting so far. I like learning about other Asian cultures, too.

Started watching Tokyo Ghoul. Not sure if I like it or not, so I won't go into detail with it yet.:iconkikuplz:It's very violent and gory, but very psychological too. It's very well done as far as emotions and really feeling for the main character. Not sure where they're going with the story. I'll give it a chance to grow on me, and see. 

Youtube (wow, it's been kind of a while since I've shared a faved vid...:icontinoplz:):
Funny vid from Hitman Reborn's OVA (like a special). Xanxus seems kind of clueless in this one. I like the ending, too:

Vid featuring Kakashi vs Naruto and Sakura:

An oddly sentimental Gintama one. It was a bittersweet story arc. The music goes along with it pretty well. I miss this series so much!:

An interesting vid and song featuring the Gumi Vocaloid:

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