Tuesday, April 8, 2014

National Empanada Day!


I love empanadas!:iconfrancisplz:Especially the peach ones. I don't think I've tried too many others, but it'd be cool to try them. Apparently they're related to calzones and pasties. The original empanadas were based on the Indian samosa. Many countries do their own sweet or savory version. Kind of cool. Sunday was National Caramel Popcorn Day. I love caramel popcorn, too. Probably not good to have too often, though.:icontinoplz:

Went to my doctor's appointment today to have my IUD removed, and have a new one inserted. They kept telling me that the removal wouldn't be painful, and I'd barely notice them taking it out. I felt relieved about that, and tried to gather up my courage for the insertion instead. They lied.:iconnataliaplz:First, they had to go in to see where it was, then put a scapula up there, and finally pull the strings which pulled the device out. Sounds kind of painful now that I think about it.:iconusaplz:She had told me to take 3 ibuprofen beforehand to prepare myself for the new one, so at least I had taken something. Still, it hurt like hell.:iconromanoplz:She kept telling me to relax. But, it felt like my insides were being pushed up and scraped around. She left the scapula (I think) in for a few minutes after. That was painful too. She told me it was hard to get in there, and didn't want me in any more pain, so she told me that I'll have to have one inserted while I'm knocked out again...:iconohboyamericaplz:She put in a referral to see a local gynecologist. I might not hear from them for a week or 2. Oh joy. But, at least that thing is out of me!:dummy:It's not causing me more pain this way. It only started to become painful when the hormones stopped working. Therefore, it wasn't regulating my 'friend', hormones were a tad out of whack, and it was just sitting there. After a while with it shutting off the body wants to push it out, so there was pain with that too.:iconhanatamagoplz:I don't have to worry about that part anymore. But, without an IUD I might eventually start hemorrhaging again. So, the new one has to be inserted soon.:iconpolandplz:

Went to my therapy appointment on Friday. Had a really nice walk from the ferry to it. Found a better route this time, so that was good. It was a lot more straightforward. Got to see some interesting shops along the way.:iconheroamericaplz:Just before I got to the counseling building, an elderly guy came up to me and said: "Jesus loves you, sista!" I tried to ignore him and kept walking. I'm sorry I don't really care about him, considering I'm not Christian. (No offense to many of my friends who are. It's just weird if it's thrown at you like that, and you don't believe in the same thing. Even so, it would've been odd, I think, if I was Christian.) I should have said something back, like: "I could care less." Or: "I ain't your sista!" But, it still would have been weird and very creepy.:iconwtfukplz:

Not good to have someone like that around there. It'll make other people weary of using their services again. I've heard that they don't treat some of their trans clients very well, so that's another thing. They say they focus on the LGBT community, which is cool if they really treated everyone in that acronym the same.:icongermanyplz:They even have a trans group that meets there. So, maybe they're trying...I'm not trans, but my dad is. So, it's almost like not treating family members well, for me, when I hear about it. 

Anyways, I didn't get to half the stuff I wanted to go over. She still has no idea about Jewish culture and religion. So, I was still schooling her on it. Kind of felt annoying.:iconhongkongplz:(I'm used to explaining things to friends, and think it's kind of fun. But, explaining it to a therapist is different.) I remember requesting for them, a while back, to give me a Jewish therapist. One who I won't have to explain everything related to it, and who understood.:iconswissplz:Not everything I want or need to go over is religion-based or culture-based, but some of it is. Someone suggested that I see a rabbi. I'm not comfortable enough with the local rabbis. So, I'd have to try out some in Seattle. But, I also want someone to do regular therapy stuff with me, or are used to people like me. I don't know, maybe rabbis can help with that...:iconchibiswedenplz:On top of this, I was already wondering about visiting synagogues in Seattle to see what they're like. Hoping to find a more inclusive and non-judgmental one compared to the ones here. So, maybe while going to their services, I can meet up with their rabbis and see. Kill 2 birds with one stone, as they say.:iconenglandispervyplz:We'll see. I still scheduled another appointment with this therapist for in a couple of months. She might not be able to renew her contract, and might be dropped in August. Might be able to have a couple more sessions with her before she leaves. Still unsure about it, though.

A little after my therapy appointment, we went to QFC over there. It's huge, and has an amazing selection of Passover stuff. Got pretty much everything I needed for it, plus some extra stuff I didn't remember was there before or was new. Like: cherry jam, cranberry splash tea (we got cherry tea from the same brand last time, but they ran out.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:It's amazing tea though), an orange marinade or sauce for chicken, some Israeli style Passover couscous (last time we got the regular Passover couscous, these ones are bigger just like the Israeli kind. They sound better, too. I'm thinking of cooking some chicken, then cooking the orange sauce a bit with it, and then putting it over the Israeli couscous. Sounds awesome!:iconitalyplz:), chocolate covered cherries, horseradish sauce, red horseradish (not sure if I'll try this version, but I'll put it out with what's left of the other kind too for the seder/meal), Passover mac and cheese (a little weary of it, but thought I'd at least try it), gluten-free matzah (for one of our guests who might be gluten intolerant, although not sure to what extreme because they said not to worry about it:iconkikuplz:), regular matzah, some Passover spaghetti sauce (since Dad doesn't like the Passover noodles I use (which I love), we'll have to cook our own pasta, but that works), Passover balsamic vinaigrette dressing (not sure how it'll be...), and a few other things. Interesting to look at their regular kosher sections. There are a lot of them. Some are mixed with other sections. 

Went shopping on Saturday. Got a new pair of jeans, 2 new shirts, and one other thing. Nice.:iconchibihungaryplz:Apparently, I'm in between sizes for jeans. I'm close to going down another size. Things in this current size are pretty baggy, especially at the butt. The size smaller feels just a bit too tight. Not sure, though.:iconwtfromanoplz:Especially after one of the cashiers for that section said you'll want to get something that's really snug, because apparently with each wash the jeans loosen up. That actually makes some sense. But, it's still too close to call right now. Need to lose just a little more, and I'll be a bit more comfortable with it. If I can get back into my exercise/eating routine and stick with it, it should be relatively quick/easy. But, I'm amazed at what I can fit into now. Even with not entirely following that routine. (I only stopped because I was sick, and it hasn't really been that long.) I usually like the bell-bottom styled jeans, but they didn't have any left.:iconraivisplz:Not used to a 'tapered' leg one. But it's petite this time, so I don't have to roll it up at the bottoms. I'm still probably more 'petite' than they expect because it's a bit baggy at the ankles. But, I like that kind of baggy. The butt's still baggy, but it doesn't seem to slide down as much.:iconseychelles-plz:It's also a little lighter in color than I'm used to. The shirts fit pretty well, and they're at a smaller size than what I used be. Yay! Wore the new short sleeved purple V-neck one on Monday. Feels nice. (And, very similar to another shirt I have.) The other one should be interesting, too. It feels really soft, it's short sleeved, dark-ish blue, long, has somewhat of a pattern at the neckline, and kind of flowy. 

Managed to find the CD that goes to the Haggadot we'll use for Passover. Made a playlist out of the songs/prayers that I'm more familiar with. One of them I'll use just as a reference for something. But, I put the playlist to my mp3 player, so I can use it during the seder. Should be easy, and the sound from my mp3 player's pretty good. I love the way it sounds with headphones, and without.:iconthailandplz:When it's without, it has a little stand so the speakers are a little more free. By the way, it has 6 speakers, 4 in the front and 2 in the back. It's pretty nifty. I think their songs are a lot better than what Mom used with a cassette tape. With that one they were mostly hokey. This one almost sounds like the people from Fiddler on the Roof are with you.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Kind of theatrical sounding in parts. I like that they have all of the 'short' version of the Birkat Hamazon recorded, so I could just follow them for it. (Birkot Hamazon are the blessings after the meal. Lit. Blessing on Nourishment.) I sometimes get confused with the melodies.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Their version of Adir Hu is like a very slow lullaby, like they're trying to get the kids off to bed. (It's a song at the very end.) Hopefully, it won't put us to sleep at the table. But, it sounds nice.

Fairy Tail is back!:iconfinallyplz:I'm so happy!:iconlachoirplz:I watched the first episode of this new season yesterday. The art does seem slightly different, and I could have sworn some of their voices sounded different. The art's supposed to be closer to the manga's, but I can barely tell. They apparently have the same voice actors. Maybe they told them to change it up a little?:icondontunderstandplz:It's weird. I know that they were thinking of dropping Lucy's voice actress for a while there, but they kept her. Which is good. It would've been nice that after being on hiatus for a year, they'd give us more than one episode...:iconlietplz:But, I'm happy with any. I'm hoping it continues for a while. They crammed a lot into this one. There was a rumor that it'd be a 'retelling' of the whole series. But, that's incorrect. They're just continuing from where they left off with the Grand Magic Games. Learned more about the dragons and dragon slayers. There were some dragons who wanted to live in peace and harmony with humans, and some that were totally against it, so a war broke out between them. The dragons who sided with the humans taught them how to become dragon slayers, in order to help them fight the opposing dragons. Apparently, these dragon slayers eventually will become dragons themselves. One of them did in the past, and wiped out most of the population of dragons living at the time. He's the same dragon that attacked the guild while they were training on a special island. They couldn't defeat it, and were forced to time travel to escape him. He's coming back, and they're calling him the 'Dragon King' now. Very interesting. So, Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel might turn into dragons in the future? I wonder if this somehow has to do with the fact that the dragons who raised them disappeared all in one day. It'd be cool to find out.

I've been studying more of my kanji and vocab online on JapaneseClass' site the last couple of days. I'm going pretty quickly up the ranks. And, my overall grade is going up. Yay! I might write it out more soon, too. I learn even more about kanji by writing them out, looking at all the definitions, etc. Both of these methods have really helped me. Hope to go through more grammar and sentence structure stuff in the future as well. Really need to go over that more.:iconberwaldplz:
I recently changed the look of my avatar on Gaia. I really like how she turned out this time. I got some new stuff from their shop called CrosStitch. I don't think I've ever gotten anything from that shop before. The clothes/accessories are all made by other users. There's a contest every couple of months where users can send in their design for it. Some have been candy based, some Steam Punk, etc. Really interesting idea. From that shop she's wearing a strawberry and milk chocolate gown (which has cookies in the back, too), gear soldier boots (from their recent Steam Punk theme), and a 'Royal-tea Par-tea' hat. I've had those black gloves for a while. The tea cup was a free item from when Prince William and Kate got married. I love when they just give free items out to commemorate some sort of event in real life. Although, free items in general are good. The other part to the item is you can hold a piece of cake instead. I also changed her hairstyle. I like it a lot more than the other one. I mostly just go on there to hang out in the forums. But, I noticed I had a little bit more gold, and didn't really like my look at the time. So, I changed it. Doesn't take much time to do. They've made a new store, but it's only for Gaians who've been on it for a certain amount of time. It's called Loyal's Bazaar. It's a gold shop, but everything's extremely expensive. If you've been on Gaia for at least that amount of time, you get access to the shop and a guild. It's nice, but I kind of wish prices would go down. Maybe in the future. They said they might listen to us more in that guild, since we're 'loyal' to them. So, we'll see. Sounds like an experiment.:paranoid:

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