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Sung by Saori@destiny. It's a cover of Kyogo Kawaguchi's song of the same name. I think this version is much better. Her voice is amazing and calming. It's about always being by someone's side, even through the happy and sad times. Sakura means cherry blossom(s), by the way. Saori@destiny started off as a street performer in Akihabara, early 2007. Her debut song was used in an online game. Her songs are cool and interesting. Still new to her, so there might be more of her songs that I like. 

Friday was a crazy, but awesome day!:iconus-xdplz:We went to the mall to get some jeans for me. The ones that I had were starting to get holes in them. Plus, they were getting pretty loose. Found out that I had lost enough weight to go down a size!:dummy:I can't believe it. I've gone down at least 3 sizes since my heaviest weight.:wow:That's pretty cool. Wearing my new jeans now, after I washed them. They're still a bit roomy. So, maybe I'm in between a size right now. Not quite enough to go down again one full size. I'll get there, though.:iconberwaldplz: 

Then, I had my first pedicure. First time getting nail polish on my toenails, too. So, they said I had 'virgin' nails.:iconseychelles-plz:Also, the person who worked on my feet kept telling me how tiny my toes were. After the nail polish, all of them except my big toes looked like tiny dash marks. Kind of funny. I was worried about my big toes, but the pedicurist said that the only problem she could see was that my body had produced too much skin under those nails. So, it was making them very painful, discolored, and weird looking. She cleared them out of the extra skin. There was so much of it, that I ended up bleeding when she was done with that part. Very painful.:iconlietplz:They do feel a bit better now, but I think they're still healing. I decided on a sparkly kind of dark teal color. She told me it reminds her of mermaids. Really nice looking color. Also, might have another sell of Alliance. Another pedicurist was very interested in it when I talked about it. So, yay! 

After that, I attended another Friday night service on OneShul. This time, I really felt more connected with it. The person who led it had a lot of the same views on things. He was also interesting, because he was a Sephardic Jew, and into shofars. A lot of the music he had throughout the service had shofars, and had a Sephardic influence. Really cool and moving.:iconchibiaustriaplz:The topic after the service part was on idolatry. Which, sadly, I couldn't stick around for. 

Went to a support group meeting, and had a late dinner out with the group. One of the members decided to pay for everyone's meals. We weren't a small group, either. Very nice of her.:iconfrancisplz:I got their 'Tacoma Dome Dip'. It was a big French dip sandwich with garlic and parmesan fries on the side. The sandwich was packed with beef, had a little cheese on top of that, some horseradish sauce, all on a ciabatta-like bun. The dip part was really good, although slightly saltier than I'd like. She told us that she'd buy everyone dessert as well, and urged us to get some. Dad and I shared a humongous chocolate cake. It had a huge pool of extra icing on the side, and a scoop of ice cream on both sides of the cake. We only ate half the cake and all the ice cream, and took the rest home. I had the rest of it for breakfast this morning, and the extra icing had turned into fudge. Really good stuff.:iconchibispainplz:

On our way back to the car, a lightening storm had started. We got home at around 12:20am that night. I was really tired, but thought the storm was cool to watch on our way. Not too cool that it kept going when I tried to finally sleep. Lots of bright flashes, and a heavy downpour. Plus, my ears and sinuses were acting up because of the pressure. I have a Eustachian tube problem in my ears, and it only gets worse when there's a change in pressure or there's too much of it. It's pretty painful, and felt like my head was going to explode.:iconromanoplz:

My computer mouse was dying, so we got a new one. It's wireless this time, which should be interesting. It's very fast, so I had to adjust the settings. Also got a real mouse pad. I had made a makeshift one out of a notepad. Worked for a while. But, that mouse from before had made some burn marks and holes in it.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:First time using a mouse pad, and so far it's pretty good. 

In Namonaki Doku, it was the conclusion of part 1. I thought it would be more exciting and complex at the end. But, it was kind of anti-climatic. The death of the chauffeur was really an accident. His daughter wasn't kidnapped when she was 4. And apparently, the younger sister was seeing the older sister's fiance. Just kind of a bland ending of it.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Hopefully, the next part will be more interesting. It's about someone literally poisoning people. (I say literally, because the English title is Nameless Poison. The first part was referring to 'poison' figuratively.) A woman is putting poison in drinks at convenience stores. She's had 4 victims so far. Not knowing her background too well, the company hires her to replace the intern that is going to be studying abroad. Sounds more exciting already. 

In Kaichou wa Maid sama, Misaki and Usui grew even closer. They had entered a butler contest. The people who were behind it were thinking of buying off Maid Latte. So, Misaki thought she could make them back down if she won. She had to hide the fact that she was a girl in order to participate. Her partner ended up being Usui. He tried his best to win, and to keep her from hurting herself. He ended up badly injured after he stopped her from falling. He still went about things like everything was fine. Even played his violin while in agony. I think it was the first time Misaki stopped him and actually worried about him. After she told him to stop and gave a short speech to the people behind it, they let them go and agreed to leave Maid Latte alone. After that, Misaki went over to Usui's place to see how he was doing and take care of him. She found out that he lives alone in an apartment. I kind of want to know more about him. 

In Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Kiri was discharged from the hospital. They found out who the next Order Made Author would be. Don't really know much about him yet. But, couldn't they have waited until he was at least out of the hospital? They managed to sneak out without being noticed. Kiri said that he doesn't want to fight anymore. I think he'll have to soon. 
Studied more of the compounds for . 神学 or しんがく (shingaku): theology. 神官 or しんかん (shinkan): Shinto priest. 神経 or しんけい (shinkei): nerve, sensitivity. 神社 or じんじゃ (jinja): Shinto shrine. 神髄 or しんずい (shinzui): true meaning, mystery, essence, quintessence, soul, core, kernel. Translated more of a You Maga article. 

Read an article in Japanese on Asahi's site. It was on the filming of the sequel to the live action movie version of Rurouni Kenshin. I haven't seen the first one that was put out last year. Only seen snippets of the anime. I know it's a classic. Just haven't gotten to it. Maybe in the future I'll watch the whole thing. The live action movies look interesting, too. Just like I feel like some day I should watch Ranma 1/2. I've only seen parts of that one, too.

Today, I started doing 60 sit-ups twice a day for the week. I'm surprised I was able to do that many this morning. I wonder how long I'll be able to keep adding on 5 sit-ups (for both times) each week?:iconchibiswedenplz:It'll be fun to find out. Last time I got up to 65 sit-ups twice a day, and then was forced to stop because of that weird cyst thing. Now I don't have that problem...:iconkikuplz:I'm hoping to add an extra walk to my day tomorrow. So, I can do the 4 miles thing, and see how it goes. If it's not that bad for me, I can keep it up. It'll probably make me lose weight, and feel even healthier, faster. Still sticking to my way of eating. 

3 cool and creepy Pandora Hearts amv's (first one has some scenes from Kuroshitsuji, as well): 

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