Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just Like That


By Meg. This is the Japanese singer, not the Italian one of the same name. The song's kind of fun and jazzy. To me, it sounds like some sort of cover. But, it's really good either way. It's all in English. The last one I put up that was hers was 'Beautiful'. Totally different feel, but that shows how talented she is. Found out about the Italian artist of the same name, and she's pretty good too. I'll put up one of her songs soon, as well.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Did my first 2-mile walk for the day this morning. I normally just do one around sunset. It was already starting to really warm up as I walked. So, I was sweating like crazy about halfway through.:iconwtfukplz:I was good this time though, and put sunscreen on before I left. Doesn't smell very good, but I'd rather have that than get a burn.:iconswissplz:I'll do my 2nd walk maybe after dinner or a little later. If I can do both of them each day, including my sit-ups, it'd be awesome!:iconberwaldplz:

When I got back, I put nail polish on my fingernails. Now I have both sets of nails painted. Yay!:dummy:I decided to do 2 different types together. One's kind of a bland mauve-like solid color, and the other's purple with glitter. Normally the glitter one doesn't show up too well by itself. With both of these combined, it looks pretty cool.:iconchibihungaryplz:

In Akuryo Byoutou, Runa finds out that Asahi is having the same exact nightmare. The nightmare starts off with the back of a woman bent over in a white kimono with fog around her and a full moon. She slowly stands up, turns around, and opens her mouth to reveal black gnarly looking teeth. Kind of weird. As this has progressed, I'm wondering if Runa and/or the rest of the staff are even alive or real. A lot of Japanese horror stories do that sort of thing at the end. But, maybe it'll be different. Everyone but the doctors have seen some form of a ghost. Each were different ones. They don't believe it, but the occurrences are happening more often. Most of the rest of the nurses think something is up with Runa. Like she brings bad luck, because horrible things seem to happen around her. The patients are even wary of her. But, Asahi seems to not be phased by it. At the end of this episode Runa finds out her friend, who was investigating the abandoned ward, had an accident and may have died. I say may have, because she saw her 'ghost' as she was being rushed into the ER. Same thing happened to one of her patients that died shortly after. The only problem I have with Runa is her posture. Wish she would straighten up a bit, but I think that's just part of the character. She's kind of creepy that way. The actress who plays her is amazing!

In Hitman Reborn, nothing much more happened. The Vongola Guardians are still looking for Irie. They're all in the midst of battle, though. It's kind of slowing them down. Meanwhile, Tsuna's been stuck with Spanner. He seems to be against the Millefiore. He wants to help Tsuna perfect his X-Burner. Right now he's fixing a pair of contacts for the eyes that'll help guide Tsuna to the best position. But, Tsuna has to wait until he's done. He's getting anxious, and wants to help and protect everyone. I'm really liking this story arc. Very interesting and complex. 
In Akaya, they find out that the people who used to be close to the kindergarten principal that was 'spirited away' (actually eaten), don't remember him but feel a deep sadness and loneliness. Like something is missing, but they don't know what. Yue and the others don't know why they remember him so well still. Towards the end of the chapter, a strange man showed up in front of them in a field as they investigated the area. Yue looked startled. First time he's looked that way. Its been very interesting so far. 

Played my clarinet. Did a couple of jazz tunes, and a lot of klezmer tunes. Might have rushed a couple of the klezmer ones a bit. But, wasn't too bad this time. 

Wrote more of the 2nd short story to my nightmare anthology. It's sounding a bit 'different' compared to my normal way of writing. But, interesting nonetheless. I kind of feel like each story will be told in a slightly different way.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

Planned more of my drawing of all my characters out. Found some things to refer to for proportions. Looked for a simple meme to fill out, but didn't find any that caught my eye. Oh well. 
Studied more compounds for the kanji: . 神気 or しんき (shinki): the elements, spirit, mind, divinity. 神話 or しんわ (shinwa): myth, legend. 神聖 or しんせい (shinsei): holiness, sacredness, dignity. 神託 or しんたく (shintaku): oracle. 神通力 or じんつうりき (jintsuuriki): supernatural power, divine power, magical power. 神殿 or しんでん (shinden): temple, sacred place, shrine, sanctuary. 神道 or しんとう (shintou): Shinto. 神秘 or しんぴ (shinpi): mystery. I'll finally get to start studying another kanji next time.:la:It has a ton of compounds, too. But, compounds help me in more ways than one. So, it's very good to do them. 

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