Wednesday, August 14, 2013

National Creamsicle Day!


I love creamsicles!:iconitalyplz:The orange ones are the best! Perfect for a day in August. Although, today seems to be a bit cooler than it has been. I'd still have one, if offered. 

Managed to do both walks yesterday and today!I'm surprised by how many people walk in the morning. I think I'm meeting people I've never seen before. Kind of interesting. Decided that I'll try to do my first walk as soon as possible after breakfast. Kind of before it starts to really warm up. Then, my 2nd one at or around sunset. When things are cooling off. Perfect times, I think. 

Went out to lunch today. Had an interesting hamburger. It had feta, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, pesto, a beef patty, and a regular burger bun. Pretty good, except it had way too many sun-dried tomatoes.:iconwtfromanoplz:It also came with a few kalamata olives on the side, and a pickle. I asked for onion rings with mine, instead of the regular fries. Had some iced tea with it. All together it was pretty good. The menu had the burger with 2 patties and red onions. I think that's way too much meat, even though I'm eating only half of it.:iconkikuplz:I hate onions, unless they're cooked to nothing or battered and fried. Or, chopped finely into a dish. Red onions especially taste a bit weird to me. It's like a texture and raw taste thing. 
Today, I started watching Kakushou. Which is literally 'Conclusive Evidence' or 'Positive Proof'. Very interesting so far. Akiho Takeda is assigned to the 3rd division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. They normally deal with things like theft. On her first day of work, a robbery takes place at a jewelry store in Shibuya. The case is handed over to the 1st division team. They think they have more of a say on things, and she wanted to join them. She goes to the crime scene anyways. She suspects someone who's also looking intently at the scene, and runs after him. After arresting him and asking who he was, she finds out that he's really apart of the 3rd division. He's a veteran detective named Shuichi Hagio. They become partners after that. I like how he calls her Omae-san, which is Ms. You, the 'Ms.' part is formal, and the 'you' part is informal. She sometimes calls him old man. He said it was his first time being paired up with a woman, and that he still respects her as a fellow detective. As long as she can stand that he's an 'old man'. I like how he tries to be really respectful to her. When another detective kept calling her something similar to young lady or missy instead of her name, Hagio stepped in and said that it was rude and he won't tolerate it. He only calls her Omae-san sometimes because of how they met. He tends to not say much at crime scenes, just takes all the facts in. Then, tries to think like the thieves. He doesn't make assumptions passed what the evidence tells him. Also, the second robbery at another store was assigned to them, since they thought it was unrelated. But, the 3rd division suspects they are related. The episode ended with a 3rd jewelry heist, and at that one someone was murdered. The rest of the divisions want the 3rd's help now. 
The chapter I read of Tripeace was really long.:iconseychelles-plz:Even the author commented at the end about it. Almost felt like it'd be the last one, but it's not. Nana saves everybody with the help of everyone else. The leader of Tripeace narrowly missed being killed by the Xyece army. Shiro is still alive. Belial came to his senses and stopped attacking everyone within sight. It really did feel like it was wrapping up. But, there's still a lot of things left unanswered, so there must be more story arcs in the future. I still want to know more about who Nana really was before he had amnesia. I know that he was apart of Tripeace back then as well, but he seemed ruthless and pretty scary. Totally different personality. Wonder what changed him...Maybe I'll find out if I keep reading it.:iconchibiswedenplz:It's a very good and quirky manga. Seems like it's very underrated. Started another anime, but I'll give it another episode to see if I like it. 
Today, I started studying the kanji: . If pronounced as しん (shin): truth, reality, genuineness; seriousness. As (ma): (prefix) just, right, due (east); pure, genuine, true; truth. As まこと.に ( indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite. 青写真 or あおじゃしん (aojashin): blueprint, plan. 真っ暗 or まっくら (makkura): total darkness, pitch dark; bleak future, poor prospects. 真っ向 or まっこう (makkou): directly opposite, right in front. 真っ黒 or まっくろ (makkuro): pitch black. 真っ青 or まっさお (massao): deep blue, bright blue; ghastly pale, pallid, white as a sheet. I'll study more of its compounds next time.  

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