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By Blur. It sounds so simple, yet cool. The only lyrics are 'Jets are like comets at sunset' repeated over and over. It also is probably one of the most Gorillaz sounding songs from them. The sax solo is a bit odd. The bass is amazing. Blur formed in London in 1988. This year, they received a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. The main singer, Damon Albarn, along with the artist Jamie Hewlett, created the animated band Gorillaz. From 2005 to 2007 Blur was mostly on hiatus, and that let Albarn focus his attention on Gorillaz. (One of the members left the group from '01-'07.) This album was actually released in 2003. The sessions for it were in Marrakesh, Morocco, and in Devon back in the UK. 

I'm feeling pretty crappy. It might be weird to some to read this, but I'm going to put it up anyways.:iconhongkongplz:(It's just what people have to deal with, so I'm not worried too much about sharing it.) My monthly friend is late, and I'm feeling worse as time goes by. If it ends up becoming 2 weeks, I'm going to see someone. I haven't had any weird ones since they gave me an IUD, so this is making me a bit worried.:iconraivisplz:They always say it could just be stress. (Also, adding more exercise and changing your eating habits can mess it up as well.) But, I don't know. Before the IUD, I went for 8 months straight with no breaks whatsoever. I was becoming very anemic. I don't want it the other way around. 

I've been keeping up with my sit-ups. And, went on one of my long walks tonight. Didn't go as far as what I'm planning to do regularly. But, I'll eventually get there. The moon was bright and beautiful. Clouds were multi-layered and swirling around the moon. Really nice to see. Also, trying to keep up with my new way of eating too. It's working so far.

Cartoon KAT-TUN, on Wednesday, was interesting. They featured extra scenes from their Okinawa trip. In a way, I think it made it more interesting that it was windy and raining so much. Would have been nice if it was sunny, but they did things they wouldn't have done otherwise. Funny, when they tried to play golf in the rain. (It was like a monsoon type rain.) Also, the shops they visited were very interesting. I kind of want to visit that area now. Probably was their intention...:iconkikuplz:I already want to go to at least Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Sapporo, Kobe, and a few others. But, those are the main ones. 

Didn't go to the cafe this week, because I had a psychiatrist appointment. She's so sweet. I told her I didn't like the therapist I tried last time. But, that was the last one on staff who was female. I've gone through all the other female ones. (A lot of the ones I liked have retired or transferred.) Didn't have too many good experiences with male therapists, so I want to stick with the female ones.:icontinoplz:So, it looks like I'll be trying some in Seattle. Sad that there isn't more mental health people on this side of the water.:icongermanyplz:But, my psychiatrist said she's available if I do need someone to at least talk to. She wants to make sure I'm doing well on that front too. Not just the meds. She told me that they cut the time for patients to see a psychiatrist down to 15 minutes. Which is crazy! She always allows more time than that. And, this time it was 45 minutes. Almost the amount of time they give for a therapy session. 

Finished watching Perfect Blue, last Tuesday. It was very predictable, and dragged at times. It wasn't the best, but wasn't the worst. It still had it's moments that kept me watching. Turned out Perfect Blue is a doping drug, that they experimented with little kids on a baseball team without them knowing, about 10 years ago. It had horrible hazardous affects. And, it was virtually undetectable at the time. Kayoko's father was going to expose the company who made it. He was murdered to cover it up. But, he left behind a sample of the drug, where no one thought to look. In a stuffed bone that they thought originally was a toy for Masa. I knew what was in it as soon as they showed it. Masa wouldn't play with it, because he knew what was in it, too. (He's a retired police dog. He could sniff out the drugs.)

Watched Hana Yori Dango 2, today. It was kind of annoying this time. Doumyoji and Makino were finally together again. He fell, and got amnesia. The only thing he can't remember is Makino. A girl, named Umi, who was at the hospital tried to befriend Makino. Then, once she saw Doumyoji, she kind of pushed her to the side. When Doumyoji told her that he really wants to remember, she told him to forget about it. That if he doesn't remember, it's not important. She really stepped into Makino's shoes when Makino left homemade cookies for Doumyoji and he remembered something. He said that he remembered he was in love with a girl who gave him similar cookies before, but he couldn't see her face in his memories. He said that Umi must be the person he was in love with, and she went along with it. Rui didn't like her from the beginning. I also suspected something fishy when I first saw Umi. The next episode is the finale. Then, there's a special. Hopefully, he remembers soon, because it's getting really tiring. Even Rui looked tired from it. I still think Rui's a better match.

Wrote a little more of chapter 19 of Alliance, on Tuesday. Hoping to get around to more tonight. I don't know why I've hit somewhat of a wall. I just have to think more about it. Usually my best ideas come when I think lightheartedly about the story. Like what would happen if I do this or that? Ah! I have an idea! And, then I run with it. Sometimes, I can't write fast enough when that happens.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I've been thinking about other stuff lately, so that might be why I'm having a little writer's block. 

Got some more info on the New Year's Eve party. Lots of people I'll know, so far. And, sounds like there will be a lot of food. And, with me possibly bringing games, there will be a lot of things to do. Sounds like fun!:iconfrancisplz:

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