Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clubbed to Death


From the Matrix soundtrack. One of the coolest songs from it. This one is actually a darker version of the original mix, called the Kurayamino variation. The original mix doesn't sound as 'epic'. It came out in 1995, but this version came out when the Matrix came out in 1999. And, was re-released as a single with new remixes in 2002. Kind of interesting. I loved a lot of the music when I watched the Matrix movies in the theater. Really set the mood, and very well done.:iconchibihungaryplz:

When I woke up this morning, everything was covered with a blanket of snow. Last time I heard, it was 2 inches in this area. But, we don't get snow that often. Most of the day its been a mix of rain and snow, so things have been slowly melting. But, occasionally, especially as we get colder, the snow flakes have gotten larger. So, don't know if it will melt all the way, or if there will be more tomorrow. They said most likely there's a slight chance of more snow in the morning, but it'll change to rain later. Funny how it only hit a few places in the area, and we were one of them.:iconkikuplz:But, we're in a convergence zone, so not that surprising. I think it's beautiful and nice to look at. But, after a while, it gets old. Fun to be in for like 5 minutes at most. 

Since it snowed, and looked really nasty out, I decided not to go to the cafe this week. I won't go next week either, because I have a psychiatrist appointment. Oh well. Went to Dad's support group yesterday. Didn't have as many people as we were expecting. Although, it is just before Christmas for the ones who celebrate it. So, makes sense on that front.:iconchibicanadaplz:Had a very energizing and interesting conversation there. Then, we all went to Shari's for a very late dinner. I had their cinnamon bun French toast with a caramel sauce and toffee nuts. It was huge! So, I ate half and took the rest home. I've been doing that a lot lately when I go places. It's better for me. I don't need all those calories at once.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:(Plus, I get to enjoy it again at some point!) Anyways, the French toast was amazing!:iconchibispainplz:One of the few things I've actually really liked from them. 

On Cartoon KAT-TUN, they had one of the actresses from Monsters. (This was actually a few years before that show. But, she was popular then too.) It was interesting to see her 'real' or offset self. She's very proud to be, as she said, chubby and cute. I like when people feel comfortable in their own skin, and don't want to become something they're not. Like focus so much on dieting, and being as thin as possible like some actresses do. Try to look like what society views as 'perfect'. Anyways, they also played a game of badminton against another celebrity. (They didn't really say much about her.) The celebrity won. If they lose a certain amount of times against a guest, they have to be 'punished' in some way. Usually through the 'smile' athletic events. 

Fairy Tail's getting interesting with the tournament. It's at a point where an episode feels like a minute. It's one of their better arcs. Supposedly, Lucy might 'awaken' and while she sings the town will crumble. According to Carla's premonition, and hints from one of the knights watching the games. Wendy is still unconscious. Natsu managed to get some points for his team, even if he was one of the last ones. Apparently, most high level dragon slayers have motion sickness. Everyone knew about Natsu's, but Gajeel has it now too. So does one of the members from another team, Sting. I love Natsu's perseverance through everything. He never gives up. He also made an awesome speech about it, and how he wants to repay the other members of the guild for protecting it for 7 years while they were gone. Next, Elfman goes against one of the most powerful mages in the tournament. 

Played my clarinet. Went over the Klezmer tunes I've been working on for the last couple of days, and a couple more. It's really interesting to hear how some play them. Found a really old recording of one of them on Youtube. It was very interesting to hear the original players for some of these songs. I could tell it was old too, because of the fuzzy record sound every few seconds. Sounded even better today.:iconthailandplz: 

Went over another kanji and some compounds. Thinking about having the potstickers we got from Trader Joe's recently, for dinner. I actually forgot about them. We also got some sauce to go with it. (Almost forgot about that as well.:iconswissplz:) That should be really tasty! Might throw in some vegetables on the side, too. At least make it semi-healthy.

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