Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garlic Day!


I love garlic!:iconfrancisplz:To have at least a day devoted to it is pretty awesome! It's also Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day. 

Met my new therapist. He was very nice. Seemed a little tired, but that could be because it was so late in the day. He facilitates an anxiety and depression group. They actually set goals each week, talk about them, and some become friends through it. There's 2 other groups under the same program that are at different times and days. He said those groups don't do as much as his, though. I might think about it.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Especially because they're not doing stuff like saying 'oh, woe is me!' He seems very positive. Also, a bit overwhelmed with what's going on in my life.:faint:

Narrowed down some ideas of what I might work on for drawing. A meme that's really long, but tells an interesting story with a lot of my original characters. Another meme based on what certain oc's might like for different genres of music. Like, do they like rock more than classical. And, to draw them in certain clothes for it. Like if they like punk, make them have a punk look. Kind of interesting.:iconchibihungaryplz:Also, after I'm done with drawing my dragon (which will be soon), I might work on a cover page for my manga. Or, I could work on the landscapes from the story. Plus, I didn't like the way Junko came out the first time, so I could re-draw her. So many choices!:la:I've also kept up with my writing. I'm close to finishing my current chapter already. Just mainly editing it at the moment.:work:

I'm thinking of actually going through my long recipe list, to search for things I might be able to make next week. I realize the thing with my shoulder will still limit me, but I'm sure I can find something.:iconchibinitalyplz:It might be easier to go through now that I'm making an index of it all. It'd be fun to do something like one of the drinks or breads. Not sure what I can really do.:iconseychelles-plz:

Speaking of my shoulder, I have that orthopedist appointment next Tuesday. They'll give me a shot of cortisone then. I'm hoping it works really quickly, so I can get back to things sooner.:iconberwaldplz:When I feel better, I'm hoping to re-tire my bike and get a new helmet. I really want to get back into it, plus play some basketball, and do more walks. Stuff I used to do all the time.:iconthailandplz:Maybe I'll get more in shape. (Plus, losing even more weight would be great too.:iconheroamericaplz:

A few days ago I found a hair straightening lotion. It's really been great so far. Doesn't totally straighten my hair. Which is great, because I don't want it to. I would still like some 'body' or waves to it. Also makes my hair feel so soft, and smells nice.:iconchibicanadaplz:

A hilarious clip from Gintama:

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