Monday, May 29, 2017

National Hamburger Day!

This holiday was actually yesterday. Hamburgers are great! There are so many different kinds. Cheeseburgers are still one of my faves, even though it's not kosher. Lamb burgers are interesting, too. Today's Memorial Day.

It's been really warm lately. I didn't want to make it warmer in my room than it already was, so I didn't turn my computer on. My room ends up being the hottest in the house regardless of if my computer is on. I didn't post on here mainly because of that.

I did manage to write more of the memoir on my phone today. That was interesting. I think I managed to write more than I usually do. I started the 2nd chapter, and that topic is Judaism. The aro ace one ended up long, but not as long as I expected. 

I finished a drawing today. It basically personifies colitis. Kind of like if the colon were a person, how would their symptoms show on the outside. It's a bit more gory than I like to draw, but I think I like the results. Colitis is a nasty painful thing, so it'd make sense that it's gory. There are some really large ulcers, small ulcers, scarring, lots of blood on the floor as well as coming through a hospital gown they're wearing, the skin is semi-bright orangey red, they're wearing hospital slippers, and they have a hospital plastic bracelet on. I chose the skin color based on my first colonoscopy. When I looked at the images, the colon itself looked like an angry red color. The ulcers were a bright red color. It was similar to looking at a starry red sky. Pretty, but not good. I actually haven't had very much blood come out that's visible. It still bleeds internally during flares because of the ulcers. I tried to get the anatomy right, but their hands ended up a little too small, and their limbs don't quite look right. The more time I spent on those areas, the worse it looked. So, I just gave up on that. At least the anatomy was better than the last time I drew a full body of a character. I'm unsure what gender they really are. They are after all representing a colon. I suppose it depends on whose colon it is. I might get back into drawing more in the future. 

Managed to go through more kanji today. 唱 or しょう (shou) generally means chant, recite, call upon. 唱える or と.なえ (to.nae): to recite, chant; to cry, yell, shout; to advocate, advance, preach, insist. 合唱団 or がっしょうだん (gasshoudan): chorus group, choir. 焼 or しょう (shou) generally means bake, burning. 焼き or や.き: cooking (especially frying or stir-frying), heating; tempering; (suf) -ware. 焼く or や.く (ya.ku): to burn; to roast, broil, grill, bake, toast, barbecue; to heat, heat up; to make (charcoal, pottery, bricks, etc.), bake, fire, burn; to tan; to be jealous of, be envious. 焼ける or や.ける (ya.keru): to burn, be roasted, be heated, be sunburnt, fade (in the sun), glow red (i.e. of the sky at sunset); to be jealous. 手を焼く or てをやく (teoyaku): (expression) not know what to do with, to be at a loss with, to have difficulty with, to be put out.

I also recently read an article on Sora News 24 about Duolingo's language learning app adding Japanese. By the way, apparently the English version of Rocket News 24 has recently changed to that. Sora means sky. Duolingo has been known to be great to learn from with other languages. I was kind of half thinking about trying their Hebrew one a while back. The reporter said it was surprisingly good with just a few bugs. 

So, I decided download it. I like it a lot so far. I've already ran into a couple of bugs that I knew enough to catch. It's set up like a game. I think it's easier to learn that way. They go through matching flash cards (kanji to one of it's hiragana readings, katagana to hiragana, etc.), flash cards with pics and words to match what's said, translating sentences into English with 'cards', translating sentences from English into Japanese with cards, translating a Japanese sentence to English by typing it out, etc. There are chapters with several parts to them. There are check points. You have to keep the bars full for each chapter you go through. If you don't and don't make it to the next check point, you have to go back through everything from the last check point on. They keep track of words that you might need to practice more. I like that it goes over grammar and sentence structure. Most of the other stuff I've tried doesn't have that. Also, at a certain point you can apparently talk to their bot in Japanese. They'll keep a record and score how well you did on that. A little further in, you can actually speak to native speakers through it. That's really handy. It's already taught me quite a bit more than the stuff I was using before. Although, I did take a placement test beforehand and was able to skip some chapters. Why didn't they make this sooner? I still might try their Hebrew course in the future. They also have French, so maybe I can get back to that. They have Greek and Russian, too. One thing at a time, though. Oh, and this is far better than that JapaneseClass site I was using for a while. That's also set up like game, but it's much more limited. I spent about a year away from studying Japanese because of the pain I've been in. That app makes things easier, even with the pain. I still will try to get back to learning/writing out kanji on a regular basis.

I made a flyer for the local ace group. Made a post in the group sharing the doc. Maybe people will help with distributing them. It's not really fancy, but it's short and has semi-large font. People will see it easily. It has an ace flag at the top with a shading effect, the name of the group, description, meeting times, and mentions joining the facebook group for the location and more info. Basically all the important stuff. Should be interesting to see what happens next with that. I know for sure I'll put one up at the cafe we're meeting at this coming Saturday. I think someone mentioned a while back that they'd put some up at the local college.



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