Sunday, May 7, 2017

Herb Day!

The holiday was yesterday. Yay, a day for herbs! They make dishes even more amazing! Without them, it would be boring. When making variations of things not from a cookbook (like spaghetti/other pasta dishes, omelets, pizza, tuna/sardine dishes, etc.), I like to experiment with garlic, basil, chives, dill, oregano, rosemary, and so much more. It's fun. This way, I get a different overall flavor with those every time. 

I've used holidays and songs as titles, because I sometimes have a hard time coming up with titles. And, I don't want the titles to be too repetitive or boring. The holidays bring up interesting topics, and it's fun to learn about new songs/bands from around the world (mainly Jpop/Jrock/Cpop/Kpop, and some from European countries). Before that, the titles were actually quotes. Since I haven't looked much lately into new songs, I think I'll continue the holidays for some, and the date on the Jewish calendar for the others. It might not be as interesting, but it'll be something different. Plus, I'll most likely feel like posting more often. I don't think I'll go back to quotes. Although, those were interesting. At some point, I'll look into more music, though.

Went to my first Queerly Beloved gender variant show last night, called Have Your Cake. I've only been to, I think, 2 drag shows in the past. With one of them, it was at WSU. I think, it was during an Up All Night event. Beforehand, they had a workshop of what's involved with makeup, walking, clothing, etc. They had the women go to the drag king side, and men go to the drag queen side. I thought it was very interesting. Some of the members of that group actually were trans. I remember they said it was their way of safely being a theatrical version of who they actually are. They seemed very respectful about things, too. I know my ex-boyfriend at the time was extremely uncomfortable about the whole thing, and refused to see what the queens do. Kind of sad. I've seen one or 2 others at Pride events. 

Anyways, I like that this group actually calls it a gender variant show. Seems like you can be more creative and flexible with it. I know the founders, most of the performers, and some of the audience. So, that was cool to see. Many of the performers in this one are also trans. One of the founders' birthday was that day, so it was essentially a big celebration of it complete with cake. (Hence, the name, I think.) There was a cake walk, which was called a cupcake sashay. Haven't done that in a while. I was called up, but didn't win a cupcake. Dad did, though. They looked like they were nice and fancy. I think she won a chocolate one. There was also lemon and red velvet. When I was up there, it felt like not many people were actually sashaying. I was, so it kind of was funny. Plus, many of the songs that they played during the cake walk, I hadn't heard in years. Some used to be my faves. Very easy to get into that way.

It was an 18 and over show. So, there was some sexual humor/performances. I find that stuff amusing. The birthday person later went up to me, and after talking a little, seemed to think it would be too intense or something for me. They know I'm ace. Many people seem to see me as innocent or be easily disturbed by sexual stuff. I might look younger than I am too, but I'm not innocent. It takes a lot to make me feel uncomfortable about it. Being ace, it's like a gay person seeing someone of the 'opposite' gender acting 'sexy'. It'll just be like 'meh' to them, or interesting, or almost humorous, or uncomfortable if that 'sexiness' is directed at them. Think of it like that, only with everyone regardless of gender. I can act 'sexy' if I wanted to, but it's not a 'thing' for me. I find it amusing in many ways. I've joked about sexual things in the past, too. At junior high, high school, and college dances it felt like it was heavily sexualized. So, it's nothing new for me. At times, I just don't understand why there's such an emphasis on this in society. Another reason why it seems amusing. Their next show will be kid-friendly, so that would be interesting. We left before they served cake, but at least I had a slice of key lime pie when I got home.

There was also a recent comic I saw of an ace guy and a straight girl talking. The girl was talking about how a guy went into a strip club just to catch pokemon for Pokemon Go. She couldn't believe that a guy could do that, and asked him if he could. There was a slight pause, and she said: "Oh, right, you're ace..." He asked what kind of pokemon were there. This reminded me of that comic.

I might have looked like I hated it or was extremely uncomfortable, because I was in a lot of gut pain. Also, the spotlight kept shining in my face. Oh, and the beam near me blocked the view at times. I was in pain for the entire day, but the intensity came in waves. I'm still in some pain. I don't think it's as bad as yesterday, though. Most of the pain was in my stomach. Felt like horrible stomachaches and cramps. Also, like someone stabbed me several times with a hot poker in my stomach and intestines. Makes me wonder if I'm starting to actually flare. (Not just that something different I've been feeling for a year, and still don't know what it is.) I didn't want to eat today, but told myself I needed to. Things haven't tasted all that great, though. 

No one showed up to the local ace meeting yesterday. At least, I had a really tasty English toffee scone and iced vanilla chai. Their chais are really intense. I can't tell if it's like a sugar intense, the flavor is just very concentrated, or it might be overly caffeinated or something. I kind of like it, but it's like a punch in the face every time. For dinner, we went to a local fish place. I got their fish and chips. That's one of the things they're known for. We waited a long time, and then the bread arrived. Another long wait, and we finally got our food. Mine was swimming in grease. More so than usual. I expect some amount of grease, since it's all fried. The fish was too soft and falling apart. Couldn't pick it up with my hands. Didn't seem right this way. I had about half of it, and didn't think it was good enough to take the leftovers home. My stomach was close to its worst pain of the day while we waited for our food. It was horrid. 

Wrote a lot more of the memoir on Friday. It's interesting looking into my experiences with being aro ace, sharing info on what it means and about the communities, what kind of an aro ace I am, what brought me to the conclusion that I'm aro ace, reflecting on that romantic relationship, being oblivious to some guys who were into me romantically during junior high and high school, about flirting, and more. Looking at it from many facets. I might bring up questioning if I'm agender at the end of the chapter. Kind of feels like an interesting ride so far. I need to get back to writing Alliance 2, as well. I'm getting excited about both.

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