Monday, April 24, 2017

Yom HaShoah

Or, Holocaust Remembrance Day. It'll end tonight. I was really into learning about the Holocaust in my early teens. Now, not so much. I think I became desensitized to the stories/events over time. I still think it's important to never forget what happened. Also, to remember that many other groups were affected by it, too. Although, we seemed to be their biggest 'problem'. People who were LGBTQ+, the Romani, people with disabilities, etc. were some of the other big groups.

Promoted Sweet Endless Terror a bit more on facebook through its page and my new author page. Not surprisingly, that author page goes by my pen name: R C MacDonald. There's not much to it at the moment. I might make people hungry when they see it, considering I'm using one of my food pics as a cover photo. I guess that's not a bad thing, though. 

I also just started writing a sequel to Alliance. Not sure what I'll call it. At the moment, it's Alliance 2. I didn't come up with a name for Alliance until probably 3/4 of the way into writing it. With Sweet Endless Terror, I think it was after I wrote it. Before that, I referred to it as a Nightmare Anthology. Titles are weird. Sometimes, even with chapters, I won't have a title for them until after I write them. Other times, I might have the title before I write the chapter..I think it sounds interesting so far. Only got a couple of pages done. Even though I have notes from a little while ago, I'm still not used to actually writing again. I also have to flesh out those ideas, so it takes longer. I might write a memoir, too. Switching from one to the other, and back again. Normally, I just write one story at a time. Maybe this will keep both of them 'fresh'. Not exactly sure what the memoir's going to be like. Hopefully, these won't take me very long to write, too.

I had an appointment scheduled for today to see the gastroenterologist that did my colonoscopy, as a follow-up. For some reason, I was not feeling up to it. Also, the time was really weird. It takes about an hour to get there, and they wanted me there by 2:30pm. So, I emailed the Digestive Health Specialists Saturday morning, and this morning they cancelled it. 

I do need to see him soon, though. For me, today's the last day of taking azathioprine. So, I'm without a 'safety net' until I'm on a different med. The only meds left are heavier and more potent. They're all stronger immunosuppressants, too. I have a lot more risks for symptoms and complications with them. One of the options is Humira, which is through injections. Someone from a closed fb IBD group live-streamed the first time she self-injected it. Apparently, she said that nurses had to inject her for about 6 months, before she was allowed to do it herself. It looked scary just seeing her set everything up. Another option is Remicade. This one is through an IV infusion. I think I'd handle that better. Nurses hook you up to the IV, and you wait until you've gone through the bag. Kind of like I saw when my mom had chemo. People had snacks, brought books, and messed around on their smartphones while they waited. The chairs were comfy, too. Sometimes, it might need to go slower than normal, since some people's systems can't handle it that fast. I think for the first time, it has to be slow, because they don't know if it'll cause an allergic reaction. It's not often, either. Also, want to bring up the pain and lack of sleep with him. That hasn't been touched on, yet. (And, other symptoms I still have.) After I eventually see him, I have to make a phone appointment with my primary to update her on stuff, and figure out what to do from there.

The manga, Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler has been really intense with the current arc. Every time I think the arc has drawn to a close, something big happens. They managed to take down the group that was performing at the music hall. They found out that that group was collecting blood while people were passed out, and giving that blood to older rich politicians to keep them alive. If they took too much blood from people, and they died; they buried them. That group was also rounded up and sent to jail. Except, no one knows where Bravat, the leader, or Lizzy is. They think Bravat might have moved his 'operation' somewhere else. Lizzy, they know even less about. The most recent chapter, was really sad. One of the shortest, too. With the chapter before, Soma and his butler Agni were essentially watching over the mansion. Agni had put together and looked at a photo that Ciel didn't want anyone to see. He had ripped it into pieces, and threw it in the fireplace. He looked shocked by what he saw. Ciel had said it was a photo of the family when he was a little kid. There's this theory going around that Ciel has an evil twin, and it might have been his twin in the photo. I'm still not sure about that...Anyways, a visitor shows up, and it seemed like Soma recognized them. He let the visitor in, and they pulled out a gun. That chapter ended with a gun shot. With this chapter, it seems there are actually 2 visitors. One uses a gun, and the other a knife. Agni tries to defend Soma, and eventually throws him in a room. Agni closes the door, faces it, and holds the doorknob while the 2 visitors repeatedly stab and shoot him. Eventually, Ciel and Sebastian arrive, and find Agni still holding the doorknob, with lots of knives in his back. Apparently, he died that way. Soma survived, but I think his sunny disposition's going to change after this. They were really close. I think this shocked a lot of fans, too. Agni was an amazing character, and to have him killed off like that was disturbing. Maybe they can still somehow save him? I doubt it, but never know with this series. Soma's in the pic above. We still don't know who those visitors were.

Youtube (it's been a while, and youtube has been on a roll with suggesting interesting vids lately):

Fairy Tail:

Bungou Stray Dogs:



This is one of the best tributes I've seen for the series. It has scenes from all of the first 300 episodes:

Kekkai Sensen:

Pandora Hearts manga:

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