Sunday, October 23, 2016

First Day of Asexual Awareness Week!


It's also the 7th day of Sukkot. Israel ends it tonight, while the rest of the world ends it tomorrow night. This will be a shorter post than yesterday's. That post is what happens when it's been a while between posts.:iconkikuplz:

Anyways, today's the first day of AAW. I think I might try to do at least one thing for it each day. Today, I changed my profile pic on fb, and put an ace flag filter on it. I'm not used to putting filters on my profile pics. I thought the pic I took several months ago would look better with it. The other one, which is a few years old is much darker. So, I didn't think the flag would stand out as much. The old pic was from when I was much heavier. I've lost weight since my new profile pic, too. But, that old one had a much bigger difference to how I look today. 

The flag's colors/meanings are: Black- asexuals (or we usually call ourselves aces), Grey- greysexual (sometimes written as grey-asexual)/demisexual, White- sexuals (everyone else. Or, people who aren't ace or on the spectrum), and Purple- community. For saying 'sexuals', some aces call them allosexuals or allos, but allo is apparently similar to queer in French. Many have tried to come up with better terms, since allies are important, too. Some just say non-ace. It sounds a bit clunky, though. Some people who aren't ace don't like the word 'sexual' for themselves. However, once I think about it, sexuals makes sense. Just like we're asexual...Just leave the prefix off, and that's what you get. Other people are (something)sexual.:icontinoplz:It kind of reminds me of how trans people might call people who aren't trans, like myself, cis. I'm perfectly cool with that, it makes sense, and doesn't sound like it's putting me down in any way. But, some cis people think it's an insult. I like that it all comes together with the purple or community. 

Apparently, we call coming out as ace, as coming out of the deck. Instead of closet. There are some card related memes/humor/symbolisms. An ace of diamonds (the card symbolically) might be a demiromantic ace. An ace of spades, aromantic ace. An ace of clubs, greyromantic, or not sure what romantic orientation, ace. And, ace of hearts, a romantic ace. Romantic aces can be heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, panromantic, etc. Kind of fun. Also, some aces might wear a black ring on their right (I think) middle finger. Sometimes to let other aces know they are there. Like, a code. Or, to be just really out with it. Although, many people who aren't ace won't know what it means. 

There are quite a lot of vids I faved since the last time I shared. I tend to try and focus on a lot of things when I'm in a massive amount pain. Vids being one of those. So, a fun post this time about ace stuff and vids! Yay!:dummy:None of the vids are ace related, though. Might be in the future.

Bungou (Literary) Stray Dogs:

This one's hilarious! Some of it fits a little too well:

One of the best amv's I've seen for the last arc:

This one's basically a trailer for that entire arc. It crams almost everything in, in such a short amount of time:

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler):

Why not have a Halloween related one:

I really good mixed anime amv. I haven't watched a couple of them. It flows so well:

Mob Psycho 100:
The song fits surprisingly well:

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