Friday, September 30, 2016

Revamped Blog!


Did a huge overhaul of this blog.:dummy:First time modifying it since I started it.:iconhanatamagoplz:Really needed it. When I started, I didn't know what it would turn into. Didn't expect much, and was somewhat unsure how long it would be active. 

Also, thought it would be interesting at the beginning, to have quotes as titles for posts. This morphed into song titles and holidays. It was better to me than possibly just repeating titles or having boring ones.:iconpolandplz:Plus, I could share some of the songs I found. For the holidays part, I thought it'd be fun to learn about food related ones, about my religious holidays, etc. I still like these ideas for titles. Doing the quotes made the title too long, that's why I stopped doing them.:icontinoplz:

The template was so old, blogger wasn't really supporting it anymore.:iconawkwardplz:So, I applied a new one. It's made in such a way I can add my own pics to the background in the future. Totally different color scheme, too. I made it a lot wider than it was before. I had one column on the right side for 'gadgets', now there are two. With one, things started to get crowded and long. With two, it seems more even and not nearly as lengthy to me. They have the option of adding a third column, but I think that would be overkill.^^;

I also changed my avatar, and cleared out my About Me info. The avatar is one I use with several other sites. Made it a while back (didn't make the actual image, just cropped and resized it), and have loved it since. It's Hong Kong as a kid from Hetalia. One of my fave characters, and didn't appear much from what I've watched and read. The avatar before that was a 'chibified' version of Katsura from Gintama. Gintama's my fave anime. Katsura's not necessarily my fave from it, but I liked the mood of it. I've made other avatars in the past (again didn't actually create the images), and haven't used some of them yet. Maybe I'll change it in the future. The info for that About Me section seemed too wordy and got in the way. I did update my info on that, and people can still click the 'view my complete profile' link in that section to see it. It's a lot more succinct, too. 

Changed the flag counter, too. It didn't restart, but the old code was outdated. This looks more simple, too. I like seeing where people are from when they visit.:iconheroamericaplz:

Apparently, Blogger has decided to do away with the 'link list' gadget.:iconwtfukplz:So, I made a new 'fave links' list using a text gadget. If the link doesn't have the 's' in https and someone clicks it, it will now look for the link within the blog. They think http isn't as secure. People can still go to those links after being redirected to searching the blog for it. Just take out the url for this blog at the beginning and search. You'll still get to it. You can also search by the name of each link I posted. It's only a few that are like that. Blogger has also changed the 'search' feature to only search within this blog. I kind of like that, though. 

I decided not to add some of the links I had before, and added some new ones. One of the ones that I'm not listing anymore was my Wordpress blog. I haven't gone back to it since 2009.:iconusaplz:So, it's not active. One day, I might go back to it. It was about exploring Japan. Its culture, music, language, food, movies, and more. It was a lot more extensive than I remembered, when I briefly checked yesterday. The idea of it is still interesting. 

I added a few links on Judaism. JTA is more like a news site. Aish is orthodox centered, but has some interesting stuff. Aish means fire. My Jewish Learning is more neutral in its affiliation. There's lots of interesting articles about Judaism itself. It has some news, there are recipes, and more. I'm Reform, so good to have a link to their main site. Although, I'm still leaning a bit towards Modern Orthodox Judaism...That's a different story. They also list synagogues that live stream their services. That's handy for someone like me who's immunosuppressed. Especially during the High Holy Days. 

Added AVEN to it, too. Might think about adding the Asexuality Archive. Although, I'm not a big fan of it.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

Also, added PLM and CCFA. One's essentially patients sharing each others health info. You can record a lot of your test results, journal about how you're doing, make friends who are going through similar things, keep track of all your medical related stuff, there's a forum, etc. Pretty handy. I haven't been on there in a while, though. CCFA's a good resource for people who have IBD. They have lots of articles, webinars, a forum, videos, quizzes, and more. Just a giant hub of it. :iconchibigilbertplz:

I've also added direct links to my deviantART and Pinterest. That should be fun. I have a lot of art that I might not show in other places besides dA. Pinterest has a lot of interesting stuff. I'm getting more in touch with my 'style' fashion wise. There are some interesting recipes. There are a ton of other things that I pin. 

Updated my lists, too. Finished Fukigen na Mononokean or the Morose Mononokean. It was much better than I expected. I thought they'd address the special powers Ashiya suddenly had while in the Underworld for the first time. It was briefly, and he was very pissed off. Also, felt like there could easily be a 2nd season. So many other unanswered questions...Fuzzy was really cute!:iconchibihungaryplz:He was the first yokai or demon they exorcised, but he came back to basically be Ashiya's pet. He really cared for him. 

Finished reading The Forgotten by Faye Kellerman. It was pretty good. Didn't entirely like the ending, but I shouldn't say much about that, because I'll spoil it. Just in case anybody wanted to read it. The next one that I have of the series is Stone Kiss. Barely have gotten into this one. Luckily, it's also the next book in the series, so no skipping books this time!:la:I think I only have 2 more books of the series. 

Finished reading Tegami Bachi or Letter Bee. It had a very trippy end. It was pretty good. Felt like the manga would never end. I've watched both seasons of the anime as well. Very interesting series overall. 

Finished reading A+B or Angel+Blood. This one was extremely short. Could have gone on for a while, too. They introduced a couple of big characters, and ended it like that. Maybe it was axed before they got very far? It had a lot of potential. 

Almost done watching Servamp. Servamp is a combo of Servant and Vampire. It's better than I expected. The vampires were created by a human, and there's supposed to only be 7 of them. An 8th was made, though. (Not sure why yet.) All, except that 8th, have names that correspond to a 'sin'. The main one is Sloth aka Sleepy Ash. He's the oldest. These vampires have 'Eves' who are human. The Eves use them in battle. They're basically their slaves after they've made a contract. The vampires can turn humans who are on the brink of death into subclass vampires. They're not as powerful, but get enough of them, and they can do damage. The main vampires also turn into animals. Sleepy Ash turns into a cat, there's a hedgehog, there's a bat, there's a butterfly, etc. All 7 of the main, along with their Eves, are in a battle against the 8th vampire, Tsubaki. He has an army of subclasses, and I don't think he has an Eve. He's kind of crazy, and loves to kill humans. Some of the scenes he shows up in, it's raining blood. 

I might find some new emoticons in the future. It would've been great if Blogger had its own set.:icongermanyplz:Right now, I've been using some from dA. Getting kind of tired of them, though...We'll see. Might not be for a while.

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