Tuesday, September 6, 2016

National Cheese Pizza Day!


This holiday was yesterday. One of my fave types of pizza! It's awesome when it's something like 4-cheese pizza. I love cheese, so the more the better!:iconinloveplz:Some other toppings I like are: Greek (usually has artichokes, feta, pesto for the sauce, and kalamata olives), BBQ chicken, Alfredo, and spinach. It was also Labor Day. 

Went to a Chinese buffet for dinner last night. Kind of to celebrate Labor Day, and the end of summer. We were thinking about BBQ instead, but someone brought up Chinese buffet...:iconpolandplz:I wasn't even thinking about it, but once it was mentioned, I was leaning more towards that. Anyways, it was really good. I think I ate too much, even though I try to eat as little as possible at places like that. There was such a variety of food. Eating that much, but trying so many things, still adds up to quite a bit.:iconfeelingfullplz:Oh, there was also cheese pizza there. Not really Chinese, but it was really tasty. So, I kind of observed National Cheese Pizza Day, too.

The weather has been cooler than normal this past week. We went through some heatwaves just before it, so it was a relief at first. Now, it just feels really cold.:iconitsfreezingplz:Felt so cold one day, we had a nice fire in the fireplace. It's like fall already. Our highs are normally in the mid-70s this time of year, but we're in the low to mid-60s. That might not seem like much of a difference, but it's pretty chilly most of the day. We also went from at least the high 90s to this almost overnight. So, it might seem even cooler that way.

Started a new Jdrama a little while ago called Gu Ra Me: Minister President's Cook. It's really good so far. It reminds me of the French movie, Haute Cuisine. Kurumi is a very talented chef who trained in France. At the beginning of the show, she was working as a waitress at an expensive traditional hotel (ryokan). The Executive Secretary of the Prime Minister was a customer with another politician. The only food the politician was able to eat was prepared on the spot by Kurumi. This impressed the Executive Secretary, and he gave her the job of being the personal chef of the Prime Minister. There hasn't been one in 70 years. The chefs from the main kitchen hate her at first, it seems mainly because she's a woman. Then, they don't think she has enough experience. Also, that there shouldn't be 2 divisions. Making them feel inferior. Another reason is because the main chef on their side hates the idea of giving meaning to each dish. He says it's childish. Most of the dishes look amazing. Makes me a bit hungry after watching each episode. Somewhat get a taste of their system of government, too. 

Blew the shofar both this morning and yesterday. For yesterday, it was hard to get any sound.:iconwtfromanoplz:I only did a couple of short notes and stopped. Today, I was able to do a nice long one, and a few short. There's something about getting long notes out of it.:iconfrancisplz:

I finally get to wear my new jeans today.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:I usually wear them after the first wash, and yesterday was laundry day for me. It feels more cozy, and doesn't fall off my butt. More contained, I guess. I'm still surprised it fits, and seemingly so well.:iconheroamericaplz:

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