Tuesday, May 31, 2016

National Hamburger Day!


This holiday was on Saturday. Hamburgers are awesome!:dummy:There are so many different types out there. Even the burger itself can have different types of meat (turkey, salmon, chicken, buffalo, etc.), and there are vegetarian versions. Although, most of the time, it's with beef. The buns can change, too. There are so many different sauces/condiments and toppings out there. I actually had a hamburger for dinner on Saturday, so I unknowingly celebrated it.:iconseychelles-plz:I've been mulling over trying Red Robin's nacho tavern burger for a while. Their tavern burgers come with 2 patties. I thought that would be too much for me, and got it with 1. Turns out the patty was thinner than usual, there was a tiny dab of nacho cheese sauce, a slice of pepper jack cheese, a few tiny tortilla strips, a small slice of tomato, some lettuce, and a regular sesame seed bun. Quite possibly the flattest burger I've ever had from them.:iconwtfukplz:Disappointing, but probably best considering my stomach was acting up. I like having hamburgers at home, too. Usually with some sort of cheese, ketchup, honey mustard, and relish on an onion bun. I don't need much for it, and it's tasty. BBQ sauce, instead of ketchup, goes really well with it, as well.:iconheroamericaplz:

I've been having stomach and lower abdominal pain for the past 3 weeks.:iconohboyamericaplz:I think I mentioned it last time. Only, it sometimes feels like it's getting worse. After that week where I tried to do 3 of my 2-mile walks a day, my right knee has been in a lot of pain. Last night it felt like a stinging pain. Kind of like if someone stabbed me slowly with a dagger in the middle of my kneecap, and moved it around a bit.:iconwtfromanoplz:I noticed before going to bed that there seemed to be a lot of redness, like it was irritated. I've read that joint pain could be both a sign that the inflammation is back, and having IBD related arthritis. It's a different type of arthritis than what most people think of. Unlike rheumatoid, this one isn't likely to cause lasting damage. And, any damage that might occur can be reversible. It's also not usually happening to both sides at the same time. (Like, having both knees being affected, or both ankles, etc.) Usually it doesn't affect small joints. So, there are some good things about it. People do end up on similar meds. So, this might be a sign that I'm flaring again...:iconlietplz:It felt like I already was just beforehand. I might tell my gastroenterologist about all this if it keeps up. Although, I feel like she'll ignore it or something.

I also feel like someone is slowly pulling something very large and hard down my abdomen sometimes.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I'm not sure if it's through my small intestines or what. It's painful, though. Usually happens at night. I'm also very blocked up, and back to trying Miralax. Although, I'm using a cheaper version. (Miralax seems to be expensive.:iconhanatamagoplz:) This one is more smelly, and has a nasty taste. Even after I've stirred it up in some very hot tea for a few minutes. The taste reminds me a lot of the laxative I had to take as a prep for my colonoscopy. It's not as bad, but still reminds me of it.:iconawkwardplz:I had a very hard time keeping that one down, and didn't have nearly as much as they told me to. Took me about 15 minutes to drink it all after it had cooled down enough. Not good when your stomach already feels awful.:iconsighingplz:Hopefully it'll help, and I won't have to keep taking it for long. I've heard some people have been taking it every day for years. I know it's supposed to be gentle, but something seems off about using a laxative for that long.:iconkikuplz:I don't think most people are supposed to.

The washing machine stopped working Sunday night, so I decided to try washing my laundry in the bathtub.:iconherotimeplz:It takes a lot more energy. Quite a workout.:faint:I adapted some of what I found online about it. I looked at what each load's water temp was, and filled up the bathtub with water at that temp. (I might not have filled it enough for one of them.) Then, I poured in some detergent, and moved it around with gloved hands enough for it to get some suds. Then, I tossed the load in, made sure each piece was mostly covered with water, and let it soak for about 20 minutes. After that, I 'agitated' it by moving the laundry around with my gloved hands for 8 to 10 minutes. Kind of like what the washing machine does during the 'spin cycle'. I also squished it a bit against the sides of the tub, and made sure the detergent really got into it. Then, I let the tub drain while I had the laundry on the other side of the tub. Next, I took each piece of laundry separately, rinsed them under the faucet for at least a minute, tried to squeeze as much water as I could from it, and threw it in a large garbage bag. Finally, I took it downstairs to the dryer, and dried it like usual. Hung things that needed to be hung to dry, too. Luckily, the dryer is still working. I think my clothes and towels actually turned out cleaner this way.:iconchibihungaryplz:Towels are even fluffier. Very interesting. If I had a lot more energy, and the washing machine was working again, I might prefer to do it this way rather than with the machine. Since it used up so many muscles, it feels like all of them ache today.:iconpolandplz:I still want to do at least one more small load soon. I'd prefer to get my bed clean, as well. But, that might take some maneuvering and even more energy from me. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to do more. Might even do my scrunchies, too. Haven't washed them before, and this seems like the perfect way. (They're probably really dirty by now.) I'd probably air dry them, though.

Except for Saturday through Monday, I've managed to play my clarinet every day for about a week and a half.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Hopefully, I can truly get it down to every day as a habit. It's cheered me up a bit while I've been feeling sick. Although, it's a bit more difficult to regulate my breathing while playing right now, with the pain. So, I might take more breaths than usual, which might slow a piece down slightly. Today, I played a lot of klezmer tunes, some Mozart, and some pieces from a general solo book. I have 2 solo books. One's an advanced classical book, and the other is just general pieces. The latter has some famous ones, and gets harder as you go (although, it's not the easiest at the beginning). Oddly, the more advanced stuff tends to be easier for me. It's supposed to be the other way around...:icongermanyplz:I can tell I'm already improving quite a bit. Yay!:la:

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