Friday, May 6, 2016

International Space Day!


Interesting that there's a Space Day. Space is pretty cool to learn about. It can be scary and beautiful at the same time.

Except for yesterday, it's been unusually warm here. Even got up into the 90s a few days ago.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:It seems to be hovering around 80 today. It's a lot more of a comfy temp.

Found out recently that both my high school class ring and my claddagh (it has hands holding a heart) ring fit again. They haven't fit me in years.:iconfinallyplz:I've lost that much. It's not just my pant size. It's still sinking in. The weird thing is I actually feel a little creeped out seeing my bones poking out again. When I was at my heaviest, I couldn't see them that much. I wonder if other people have felt the same after losing so much...:iconkikuplz:And, seeing my bones move is another creepy thing to me. 

I'm hoping to get back to my walks soon. Hopefully, I can add another one to the two 2-mile walks I would normally do. I've been able to keep up my sit-ups this week. It's been a while since I've done them on a regular basis. Decided to start this week with 10 of them 2 times a day again. It's a nice beginning amount. 

I've been really good with the way I prefer to eat this week.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Staying within a 1200-1600 calorie range each day. (Usually right in the middle of it.) Except for Wednesday, where I might have gone a touch over the 1600. But, that's not bad. And, what's helped me quite a bit is having 'splurge' days every so often. The only problem with getting back to eating like this, is every 'portion' looks huge before I divide it up.:iconhanatamagoplz:Also, I end up eating things slower, and there seems to be more leftovers. I have to remember to continue to eat one thing at a time. Otherwise, things can go bad before I even get to them. That also means occasionally an entire day's worth of meals might come from one meal at a restaurant or something. I'm still trying to get through the Passover stuff...:iconwtfukplz:(Passover officially ended on April 30th.) I'm surprised the popovers haven't gone bad. Still have my fish stew, too. Quite a bit of desserts. Managed to finish the angel food cake a few nights ago. There are still snack-like stuff, too. It kind of seems like a lot still with eating like this. That can be good and bad.

I've been trying to promote my 2nd novel, Sweet Endless Terror, again. I made a pin, and pinned it to Pinterest. Joined reddit, and mentioned it in the 'buymybook' subreddit. That should be interesting. I might try to post more flyers up at some point. (Only got around to putting them up in one place so far.) I've been debating whether to put them up around the neighborhood.:iconpolandplz:Like, on the side of the security mailboxes, poles, etc. I might ask about putting them up at places like Starbucks. I haven't advertised much physically. I might also make a Tumblr account, and promote it there. I had one, but I forgot about it and they deactivated it. It might be easier to use the Tumblr app on my phone than on my computer, too. 

When I mentioned the unveiling of my mom's headstone in a status on one of the forums I'm apart of, a troll popped up.:iconawkwardplz:His first response was weird. It was: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I kind of said that sounded weird, but didn't feel/say it was particularly bad. It got weird after that. Almost every response they made from then on was insulting. One of my friends on there noticed this was going on, and offered to help get rid of the troll. He said he'd tell an admin or mod, and that I didn't need to worry. (He's awesome!:iconfrancisplz:) The bad thing is I deleted all that person's hurtful responses. So, the only things left from our 'dialog' is my responses. That person also stopped responding at some point. They probably realized that they might get caught if they kept it up. This is the first time I've encountered an actual troll like this. I don't think I have much of a case.:iconsighingplz:The 'evidence' was deleted, and they stopped. It's essentially just my say-so. A mod messaged me about it today, and I told them about all this. I think they're going to tell me they can't do anything. But, I mentioned that maybe they could keep an eye on this person somehow, so he doesn't attack someone else and get away with it.

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