Thursday, February 11, 2016

National Pizza Day!


This holiday was on Tuesday. I love pizza, though!:iconinloveplz:There are so many different kinds! Some of my faves are: BBQ chicken, Greek (feta, artichoke, etc.), cheese, Alfredo, and more. There's a local market that's known for their pizza and hot dogs. They have a different pizza featured each month. It's interesting just to see what they've come up with. Like baked potato, stuffed jalapeno peppers, chili, etc. Pretty unique. I think my first BBQ chicken one was there. (They also sell their brand of pizza dough, which is kind of cool.) I've only had deep dish pizza a couple of times, and I don't really feel it's actually pizza.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I guess since I grew up on a New York style, it's affected me that way. But, I feel deep dish is more like a casserole. Like a pizza flavored one. That doesn't mean it's bad. The couple of times I've had them, they were pretty good. 

It was also National Bagels and Lox Day. I sometimes really like it, but either I have to be in the mood for it, or it has to be a really good bagel and a more shredded type of lox. I'm ok with it other times. I also like it with some capers. Garlic and herb boursin can be good with it, too. I'm not really a fan of plain cream cheese. Sometimes just having margarine with it is good enough. 

Today's Get Out Your Guitar Day. I've never learned how to play it, but it always seems interesting. Basically the only string instrument I tried to learn to play was the violin back in elementary school. (I think I was 8 or 9. Just before playing the recorder for a little while.) But, that's a different sort of thing. So, I guess if you know how to play, and have one, play it!:la:Even if you don't know how to play, maybe start learning. 

Dad left for New Orleans on Tuesday. It's for a convention, and she's going to be giving a presentation there. Kind of cool. I think she said this is her 4th time going to New Orleans, but 1st time going after Katrina. Hopefully she'll have fun there. It seems like she already is. She won't be back until Sunday. 

Early Tuesday morning, I woke up to feeling really sick. I think it was just before I heard Dad getting ready to leave. I've felt sick ever since.:iconlietplz:It's mainly a cough/sore throat. But, I also have a very sore runny nose (tissues make my nose feel even more sore...), been sneezing often, and have a headache. Yay!:iconhanatamagoplz:It's getting heard to swallow things. At some point, I thought maybe it was my IBD, because it also feels like my throat's closing up. They say Crohn's can travel to the esophagus. (In that case, it would cause inflammation there. Making it irritated and start to swell/close up.) But, I don't think it'd make my nose go crazy, or make me sneeze, or give me a headache. With the combo of everything, my stomach's starting to hurt, too. I've been checking my temp occasionally. It's been slightly higher than my norm, but it hasn't been high enough yet to be a fever. My norm is actually pretty low. Like, 96.7 degrees. So, when it does reach fever territory, I definitely feel it. 

Tea has been helping a lot, which is good because we have quite a lot of it, and I love it.:iconheroamericaplz:I tried the lemon and ginger one last night. The smell was kind of horrid to me, but the taste wasn't bad. Not the best, but ok. I've had just regular ginger tea, and have liked it in the past. It's surprisingly refreshing, and usually doesn't taste the way I expect it to. Maybe lemon does something different to it? Some of my faves that we have now are: Moroccan mint, orange spice, and Earl Grey. Interestingly, eating seems to be helping a bit, too. Kind of soothes my throat for some reason.

I decided to announce my book being published at 2 of the forums I frequent. The first one I wasn't sure whether I should have it as a status or a new 'off topic' thread.:paranoid:They do have a writer's section, but it's devoted to an anime/manga theme. Like, fanfiction. Mine doesn't fall under that category. The off topic section is very generalized, and pretty much anything goes, except for spam. So, I did it as a status. I immediately started getting likes and comments saying 'congrats'. There was one person in the comment section that said: "Please teach me your novel writing ways!", and asked how I even was able to write a novel. I kind of felt flattered. My 'novel writing ways'.:iconseychelles-plz:Another person sent me a private message asking for tips for a rookie. He was finished with his first light novel, was editing it, and was going to move on to the next one in his series. I told him I didn't know much about light novels, to be honest. But, I gave him as many tips as I could from a regular novel standpoint. I felt flattered by that, too. People asking me for tips...seems almost surreal.:iconcuteamericaplz:He replied back pretty quickly, and said I was a great help. I didn't think I was, but that also made me feel good. It's nice to help others when I can. Another person said she googled it, and both books piqued her interest. Pretty awesome!:iconchibihungaryplz:With the other forum, I posted it in their writer's club section. As of the last time I checked, there hasn't been any response. I've had quite a few views of it, though. I wonder if I should make a short status about it on there, too? I don't know how many people actually look at the writers section. Either way, I'll slowly announce it on other forums, as well. Some are more active than others, but it's another way to get it out there. I've also been invited to a brand new forum, so I might announce it on there, too. I have a lot more places to promote it, as well.:iconberwaldplz:

Yesterday was the last day of taking prednisone for me. So today's the first day totally without it. I probably won't really feel the effects until tomorrow. I'm glad I don't have to think about taking any pill just after breakfast now. I have to take omeprazole 30 minutes before breakfast, but I feel that's easier to take since it's just after I wake up. I'm still not finished with my balsalazide prescription. But, when I finish it, I can go off of it. Yay!:iconranranruuplz:So, technically the only IBD related one left will be azathioprine. And, that's at a lower dose. The omeprazole was technically unrelated to my IBD when I got on it. At least, we didn't know about it back then. I was throwing up all the time, without warning. My doctor, at the time, decided on a whim to try omeprazole, and it worked. We still don't know why I kept throwing up. I might have to get off of azathioprine, too. That's if the prednisone didn't jump start it into absorbing azathioprine better. If it doesn't help, I'll have to go on heavier/stronger meds. Either remicade or humira. I'm a little scared about that.:iconchibichinaplz:But, we'll see.

Wednesday afternoon, there was someone at the door. They were aggressively knocking, pounding on the door, and ringing the doorbell. At first, I thought I wouldn't answer it, because a. I'm sick, and b. I might get sicker. Couldn't really talk very well, either. It hurt to do so for a certain amount of time. They knocked, pounded on the door, and rang the doorbell for about a minute or two. Since it was for so long, and so aggressive, I especially didn't want to answer it. After I heard them walk off the front porch, I thought they'd leave. About 5 minutes later, they came back, and did it all for a little longer amount of time. Eventually, they did finally leave. But, it was kind of scary.:iconwtfukplz:Later, when I went to go check the mail, I noticed they left an ad stuffed in the outside glass door handle. It was for repairing roofs, porches, decks, etc. They wrote their name down, too. All that to advertise something like that...:icongermanyplz:I think that would make most customers weary of them. I also thought that what if they were burglars? And, that was like their cover? I've heard about similar things happening in other areas across the country from facebook and the news. That's even scarier. I hope that wasn't the case, but it was pretty unusual. If it was, I feel even better that I didn't answer it.

One of the frozen things I got for dinners while Dad was gone, were meat and potato hand pies. There are 2 of them per package. So, 2 servings each, meaning 2 dinners for me. The 'meat' part is beef. The hand pies themselves are 'inspired' by the Australian version. It's really good.:iconitalyplz:They put seasonings on top of the pie, which made it interesting, too. Kind of a zesty filling. I did the oven option, and it came out awesome. Nice and crisp. They're really filled up with stuff. Huge chunks of beef and potatoes with some onions in there. Almost like having stew in a pie you can pick up. Decent size for a serving, and not bad on calories. (Not too bad on sodium, either.) 

Another frozen dinner thing I found was a chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and cheese, and breaded on the outside. It looks really good. And, like the other, the package contains 2 servings. So, 2 more meals for me. It's not bad on the calories either. I'm thinking of having one of them tomorrow night with some instant mashed potatoes. (Of course, the mashed potatoes will have garlic and chives.:iconenglandispervyplz:Might put a little chicken broth in there.) Sounds like an awesome one, too. I also got some chocolate muffins with chocolate chips. I'm having half of one each night, except I might have a full one tomorrow night. They're not big like one of our local markets does theirs, but they're pretty decently sized. It's been enough for me to have half lately. Like a shot of chocolate. 

Decided to start the anime One Punch Man yesterday. I think I might like it. There seemed to be some similar elements as Gintama. Lots of parody and comedy. It's about a superhero, named Saitama, who can defeat villains with a single punch. He's become bored of his own powers, since he can easily overwhelm an enemy. So, he's constantly looking for stronger opponents that can pose more of a challenge for him. There were several monsters that he defeated in the first episode, and they touched a bit on his past. He wasn't always bald (apparently he trained so hard, his hair fell out), and he considers being a superhero as a hobby. They haven't shown what else he does, if it's just a hobby. At the end of the episode, there seemed to be another strong character that showed up in the middle of a pasture full of dead cows. Should be interesting to see who he really is. I think he's the one on the left in the pic.

Gintama has become really serious lately. Somewhat somber, too. They tried to inject a bit more humor in with the most current episode, which was nice. The shogun was assassinated, despite everyone trying to prevent it from happening. That's when the atmosphere of it started to feel heavier.:iconohboyamericaplz:Everyone loved him, he was funny, kind, and stuck up for the people. The new shogun is ruthless, doesn't care about anyone but himself, and no one likes him. He essentially clawed his way up to the top. He's also a puppet for an already corrupt part of the government. They disbanded the shinsengumi, too. (Shinsengumi are essentially the police.) Kondo, the head of the shinsengumi, was sentenced to be beheaded for failing to protect the shogun, and 'allowing' him to be assassinated. When Hijikata, he was the vice commander, had a dream about Kondo being executed, I thought it was real at first. But, luckily, he's not dead yet. The joui rebels are siding with the previous officers of the shinsengumi. They were enemies before. Katsura, the leader of the joui rebels (and one of Gintoki's friends), saved Gintoki just so he could be thrown in jail with Kondo. He wanted to make a plan with him. I have a feeling they might save Kondo, overthrow the new shogun, and reform the shinsengumi. At least, I hope so.:iconraivisplz:
Studied the kanji:, , and started . There was only one pronunciation for : さつ (satsu). It means: guess, presume, surmise, judge, understand. pronounced as さん (san): (used in legal documents) three; (pref) tri-. As しん (shin): Chinese "Three Stars" constellation (one of the 28 mansions). As 参る or まい.る ( (humble) (usually in kana, not kanji) to go, come, call; to be defeated, collapse, die; to be annoyed, be nonplussed; to be madly in love. The general meanings for are: give birth, produces, bear, yield, childbirth, native, property. Did pretty well with JapaneseClass' practice section. Might have broken my own record for number of combos correct in a row. I had 92 correct in a row. What got me was a silly mistake...But, that's pretty good. Hopefully, I'll get to doing more of the tests in the future, too. Lately, they've made a few changes. I'm still getting used to them.

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