Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Day!


This was yesterday. I used to hate any dish that had to do with pumpkins. I would even steer clear of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. For some reason, I slowly started to like it over time. I seem to have changing tastes as I age. Used to love mushrooms, now I can't stand their texture. (The flavor's still fine.) I also used to hate cheesecake, until I tried some at summer camp. Anyways, maybe I finally had a good slice of pumpkin pie or something.:iconheroamericaplz:Now, it's the only squash I'll eat. Who knows, maybe that'll change in the future. I find some of that pumpkin spice stuff (especially the Starbucks latte) kind of fake. Doesn't taste as 'authentic' as the real thing. Although, I found a nice pumpkin spice tea that's made with actual pumpkin in it. It's a heavy flavor, but good. (Kind of like drinking pumpkin pie, only without the calories...:iconseychelles-plz:) It was also Pretzel Day and Mincemeat Pie Day. I've always liked pretzels and mincemeat pie. I was perplexed by the name of the pie before I tried it. I've heard other people hate it with a passion, and people warned me that it's an 'acquired' taste. I don't see why.:iconusaplz:It's a fruity/buttery/spice mix of things in pie form, essentially. What's wrong with that? The original pie, I've read, did have meat in it. But, the modern version doesn't. Today's National Potato Day. I absolutely love potatoes!:iconinloveplz:Could probably eat them with every meal. 

Good news! I'm back on my insurance plan. Yay!:la:Found out on Friday. So, knowing I still had to get a blood draw this month, yesterday I went to the lab to have it done. Apparently, they didn't have the order in from my gastroenterologist. She put it in at the end of last month, like she did the previous month. They didn't even have her name in my records. This was a little unsettling...:iconawkwardplz:They did have my primary's name, but that was it. They called my gastro's office about it all, and told me to come back tomorrow to try it again. Interestingly, there were 2 lab techs there, instead of the usual one. Maybe one of them was in training? 

While I was there, both Dad and I decided to get our flu shots. We checked-in with the front desk, filled out some paperwork, and waited for the nurse to come get us. We saw the people at the front desk clear out and close their booths. So, after waiting a little longer with no one coming to get us, I saw a sign about the flu shots and when they were being done. We had checked-in at about 4:45pm. The sign said they stop doing them at 5pm. By the time I looked at that sign it was already 5:02. So, I went back to the lab to see what we should do. They said to keep the forms, and get that done tomorrow, as well. So weird, though. They shouldn't have checked us in and given us paperwork to fill out, if no one was there to administer them...It's a waste of time that way.:icongermanyplz: 

I also sent an email to my gastro about it all last night. Just as another heads up. I thought even if just her team gets it, it should be good. She was pretty quick at responding. Last time I tried to email her, I got one of her nurses. But, this went directly to her. I like when it's a direct thing. The go-between can mess things up by accident, or not know much about my records.:iconohboyamericaplz:She said she just put in a new order, and I can get it done within the next few days. Hopefully, that includes today. She apologized for the inconvenience, and said she was glad I'm covered again. I don't know why, but I keep thinking she's going to respond to my emails/calls in a negative way. She never has. In fact, her response is usually very nice and warm. 

My IBD might be 'flaring' up again. It's not nearly as bad as it was a couple of months ago, at least. It's still worse than it's been for the last month or so. (Also, seem to be dropping things more often. Not sure if that's related or what, though.:iconkikuplz:) It scares me a bit. So, it's the perfect time to run that blood work. Maybe the azathioprine isn't working as well, even after upping the dosage? Maybe going down to a smaller dose for the balsalazide wasn't a good idea? (I'm so sick of this one, though!:icondisgusted-hongkong:They're huge plastic capsules, and 3 at a time. At least with azathioprine it's one tiny tablet each time.) I don't know. The tests will help to see what's going on now. Hopefully, the sed rate is still going down. It measures inflammation, and can be an indicator to see if the disease is in remission. It was still really high last time, but it was slowly going down from what it started with. I still find it fascinating to see the results. Even when they're 'normal'. 

Saturday night I went to a fun Halloween party. I won one of the games, wore a costume, had snacks (Dad and I brought potato chips. 2 kinds: garlic, and BBQ), other people had alcohol (I can't drink alcohol because of my meds mainly), watched some weird and interesting youtube videos, and chatted. It was a bit sad that the person who invited me on facebook was sick and couldn't really attend. There weren't that many people there, but that can be nice in its own way, too.

During that day, Dad and I went to go get costumes at 2 local stores. I wanted to be a unicorn, but nothing seemed to work with it. One place had a weird light-up unicorn horn, and the closest the other place had were My Little Pony things. Not really enough.:iconnataliaplz:Dad wanted to be a pirate wench, but nothing seemed to fit. Kind of threw us both off. I looked around to get some more ideas for a costume at the last place, and landed in the cat section. 

After looking in that section for a while, I decided to be a punk-like cat.:meow:Found some black cat ears that had a lot of different studs on the inside part of the ears. On a corner of one of the ears there are small chains hanging off of it. A pair of black fuzzy fingerless gloves, as well. They have silvery paw pads in the palm area. Although, they seem to be slightly off-center. They're nice and cozy. A black choker with silver studs/spikes around the band, and a silver heart that hangs from it. So, it's like a collar. I was surprised it fit. In fact, I could have it on the tightest part and it'll probably still be fine. A black 'fancy' cat tail that has a glittery pom-pom at the end. It has some sort of joint inside, so you can move it around. So, you can show more emotion with it. It's nice and long, too. Kind of bounces as I walk. And, finally a small black eye mask, that apparently didn't fit. Or, more accurately, the elastic band was placed so oddly, I can't figure out how to really unravel it enough to put it over my head. Although, I don't know if it's supposed to be double banded...That would be for an awfully small head.:iconwtfukplz:I'll check it out again for Halloween. I kind of like it without the mask now, too. But, if I can figure the mask out and it actually fits, I can use it for future costumes. It's the only thing that didn't 'fit'. 

I wore those accessories with my black short sleeved v-neck sweater. It's the longest sleeved black shirt I have. The sleeves are actually now close to halfway down my arms. They used to be (before I lost so much weight) half as long, the rest of it used to be smaller on me, too. It looks the most fur-like, too. Also, wore my black pants. They've gotten rather baggy on me, too. The sweater and pants are actually 2 different shades of black. The sweater being slightly lighter. But, cats can have different shades/colors in their fur, so it still goes with it. I wore my black tights under that. I'm really not used to wearing tights anymore. These were actually slightly big on me. I wore my black flats for the shoes. They kind of have a nice ruche pattern. Dad had found a witch's dress (I think) we had at home to wear. It might be different on Halloween though. Don't know. 

I think I might wear nail polish with that outfit on Halloween. I have a duo nail polish thing where one side is a very dark purple (almost black) color, and the other side has confetti. The confetti has some bigger pieces than the glitter stuff. It's called Nail Art: Moon Candy. It'll be like I have shiny claws. Last time I did this nail polish, I didn't wait long enough for the dark purple part to dry before I put the confetti stuff on. It was kind of a mess.:iconhanatamagoplz:So, we'll see how that turns out this time.

We've been invited to friends of the family's wedding anniversary party on Halloween. I think it's a costume party, but can't seem to find the paper version of the invitation to double check.:iconohboyamericaplz:The email didn't say much. I just know that they needed to know how many people were coming beforehand, because it's going to be catered. Sounds fancier than what I originally thought, but it is a big thing. At the very least for celebrating their anniversary. I'm not even sure if it'll actually be at their place. We usually go to their place for Thanksgiving, occasionally a night of Hanukkah, New Year's Eve, and a Passover seder. I guess I'll find out more later. I'll try to take or have someone take pics of me in costume. Most of the time, I'm cool with having my pic taken if I'm in a costume I like on Halloween. It's different the rest of the year. Also, a week after that is my birthday!:cake:Yay!

I've gotten back to my sit-ups for the last couple of weeks. This week I'm doing 20 of them twice a day. Hope to get back to my walks, too. It'd be great if I can do the 3 2-mile walks a day. But, I'd be fine with getting my usual 2 in. 

Finished watching Rurouni Kenshin. The last episode was kind of a waste.:iconwtfromanoplz:They kept teasing the fans throughout it. They put real life pics in the background occasionally. That looked a bit bizarre. The last story arc was a bit disappointing, too. Someone commented that there's an OVA that is truly the ending. Like I mentioned last time, I'll go through all the movies and OVAs, as well. The live-action movies should be very interesting. I've heard all 3 of them are considered some of the best anime/manga to live-action movies. It can be difficult to pull off.

I colored in the skull and candle drawing I did for my cover art in Photoshop. Also, figured out a background color and effect. I still want to color the drawing manually with colored pencils. Just to compare the Photoshop version with it. I might make 2 different cover arts for it. One with the colored pencils, and the other with the Photoshop one. Also, to compare to see which is best. I have somewhat of an idea for the title's font and its color. Hopefully, it'll be as clear and as neat possible. So, people can be drawn to it. 

Hopefully, I'll get to posting here more often again.:iconhongkongplz:I translated more of part of a You Maga article recently. It's about info for Japanese families that are living in the US. Many have questions about the school system, health care, etc. It's been interesting so far. Sounded better than I expected when I played my clarinet recently. Studied some kanji and quizzed myself on JapaneseClass' recently, as well. 

Read a lot more of Day of Atonement by Faye Kellerman. It's been interesting so far. I have a feeling that the killer or the people he's mentoring are about to kill a little kid that went missing. I don't want that to happen, but it's looking like that. Also, Peter found out that his mother is a friend of Rina's ex-husband's family. It's the first time he's seen her. He was adopted at birth, and he searched for her for years, but gave up. He thought she hated him, and apparently she thought he hated her. So, both of them thought it was a lost cause. She was only 15 when she had him, and she said her true love was his father. But, her father didn't like their relationship, and gave her an ultimatum. So, she left him behind. He later died. When he died, all his religious books and most of his belongings were sent to Peter. He hadn't met him yet, but was about to. When his mother first saw him, she passed out. Peter dropped the plate of food he had and just froze staring at her. He now knows he has half-siblings. That part has been very interesting. 

A Fairy Tail amv based on the current arc (which has been pretty epic):

Another hilarious Gintama amv:

A cool Kekkai Sensen amv:

2 more Gintama amvs (the last one shows the serious side of the show):

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