Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Chocolate Day!


Yay! I love chocolate!:iconfrancisplz:I have heard about restaurants that center around having chocolate in every course. That'd be interesting. I also like mole, and most mole sauces have chocolate in it. By itself, it's a great dessert. I like milk chocolate the most. Dark can be good if mixed in something. I don't really think of white chocolate as chocolate.:iconhongkongplz:Kind of in its own candy category. Maybe I'll have some hot chocolate later? The only other chocolate we have is unsweetened baking chocolate...Still, even if I don't have any, it's good to appreciate it. I'm sure I'll have some at some point in the near future.

The weather is finally getting cooler.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I think today was supposed to only get to 82. On Friday throughout the rest of the forecast, it's supposed to be in the high 70s. Sounds nice. Actually kind of cold compared to what we were going through. I wouldn't mind if it stayed in the mid-high 70s for the rest of the summer. I can be a lot more active and enjoy the sun more that way. 

I've finally gotten back to the way I used to eat. Eating within a certain range of calories. 1200-1600 split up into 5 small meals. It was a bit difficult to keep it up while I was sick, nervous, and scared. I'll try to keep this up the best I can until I'm told otherwise by my docs. Like I said before, I might have to tweak the calories a bit after talking to my doc, but this is probably good for the time being. The weight might go even faster off of me, but unless I become underweight by the time I talk to them, I'm not too worried about it.:icontinoplz:I feel much better normally while restricting my calories this way. I can eat what I want, and usually get to have it again as leftovers later. Not a bad deal.

I hope to get back to my 2 2-mile walks as well. Especially since the weather is a bit more bearable. Managed to do one of them today after dinner. I don't think I'm going to do my sit-ups until I talk to my doc, too. I want to get as close to normalcy for me as possible. It'll make me feel a lot better.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Brainstormed more titles for my nightmare anthology, yesterday. I was surprised I was able to come up with some. I was stuck on it last time, which was a while ago. Hopefully, I can pick one soon. The options are getting more interesting. The other stuff should fall together pretty easily. I have to put all the stories together, reformat, do the intro stuff (about the author, any dedications, contents, etc.), figure out the cover art, and then send it all off to Smashwords to get published. It feels like the title will be the hardest part out of all that. I do have ideas for the cover art. Not sure if that part will happen quickly or if it'll be like the title is right now...At least I'm back to it.:iconkikuplz:

Looked to see if any of the new dramas that I want to see are up yet. With the exception of one that wasn't subtitled yet, none of them were up. They made a drama out of Death Note, and I'm really curious as to how they went about it. The live-action movies weren't the best, and had low ratings. Hopefully the drama will be different. The manga and the anime adaptation of it are extremely popular. Another new one is about someone who loves ramen, is a ramen chef, and likes to sneak into other ramen shops. It's based off of a manga, too. Another one is about a hotel. The last couple of Jdrama seasons have been horrible. (Haven't actually watched a drama in a while.) Hopefully, I'll find some good ones to watch this time.:iconpolandplz: 

Tried to watch the new anime called Chaos Dragon, but couldn't stand 5 minutes of it.:iconwtfukplz:The animation was a bit jerky, made me feel dizzy, the story seemed overused, the design was strange, etc. I don't usually drop an anime so fast, but I don't think I could take more of that. 

Hetalia's back!:iconranranruuplz:This season's called Hetalia: The World Twinkle. It's still only 5 minutes long. The first episode featured cat versions of the countries talking about current events. They've toned down the crazy fast talking and moving between segments, which is nice. I know they try to stuff in as much as they can in 5 minutes, but sometimes it's a little much.:icongermanyplz:If the episodes were 20-25 minutes like most anime is, it would be a lot nicer. 

I'm starting to slowly like One Piece. Also, noticed it has a ton of episodes marked as fillers. I'm kind of glad I'm not watching it from when those episodes were current. I can skip over them. There are 100s of episodes like that. I'll be able to cruise through a lot of it and get even closer to the current stuff. The anime currently has 700 episodes.:iconseychelles-plz: 

I'm also back to watching Bleach. It has a lot of fillers I can skip over, too. It's not as long as One Piece, and it's already finished. Although, it is pretty long. It's interesting so far. It definitely has its own unique 'atmosphere' or attitude. 

Found some awesome Kekkai Sensen amv's:

A couple of cool Hitman Reborn amv's:

An awesome Haikyuu amv. The song really goes well with it:

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