Friday, May 22, 2015

Hummus Day!


This was yesterday, but why not keep celebrating it? I love hummus.:iconinloveplz:I used to be slightly afraid of it for some reason. I think the first time I really tried it, was when my mom made it from scratch for the first time. That was quite a way to start! Hummus is a dip made out of ground up chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and a little salt. You can add things to customize it, but it's amazing by itself! Some people swear by certain amounts of the ingredients, though. (Like some like more tahini, and others like more garlic.) It's used in many dishes, too. It's a Middle Eastern food. When I went to Israel a few years ago, it was everywhere. Some of the hotels had huge tubs (more like vats) of the stuff at the dining hall for breakfast and lunch.:iconchibihungaryplz:It was used in falafel pita sandwiches. (Falafels are fried ground up chickpea patties. So, it's kind of like putting chickpeas with more chickpeas...:iconseychelles-plz:) By the way, with every shawarma shop, there was a falafel place across the street from it. It was kind of surreal. They had a lot of both shops. Shawarma are strips/shavings of meat (usually lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, or a mixture) that came from a hunk of that same meat that was roasted slowly over an open pit. They put it in pita sandwiches, along with a bunch of other stuff. Similar to gyros. Some also add a healthy amount of hummus to it. Both the shawarma and falafel pitas were awesome!:dummy:The hummus in general seemed to taste much better than here in the states. (At least, the packaged stuff here.) It's not bad here, but it certainly has a more 'fresh' and savory taste over there. Kind of hard to explain the difference...

Had kind of a rough week.:iconohboyamericaplz:I ended up being painfully blocked up last weekend. It was close to how I felt about a year ago. So, I tried dulcolax in its pill form. It seemed too 'gentle' at first, so the next day I had another dose. It really hit me about that time. I think since I was so blocked up, it needed extra time to go through my system. I'm still feeling its effects.:iconusaplz:At least I'm getting cleaned out pretty well. Still feels like I have a bit more of it left...

I threw up big time really late Sunday night (or early Monday morning, however you look at it). It was so bad, I almost choked a few times.:iconwtfukplz:Seemed to be everything I ate for the last couple of days came up. It takes a lot for me to throw up, because I take omeprazole to prevent it. Had a problem in the past (they never figured out why) where I would throw up all day without warning or feeling like it was going to happen. So, it has to be an extreme urge to do so. I felt quite a bit better afterwards, so I suppose I really needed it. I still occasionally feel like I need to throw up again, but it hasn't happened since. I wonder if that means that it'll happen soon, and it's just gaining more of that urge as time goes by? I hope not.:icontinoplz: 

I ordered my meds, but was worried about one of them going through. I was out of refills for it. It's extremely important for me.:iconhongkongplz:I'd say it's probably a bit more important than the omeprazole. My new primary care doc emailed me, and said she filled out a new prescription for it and that she hopes to see me soon. I haven't seen her yet. I think I'm due for another physical, too. Plus, I have some other things to talk about with her. She said she knows of the importance of this one, and that she wants to help me with staying on it. Also, asked me how I was doing with it. She already sounds 100 times better than my previous one! I was so happy that she ok'd it!:iconcuteamericaplz:I'm thinking of possibly seeing her next month...We'll see. 

Oh, that med just came in the mail today. I ordered 2 months' worth, but got 3 months' worth. That's $3 more. Might not seem like much, but it's not what I was expecting.:iconinsultedplz:Also, this med goes stale at the 2 month mark. It loses its potency, and won't do its job. So, it's like giving me a month's worth of bad pills and paying that extra $3 for them...Doesn't make sense.:iconhanatamagoplz:I'm definitely going to email her back now, and take those meds to the pharmacy to get that changed. It's ridiculous. Should get what I ordered, and not more.

Another thing that was weighing on my mind was applying for a forbearance on my student loans. I sent an application form to them at the end of February. They only allow people to send it through the regular mail, or fax it. Didn't hear a thing about it since. In fact, I was still getting warnings.:iconromanoplz:So, I sent out another one a few days ago, and emailed them just before I sent it that day. The next day, I got a reply back saying they located my form from February, processed it, and approved it. Saying I should be good until next February. So, what? Was it just sitting on someone's desk collecting dust during that time? That kind of pisses me off!:iconchibienglandplz:Although, I'm very grateful that it went through and was approved. I kind of have mixed feelings about it. They recently merged with another company, and changed their name. So, maybe there was some confusion that way? At least, I don't have to think about it now.:iconpolandplz:

I've reread and edited all but the last short story from my nightmare anthology. Kind of cool knowing I've only got one more to go through.:iconheroamericaplz:Then, I have to put them all together in one document, figure out its overall title, and do the cover art. Yay!:la: 
Started reading Magico on Monday. I rarely say this, but it's really cute! Although, there definitely is a serious dark side. The humor blends will the cuteness. It's not sickeningly sweet, either. There's another series by the same name, but it's about soccer...Seems a little odd. They only differentiate them by the mangaka's (manga artist/creator) name in parentheses next to the title. Emma has a special power/curse in her heart that activated when she turned 16. Apparently, it has the potential to destroy the world. She meets Shion who saves her from a king that was forcing her to marry him. A part of that special power attracts most men to her, and makes most women admire her. The guys of the town were fighting over her. Anyways, Shion saved her and took her to his home that he can transport to through a dragon. They live in a world of magic. He fell for her when they were kids. She was being held captive, and a dense thicket of thorny vines was used as a barrier that kept her from escaping. Along with a powerful guard. Shion was on the verge of starvation, and Emma had snuck out of the house to look past the thicket. She saw him, and he asked her for food. She found a loaf of bread and gave it to him through those thorns, harming herself in the process. The guard found out and may have punished her, too. She doesn't remember this, though. It's kind of sad...Anyways, Shion says the Magico ritual may end the curse, but there are many steps to it. First one is for them to get married. After she attacks him while asleep, she agrees to it. She might be falling for him too. Shion has a talking cat with him, and he sometimes banters back and forth with him. Shion's also supposed to be one of the greatest mages, too. This seems very unique and interesting.
Started reading Hell's Kitchen today. Apparently, Shichifuku Mafia doesn't update too often. I've caught up with everything in that manga. Looks like it might be once every 2 months...Hell's Kitchen is interesting so far. He seems a lot more 'demonic' than Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. (That's saying quite a bit.) Someone recommended this saying people would like it, if they liked Kuroshitsuji. Dogma is the Earl of Poor Eating, and comes from Hell. Poor eating doesn't quite fit him...He kind of seems the opposite. He wants to eat the soul of a 'true chef', and has tried but failed with the pros. None of them satisfied him. He said they all reeked of greed, arrogance, and ignorance. He eventually chooses Satoru who's a middle schooler who seems to not have any ambitions. He always tries to get average grades, is average at sports, and is limiting himself with everything he does. Dogma wants to train him to be the perfect chef, in order to prepare him as the most 'delicious' soul he's eaten. Dogma can control him like he's a puppet, and has already pushed him into some cooking competitions. Satoru does all the cooking himself, with the help of Dogma giving him directions. (No one else can see Dogma.) He works him mercilessly. If he refuses to do things, Dogma threatens him with letting his minions eat him or sending him to Hell. But, Satoru is starting to get interested in cooking. Dogma has all the knowledge and experiences of the chefs he ate the souls of, so he knows what he's doing. He accidentally got Satoru into an elite cooking school. Satoru just wanted to see if they had free cooking utensils, then he got the idea to see how one of the cooking classes is like. He thought Dogma would find a better candidate if he saw them. That backfired, and Dogma wanted to challenge them. When he won, he thought the others weren't fit enough for it. The head of the department wanted Satoru to attend the school after they won, but Dogma (through Satoru) said no. Later Satoru, after some arguing, accepted the offer. He's the youngest student there now. 

Finished Haikyuu. It was pretty good. I just didn't think that one match would last most of the season. You can feel the pain of the players at the end, though. Very good at conveying the emotions. There's going to be a 2nd season soon. They say online that it'll be in the Fall of this year. I'll probably watch it to see how they improve. 

Went back to watching Bleach. I might stick to it for now. It's interesting. Events around the time I watched it last time shaped the show a bit for me, and I didn't want to go back to it for a while. I think at this point in the story, it's good now. 

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