Friday, March 13, 2015

Digital Mogura


Or, Digital Mole. It's by Gesu no Kiwami Otome. It's also the theme song to the drama, Subete ga F ni Naru or Everything Becomes F. The band name is roughly translated as Girl at the Height of Rudeness. The band debuted in 2013, so they're rather new. I like their sound and 'feel', though. They're a 4-member band. The lead singer's voice is interesting. The other members are pretty cool, too. They describe themselves as 'hip-hop/progressive'. They have a certain jazzy and experimental sound, too. I've listened to a couple of their other songs already, and each one has a different vibe to it. As far as I've searched online, no one really knows what this one's lyrics mean.:iconwtfukplz:All I can gather is that he's saying he's such an idiot and his teacher is saying he agrees with him...But, there's more to it. The name of the song also somehow feels like it fits the series. It might not have a physical 'mole', but like a spy of some sort. Something underlining it to keep things secret. One of the best antagonists for the show had all of her communication done through digital means. No one saw her face-to-face for 15 years. She was locked up in the basement of a lab. Things were given to her through machines. She even gave birth to a baby girl no one knew about in her room. (Not long after she was locked up. She was 15 at the time.) She managed to stage her own murder (using her own daughter:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:), kill a few people that got in her way, make the scientists look like idiots, and escaped the island the facility was on. All without being detected. So, the song makes sense that way. Oh, and they revealed what she meant by 'F'. The F stands for Free. 

The weather’s warming up, and it’s been nice and sunny. Definitely been spring-like lately. When I finally get back to walking, it’ll be especially nice. I’ve been able to do all my fitness stuff except for those 2 2-mile walks a day. I’ll get to them soon!:iconchibiswedenplz:I think it takes a little bit of getting used to with getting back to that routine. I was sick for roughly a month, so that kind of sucked it away from me. I’m still doing 10 sit-ups twice a day each week. I think I’m going to do that for one more week, then start doing 15 twice a day. So I can get used to it again.

For a good chunk of the day yesterday, the internet was down. Kind of crazy. Played my clarinet. Did a few Irish tunes, and a lot of Klezmer ones. It had been a while since I last played. Felt good to be doing it again. Didn’t sound too bad, either. Rosie actually stayed and listened on the bed that was next to me. Although, she seems to be a big fan when I play, and sometimes she gets so happy she gets squishy-faced, starts to drool, and falls asleep (sometimes she’ll wake up in between tunes. As if to say: “Hey, why’d you stop?”). A bit scary in a way.:iconhanatamagoplz:

Got some writing done yesterday, too. I might be getting close to finishing the 12th short story to my nightmare anthology. Not sure if I’m rushing it when I write, though. Also, not sure where it’s really going. Again, this’ll be the last short story for it. So after this, I’ll go over and edit the whole thing from the beginning. Plus, I might add actual names to those stories...:iconseychelles-plz:
I also made a Passover meal plan as an example to see how much food I’ll actually need for the 8-day holiday. (Thought it was a rather smart idea...:iconberwaldplz:) I always think I need more than I do. I think it’s hardest to figure out for huge families and when it’s just an individual like me. It seems like everything is tailored to families that are in between.:iconswissplz:Whether it’s the traditional recipes or the boxed stuff. (Or, even with non-Passover related stuff.) I was surprised with how much I actually do need. It’s a lot less than I was expecting. I only need about 10 actual Passover items. (Like matzo, gefilte fish, etc.) There’s a ton of produce, though. That’s good, because vegetables and fruit are healthy for me.:iconthailandplz:I’m also making some of the meals from scratch, so that might play a role. Made a Passover grocery list after that, and it really doesn’t seem like much altogether. Also, for our family seder, it’ll just be Dad and I. So, there’s not nearly as much to make as it would be if we had guests. Although, I do like when we have guests too.:iconchibinitalyplz:

I also realized my haircut will end up being during the afternoon on the 1st day. If our friends have their seder that night (it’ll be the 2nd night), then we’ll probably have to run from that appointment to it.:iconrunrunrunplz:It’ll seem like a Passover haircut or something...I didn’t realize it until yesterday. Not sure if it’s good or bad. I guess it all depends on if the stylist does a good job. I don’t want to look weird when we go. (There might be a lot of people. Although, if it’s just us and the hosts, I still want to look nice.) At least if it was the day before I could style it my way beforehand. Last time she made the ‘ringlets’ really tight and small looking. I don’t like that look.:iconsighingplz:Plus, it ended up with kind of a crust of filmy stuff. (Way too much hair product!) But, then again I wasn’t sure what I wanted for my style, and she was just helping me. Now that I know, I could tell her and it might be better in the end. I won’t care as much if we’re doing the 2nd night, because I’ll be with family.

I’m starting to think that our friends might be doing the 1st night, because the congregation they’re a member of is having their seder the 2nd night. Still haven’t heard word from our friends yet about it, so it’s not definite. It’ll really work out nicely for us that way.:iconheroamericaplz:The 1st night’s on a Friday. (Which also means it starts on Shabbat. It’s like a double holiday for that night.) We could have most of Saturday to prepare for ours. Whereas if it were switched, it would seem like there wasn’t as much time. Or, that everything would be rushed. As it is, I’ll still have to cook quite a bit of it before that Friday. For theirs, we most likely will only need to bring the popovers and salad. But, I’ll want to make the granola, charoset (apple, nut, grape juice or wine, and spice mixture), cake, boiled eggs, and a few more things before the holiday starts.:faint:The charoset tastes better after it sits for a little while in the refrigerator.
In Pandora Hearts, it’s been crazy. (The one in the pic is Noise, or Echo's 'evil' personality. She has multiple personalities.) For one thing I got to the part where they killed off Break. To make it even more tragic, his last words were: “I don’t want to die!”:iconraivisplz:It was one of the most disturbing deaths I’ve seen in the series. (Elliot’s was pretty disturbing, too.) He had been grappling with the idea of his own death for a while. And, for a while, he didn’t seem to care...Then, he started to become attached to Oz, Sharon (already was somewhat close to her, only grew closer), Gil, and the rest of the group. He had gone blind several chapters back, but was able to fight still. He held up Glen just enough so that Oz, Gil, and Alice could jump into the Abyss to stop him. He also saved Vincent from killing himself. He was a very key main character. He was also one of the few that managed to change the past in the Abyss, but regretted his decision ever since. Another crazy part was the ‘Jury’ was introduced. They apparently oversee everything that happens in that world, and all other parallel worlds. (It sounds kind of similar to the parallel world-theme of Hitman Reborn...) They consider every life or event a story. They only involve themselves when they don’t like the direction the ‘story’ is going, or if it’s not amusing enough for them. They kept saying that everything must have a ‘proper’ ending. They didn’t like what Glen was doing, and tried to stop him. He didn’t care, and came very close to killing one. You can only touch them if a ‘child of misfortune’ touches them. Vincent is one. They’re like anomalies that they detest and have told the ‘Glens’ to throw them into the Abyss. They can’t mess with those people’s lives, only those around them. The children of misfortune have 1 or both eyes that are red. Anyways, while holding onto Vincent, Glen managed to slash one with his sword. The story seems to be becoming more and more complex. Lots of twists and turns.
In Ao no Exorcist or Blue Exorcist, everything seems to have gone back to normal. But, everyone kept thinking about Shima. When everyone goes back to their main exorcist class, Rin shows up in a pink wig and tries to act like Shima. Everyone can see through it though. Later, the real Shima shows up, but they think it’s still some sort of prank and ignore him. When they finally realize it’s him, they start beating him up. Shima was trying to explain himself and apologize for deceiving them. Eventually, Rin told him to take off his clothes, and maybe it’ll make people laugh if they saw him in his underwear. (Like, it’ll kill the tension or something.) He refused, so Rin burned off all his clothes. He ended up destroying Shima’s underwear in the process...:iconawkwardplz:The girl’s dealt out even more of their punishment after that. Then, Mephisto showed up, told them to stop, and that he’ll explain what really happened. I think it was more like a comic-relief sort of chapter. I think the other characters really needed that kind of thing. I’m glad he’s back, though.

I’m starting to notice more and more that I’m very similar in personality to Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket or Kuroko’s Basketball. (Even when I had short hair it would stand up like his in the morning, too...:iconkikuplz:) The episode I just finished was when they all started training camp at a beach. Their coach is very good at seeing what would help each athlete improve individually. She seems to have put a lot of thought into it. Only Kagami seems to be doing more than what she’s told him to do. He’s probably going to collapse from exhaustion or injure himself (again...) at some point. Kuroko’s trying to figure out a new technique to master. His passing is just not good enough. Not sure what this new technique or move will be, but it’ll be interesting. The coach isn’t very good at cooking, and she was asked to do it while they were there. Most of the guys immediately cringed at the idea. Since Kagami lives by himself, he’s taught himself how to cook. (He eats a lot of food, too. Often makes it difficult when they go out to eat after practice.:iconlietplz:) So he teaches her how to make curry. From the pot it tastes fine, but after plating it and giving it to the guys, it tastes horrid. They find out later that she sprinkled some of the contents of vitamin pills, and lodged some actual whole pills into the rice before putting the curry on top. She’s a health nut, and thinks only about the proper amount of nutrients an athlete needs. So, she thinks if she adds vitamins to it it’ll give it a boost. It was a hilarious bit. I’ve been liking this series so far. Each character has a different and interesting personality, and they all have individual strengths and weaknesses. I read that one of the characters, I think it was Teppei who was introduced recently as the person who started their school’s basketball team, is based off of the creator himself. Teppei seems to be a bit ‘different’. Like he thinks on a different wavelength compared to the others. He’s very good at giving advice, and use to be the ‘ace’ of the team.

I’m liking the 2nd season of Kamisama Hajimashita, as well. It seems to be a lot better than the first season. This is one of the few shoujo series I’ll watch/read. (Fruits Basket was another good one. Although, the manga was a lot better than the anime.) I like that she has that monkey shiki called Mamoru that can help her put a protective barrier up that can cleanse the inside of it from evil, as well. Tomoe is falling more for her. He just won’t come out and say it, even though I think Nanami has told him twice now about how she feels. He’s told her while she was sleeping, but she was unconscious. Another guy might have fallen for her, too. This one is currently the leader of the rest of the mountain Tengu in the area. He’s brutal to all the others, and will even beat up kids. He’s made it forbidden to have women enter their encampment. He was quite smitten with Nanami at first sight and blushes every time he thinks about her. He’s verging on being desperate to meet her again.

Fairy Tail is just doing a bunch of side stories currently. Some fans in the comments section keep saying things like: “Not another filler!” Some have said that it’s not, and these stories were actually in the manga. I’ve kind of liked them so far. This current one seems more interesting than the others. Natsu and Happy found an egg while they were on a mission with Lucy. They brought it home, and kept it warm until it hatched. Natsu said it reminded him a lot of how Happy was born. He also hatched from an egg that Natsu took care of. He’s an Exceed, which is basically a cat with wings that can talk, who’s also from another parallel world. No one knows what the creature that just hatched is. It seems to be growing very quickly, though. They’ve shown it’s thoughts throughout the episode, too. It sounds sad for some reason. It’s grown very attached to Natsu and Happy thinking of them as family. It feels it must protect them at all costs, but it doesn’t know why, and feels that there is something missing. Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Happy, and that creature all go on a student exchange program to learn from other guilds. They end up being kicked out of every one. The ‘exchange’ is canceled because a mysterious island has shown up in the distance. It wasn’t there the day before. There wasn’t a volcano around it, and there are actually visible man-made looking structures on it. So, the groups next objective is to check out the island. I wonder if that’s what’s shown in the opening theme? Should be interesting to see where they go with this. The creature thought there might be answers for them there, too.  

We haven't been able to get into our mailbox for about a week so far. For security reasons after an 'incident' many years ago, they've turned the mailboxes into lockboxes. I think I was in junior high when it happened, and apparently someone would steal everyone's mail every so often for a few weeks. It'd show up in places like the girl's bathroom at the junior high, on the streets, and other strange areas. We didn't have a problem before that. Anyways, sometimes due to weather the keys have a hard time getting into the locks. But, eventually it usually goes in. (Like, you have to wiggle it around or something.) This time we can't even get much of the key into the hole. Someone told Dad that our mail might be blocking the hole, and that they'd fix it a few days ago. It still won't open. It's frustrating!:iconchibienglandplz:Our mail's just going to keep accumulating in there...

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