Wednesday, August 13, 2014

National S'mores Day!


This was actually last Sunday, but why not continue to celebrate it? I love s'mores!:iconinloveplz:Sometimes I make a version of it at home. I toast the marshmallows over one of the stove top burners (I've done them in the microwave as well, but they just aren't as good that way), use nutella instead of solid chocolate bars, and have it with the graham crackers. Tastes so good! When I 'toast' my marshmallows, I like them burnt to the point where the outside is black, but the inside is nice and gooey.:iconfeelingfullplz:The first recorded version of the recipe was in a Girl Scout handbook in 1927. The campers may have been making them much earlier, but they just didn't have it written down until then. It was also National Banana Split Day. They always seem too decadent to me.:iconhanatamagoplz:I haven't had them that often. Yesterday was World Elephant Day. Elephants are interesting creatures, and I'm glad that they have their own special day. 

Last Saturday we went shopping. First place we went to was Payless. I actually found a good pair of sneakers!:iconlachoirplz:Haven't gotten a new pair of sneakers in roughly 3 or 4 years, so it was a big thing for me. My old pair had holes, rips, paint chipping off, etc. These are black with pink trim and shoelaces. (The bottom's white.) I'm not used to pink or having it more fun/fashionable.:iconchibihungaryplz:I usually would just get good white ones. Kind of plain. They have memory foam built inside the soles. It's really nice and light feeling. My feet seem to be shrinking a bit, because I didn't have to find a 'wide' in my size or go to a bigger size. I think even going to a 'regular' size without the 1/2 still would have been doable.:iconchibinitalyplz:I'm normally a 7 1/2. There was a time where I was just a 7 for a while in the past. (Maybe I'm going back to that...:iconheroamericaplz:) They feel roomy. They were on sale, too. I think next time I'll have to check out shoes that might be appropriate for the High Holy Days (Rosh Hashanah- our New Year, through to Yom Kippur- a day of Atonement).:iconberwaldplz:The shoes can't have leather in them. The ones I've been wearing to it, hurt the middle/ball of my feet.:iconromanoplz:They're like black shallow wedge shoes, but the wedge part is small and thin, so it doesn't really support much. I might look into ballet flats. They had a lot of those. So, I guess we'll see...

After that, we went to the mall. Found out that I'm 4 pant sizes smaller than I was at my heaviest weight!:iconranranruuplz:(That's a bit over 100 pounds.) Crazy. While at the mall, I tried the next smaller size down for jeans, and I fit into them. (That's how I knew.) But, apparently the style looked weird on me. I love boot cut jeans, and I tend to have to get them in petite. My legs are short. (But, I have a really long torso. Makes shopping for clothes weird...:iconkikuplz:) They didn't have any boot cut ones in that section of the store. Plus, since I'm losing my 'curves', this section probably isn't for me anymore. (Seems to be the only difference between the regular section and this section is how 'curvy' you are once you get to certain sizes that are the same in both.) The jeans sit funny that way. So, I should be looking at the regular section now. Feels so weird, but nice.:iconseychelles-plz:I'm one size smaller than I was at the end of high school. I was a size smaller than my current one for a while before that. It'd be interesting to get to it again.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

Later, we went to a local fish place for dinner. I got my fave: smoked salmon linguine. It's so good!:iconchibispainplz:The smoky flavor of the salmon with the creamy sauce makes a nice combo. 

I started experiencing some major pain in my left shoulder last Friday night. I thought it was just stiff, tired, or something and thought I could wait it out. It got worse as time went on, so I decided that I needed to go to urgent care on Sunday. I was worried that it might be another sebaceous cyst, like the one I had removed from in between my shoulder blades about a year and a half ago.:iconraivisplz:The pain was a bit different, though. The pain's like so cold it burns throughout my left shoulder. Plus, I couldn't move my arm too well. It felt really tight. My fingertips were starting to feel numb. Immediately, the doctor said I was having terrible shoulder muscle spasms all across my shoulder blade. He said he knew what it was just by touching that shoulder. It was super tense. He told me to take it easy, rest, and to start taking a muscle relaxer. He said that the fingertips thing was just that the muscles were closing up tightly around nerves, veins, and such. Making it hard for things to pass through. I was still getting blood to them, but not much. The muscle relaxer makes me super sleepy, and like something heavy is sitting on me.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I've been sleeping a lot more since I started taking them, too. Sometimes it makes me feel dizzy enough that I feel nauseated. I'm still feeling the pain, but it seems lighter. Still can't reach for things too well, and have been relying on my other arm more. It feels like it's slowly getting better, at least.:icontinoplz:

I don't think I mentioned it last time, but I saw Hercules in 3D in a local theater. The 3D stuff was pretty amazing.:iconfrancisplz:I thought the movie as a whole was pretty good. A lot of the characters that traveled with Hercules were very likable. It had a sad, yet great, ending. 

Went to Starbucks a couple of times this past weekend. Got an iced chai both times. I love chai!:heart:They tend to put way too much ice in, and not much of the chai. I think that's silly.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:So, every time I get it I have to tell them 'light on the ice'. Seems kind of odd for something that's iced...Managed to read a good portion of the Ritual Bath both times. I'm roughly halfway through already. It just seems to really flow.:iconchibiaustriaplz:And, it's an interesting story so far. A lot of swearing going on, which makes for an interesting 'flavor'. 

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